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  1. Staff of the Month - June 2019 This title is given to the best performing Staff member of the Month. This will include all of staff promoted within the month. The Staff member will receive this rank: Staff of the Month A new golden Discord rank for the month. and to top it off, $25 PayPal or RSGP to their desire. The voting is done by all of you! Check the attached Poll and vote for your candidate! Please also post why in the comments below! Kind regards, Nemesis
  2. Accepted to the team, welcome to the Beta Testing Team ?
  3. Grats @Arachnid We appreciate your hard work even after resigning, we'd be lost without our server spooder ❤️
  4. Nemesis


    Welcome to Ataraxia ?
  5. Been looking forward to some stuff on this list. Keep at it guys ❤️
  6. Welcome to Ataraxia. Hope you enjoy your stay here ?
  7. woops back to 0 we go, u may get there if i ever resign?
  8. It was perf, but now you get restarted ❤️
  9. Not even gonna let you get to 4. Start again plebs
  10. Welcome to Ataraxia ? Hope you're enjoying your time here, if you have any questions or need any assistance, please feel free to PM me.

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