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  5. This update has given me testicle tingles, love it.
  6. [+] General Changes - Changed the Arch-Glacor teleport location to just outside the barrier - Master members can now pick events with 2 tokens instead of 3 - Tess will now display streak/enrage similarly to the Arch-Glacor pet - Changed Duel arena Shooting star announcement to Het's Oasis - Kal'gerion demon's special attack will now last for 60s instead of 15s - Chaos Elemental private instances will now house 3 Chaos elementals rather than just 1 - Golden compass will now have varied drop rates from different Clue scrolls; Easy: 1/10000, Medium: 1/10000, Hard: 1/5000, Elite:
  7. 120 agility achieved, 118ish div, no div pet yet 😞
  8. https://discord.gg/jzgrUfzCHF
  9. Gosh, what a big month. December is always tough, personally, I love the Christmas period and really love to get into the Christmas spirit. I found myself being extremely unproductive for Ataraxia during this time. This patch is pretty much 99% Armar. I needed a bit of a break, but I'm keen to get back into my small irrelevant bug fixes and content additions that you all forget about after a day! Hope everyone had a very safe and enjoyable Christmas (if you celebrate it) and New Year with your loved ones and family. [+] General Changes - Added Raptor key part co
  10. 120 Dung achieved, working on div pet. uploading pics still dont work, so heres a link to a s/s of skills. getting there. just over 1b total xp. https://ibb.co/G5qYwwC
  11. Construction Pet achieved at 36.4m xp probably go for div pet now
  12. decided to spend some vote points and get some th keys and 120 slayer. got gemi pet, now onto which evers next.
  13. 99 Herby done, working on 99 rc and 120 craft and pet still.
  14. 99 Arch done 99 Dung Done 99 Thieving Done 120 WCing Done 99 Agil Done Working on 120 Craft and pet
  15. i need new link discord please
  16. still alive, not letting me upload pics, 99 slayer recently, working on 120 fletc / craft and craft pet.
  17. For those that don't know me, I played on ata 1 under the names Slayer Only and Group Only. My current name is McDogeCoin, I've recently decided to start a self imposed UIM account to spice things up a little, Phyl suggested I should keep an event log/update/diary of the account on the forums, so here is the start of it :). Currently my 1st goal is to Max, but today rngesus blessed me with an inquis censer, so now im pretty much locked into that for the time being. (only 48 arch atm) Currently 3 99s in Fishing, Cooking and thieving. I am not sure how often I will update
  18. Christmas patch is here! We are very aware of a few looming/unfixed issues with content resulting from the 926 patch. We wanted to make sure the Christmas event/patch was ready before focusing on those. Going into the New Year they will be a large part of our focus. [+] General Changes - Brooch of the Gods will now announce when received from hunting penguins - Buffed Guildmaster Tony's mattock rate to 1/500 from 1/1000 (the last buff, on god, no cap) - You can now disassemble Dining/Kitchen tables into Simple/Crafted parts - Added "ach" command to access Achi
  19. Welcome to the community Quack hope you enjoy your time here and welcome to the community.
  20. Hiya folks, I'm Quack, one of the crazy bastards doing realism (big oof). Hoping to make a few friends, do a shitload of grinding, and have fun while I'm here.
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