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  3. Making cash on RuneScape is an age old method of extending your playtime as well as making fun content more accessible! As we all know, those Reaper skips get pricy, and with Ataraxia dollars at 40m+, F2P donor rank seems out of reach for some players. Below I have compiled what I believe to be some of the best money making methods, for donors and non-donors. Non-donors VOTING!! Voting is available to you every 12 hours, starting from the time the website you voted on registers your vote. You will earn one Vote Point (and an extra for voting
  4. Hello I'm conspiracy irl name is Kevin , I wanted to get into rs3 but thought a rsps would be easier to learn on so I plan to be here a while playing mobile as it's the only one with mobile, been around a full day and I must say I enjoy the server and hope to see some people become friends with I'm a noob I haven't played rs3 since pre eoc also a Ironman
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  6. Heya, I'm Nico, but my friends don't call me. I'm a seasoned RS2 veteran, and currently taking a break from OSRS to play some private server offerings. Liking what I see here for the most part. I'm a software engineer by day, and unusually loaded with dumb quips and jokes. I love studying languages (spoken and programmed) and a good beer. Ta ta.
  7. Can't wait to come back, loving new standard content 😄
  8. We're currently trialing a potential fix for the 'hourly' lag spike/s. As we're unsure if this will fix it or make it worse, please bear with us for any potential downtime following the update. [+] General Changes - Rare mystery boxes are now discontinued - Skipping the Rise of the Six cutscene now requires the perk "The Skipper" instead of Diamond member - Buffed the damage from Fragmentation shot while using Fleeting boots - Buffed the damage from Combust while using Blast diffusion boots - Increased the amount of Aura and Life refreshes in the Reaper shop - Banki
  9. Ataraxia FAQ These have all been asked in-game and put on this thread with answers. Picked ones that get asked the most Q) Where can I get the God Book? A) Teleport to Desert Strykewyrms (;;sp → Slayer tab → Level 51-80 and is 7th option from the bottom) Run directly east into the Citharede Abbey to the bookcase and book making table which is the south western part of the building. Click on the bookcase closest to the door and buy the corresponding book you want for 5m coins. Use 1 of each god page to make the god book and use more pages to charge the book. Q)
  10. xDemix


    Hi all, So about me.. I hate doing these but here goes, My names Demi I'm a British girl who's just started on here, been away a couple of years from the RSPS scene, but was a mod in Runite and admin/manager in vitality both old RS2 private servers, I'm relatively new to the RS3 scene, looking forward to talking to you either in game, here or discord, please feel free to reach out 🙂 if you have any questions feel free to ask bellow. Special mention to Smurfit in game he's been nothing but nice since I've started so thank you for making me feel welcome. Demi
  11. Your username is too long, you'll need to use a username that's between 3-12 characters.
  12. This right here is what happens when I am told that I have to change my username. Any advice?
  13. Yasssss Though a quick F in the chat for the Prif Agility zipline being "fixed". That was a feature, not a bug 😡
  14. [+] General Changes - Updated Queen Black Dragon drop table to the M&S rework items - Portable workbench/Skillcape "saved a plank" messages are now filterable - After being sent to AFK island your active pocket slot books will now deactivate - Wearing a Zuk cape while being Maxed/Comped/Comp (t)'d will now give you the relevant experience boost as if you were wearing them - Added Nex: Angel of Death music to the lobby/fight - Added RS3 Araxxor loot interface - Added RS3 Rise of the Six loot interface - Added RS3 Barrows loot interface - Added RS3 Sophanem loot interfac
  15. This is a list of drop rate changes compiled from the update threads. If a particular drop rate is not present within this list, assume it's the same drop rate as RS3. Remember; this is just a compiled list of documented drop rate changes. [BOSS DROP RATE CHANGES] [SLAYER MOB DROP RATE CHANGES] [MISCELLANEOUS DROP RATE INFO] Additional section: [CUSTOM LOOT CHANGES] (MIGHT NOT BE COMPREHENSIVE)
  16. Nice little Purple-y Partyhat this rotation.
  17. Nice looking update, nice looking perk tree teasers!
  18. We love QOL! Perk Tree has me moist af. Thanks for all your guys' hard work
  19. Ooh that seems very nice! Good Job!
  20. [+] General Changes - You can now receive Loyalty points and streak rewards while on AFK island, this should encourage you to leave your account online! - To combat the inflation on Ataraxia dollars, you now receive 1 Ataraxia dollar for 24h of gameplay regardless of the time of week (not weekend exclusive) - Updated the Trivia with some new questions (adding to some of the old ones) courtesy of Leed - Filtered out the "consumes the page to partially recharge itself" and "the reset cost was halved" messages - Added the old 100% accuracy Magic zuk cape special attack when using dua
  21. tl;dr I'll just ask about all this in friends chat
  22. [+] General Changes - Secondaries box now has 'Open-100' as the first option like the Herb box - The Event timer on task tab will now display the time left for the active event - Buffed the chance of the bleed from Spear of Annihilation/Masterwork Spear of Annihilation to trigger from 3%/5% to 6%/10% - Buffed the bleed min/max hit on the Ek-Zekkil bleed effect from the special attack from (Number between 0.3 and 1.05) x ability damage to (Number between 0.5 and 1.25) x ability damage - Buffed the minimum hit on the Ek-Zekkil special attack hit from 0.62 minimum to 0.92 minimum (th
  23. Each Monday around 7:00 PM CDT, this thread will be updated with that week's penguin locations. This is effectively the same exact list that's found on our Discord (link), but now on the forums! Updated for the week of September 25th: 1; Rimmington - (Ctrl + t OR ;;t > Skilling > Construction > Rimmington house portal) 2; Sawmill - (Ctrl + t OR ;;t > Skilling > Construction > Sawmill) 3; Nardah - (Ctrl + t or ;;t > Locations > Nardah) 4; Ardougne monastery - (Ctrl + t OR ;;t > Locations > Ardougne Monastery, typically inside the
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