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  1. Stop voting for rock you weirdos
  2. Hot Milo


    Aye welcome, welcome. Already spoke to you once or twice to fix issues, one day we'll have a proper conversation. ?
  3. Ooh I love the layout of the boss pets. Goodluck on keeping up with this thread- I mean achieving the goals in the diary. ?
  4. Welcome man, enjoy the grind of that HC. Don't die ?
  5. Hot Milo


    Welcome back man. Hope you enjoy ironman mode as much as I do.
  6. Please try not to comment on posts older then a month ?
  7. Added Giant Mole rates. (God bless Arham i love that man)
  8. Welcome man. I highly recommend joining our ;;discord (Type that in-game and hit enter). You'll find you can get help really quick there if the friends chat hasn't already. Also gets you in contact with staff fast too. Enjoy!
  9. Sad to see you go, might be quiet from now on but oh well. It definitely is a shitty way to go. Figured I'll mention that no one who has died due to their own internet have had their status reimbursed though. The only Hardcores that were reverted were death tiles (Servers fault), Dying in LMS and losing status (Servers fault), Dung death (Servers fault)... You get the point. Hope you decide to eventually come back. It might be better as regular in the long run (doing aod and rots without your heart going 500 miles an hour) Goodluck wherever you go ?
  10. Good luck man. Should be interesting seeing your progress ?
  11. Getting t90 melee weapons requires a range setup, so not sure how that made any sense. It was more powerful then rapiers. That generally means its too high for its tier. I think you're upset that your primary OP weapon is no longer suitable.
  12. As ifff you got orb in like no killcount, I'm 100+ easily and nothing ?

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