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  1. just as I'm about to get master new rank haha looking forward to this premier club also enjoy Europe!
  2. Dillon

    I"m BACK

    i'm back only a few of the people here will remember me but look forward to seeing you all in game lets do some content!
  3. great update @Jaedmo should be good to do some telous streaks
  4. long-awaited update might come try this
  5. good to see some decent updates coming out ?
  6. very good updates as usual was a pleasure testing them ?
  7. very good updates was great fun finally testing them out ?
  8. good guide man well constructed and detailed. good work.
  9. great update my dude was a pleasure testing out aod cannot wait for more.
  10. sweet cannot wait to be involved!
  11. gunning for that corp puppy hard a,f
  12. In-game Name: DR DILDO :depending on change: What is your time played?: I have played a total of 193 hours by the end of the weekend it will be over 200 I have a lot of experience with rsps and have tested a few. Do you have a lot of free time to test?: I usually have a minimum of 6 to 10 hours sessions each day. so I can dedicate a lot of time to testing. What content are you looking forward to testing?: I'm looking forward to testing anything that needs testing I'm a solid pvmer so anything towards pvm is my favourite But I enjoy testing in general. How knowledgeable are you on late
  13. your not aussie are you cause we could jam some overwatch

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