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  3. https://discord.gg/JjH765jRB5
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  5. as the tilte says can i get a discord invite please
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  7. Very quality update, thanks to everyone who worked on it!
  8. This is an update I'm extremely happy with. There's obviously a lot of content that still needs attention and a lot of debate is regularly occurring in #suggestions-discussion about the health of the game. I do read it all, and I appreciate how deeply some of you like to think about Ataraxia as a whole, but in order for productivity to occur from these debates it needs to be solution brainstorming as well as problem identification. Otherwise it's difficult for myself and Armar to be able to determine the best course of action going forward. [+] General Changes
  9. had same issue put client in compatibility mode so far no issues yet.
  10. I'm back! Holiday was excellent but also quite happy to be back and hopefully back to our regular irregular update schedule. This one will be a decent size, but I'd like to get back to the massive updates following this :) We've aimed to go more for Suggestions/Bug reports over large pieces of content [+] General Changes - Removed the extra hsr message from Vorago drop mechanics - Made the time for days left for the D&D to UTC - Added an instance timer for all instances - Added a 'rejoin last instance' for Solak - Telos killcount world announcement now pr
  11. Conquering Mid-Game (work in progress) Mid Game progression After getting familiar with the Ataraxia for a while, you are ready to take the account to the next step - Mid Game Achieving Mid Game will be a grind in itself, but Ataraxia Team made it enjoyable. As mentioned in Starting Guide, a few goals should be achieved before. Getting First Donator Rank, Unlocking Invention Skill, getting 80 Dungeonnering and the Chaotic Staff. This is the gear that you should have by now. Important Notes The account progression should not be limited to this guide, yo
  12. Excellent guide, I will hyperlink it to a new command in-game.
  13. Starting Guide Game modes & Experience rates Realism - 1x Experience rate and 20% Drop Rate boost. Legendary - 5x Experience rate and 10% Drop Rate boost. Expert - 25x Experience rate and 5% Drop Rate boost. Normal - 50x Experience rate and 0% Drop Rate boost. Hardcore (HC) Ironman - Trade Restricted | Fixed 5% Experience rate and 15% Drop Rate boost. Group Ironman - Trade Restricted outside of Members in your Group | Fixed Experience rate and Drop Rate boost. Regular players or Ironmen players can choose any experience rate. Some important notes Y
  14. Morning, Can you advise at which part you're having difficulties with? have you downloaded the client etc?
  15. I've tried to get on play new player btw and nothing will load except this forums link through google it wont load play it wont load the home page nothing id love to give this game a go as im a fan of runescape but i cant give it a try if i cant even play
  16. Please forgive me if this thread isn't written too well, it's been difficult trying to edit it while on holiday. There may be some inconsistencies with some content so please bear with us if there is any problems. [+] General Changes - Fractured staff of armadyl spec duration has been restored to 30 seconds - Restored the 4 potential recursive hits instead of just 3 - Rearranged the ;;events command so like-events are next to eachother - Removed passive nerfs on the Inquisitor staff, Terrasaur maul and Hexhunter bow accuracy on content they aren't receiving the t97
  17. just as I'm about to get master new rank haha looking forward to this premier club also enjoy Europe!
  18. [+] General Changes - Increased the chance of receiving double Deathspore arrow tips to 40% and added a 20% chance to receive triple instead of double - Reduced the amount of Splintering arrow tips received by half if you are using an Inferno adze or using Always Adze - All Excalibur items have activate as the first option now - If you have the Key Expert perk, Crystal chest will now open automatically twice as quickly (2 ticks) - Added Boogie bow to the super rare Voracious voter table - Buffed the rare of Inverted tokens from that same table - Increased the chance of accessi
  19. Constantly after the fight is over I get this screen with no way to close it and continue on. I have to close and restart the mobile client. Please help.
  20. [+] General Changes - Improved the dialogue for new accounts to easily choose a referrer/YouTuber and receive the T70 set - Increased the stock of Ataraxia dollars in the Trivia shop - Increased the stock of Dragonstone necklaces in the Donor shop - The Magic zuk cape affect will now give you +20% damage instead of 100% accuracy if you're using Dual wield weapons - Buffed the rates of some of the rarer rewards from Hard clue scrolls - Added Crawling hand drop to Crawling hands - Added a filter to the message stating Slayer level requirements for Sophanem slayer dungeon monster
  21. Hope everyone's doing well! I've had quite a stressful few weeks with some personal issues I won't delve deeply into. Apologies for the delay on this update, it's been a very tough time. But it's here! [+] General Changes - Changed the Cache format - Updated the way a lot of boss instances and controlers are handled as well as the way they are stored - Elite dungeons chest will now hold up to 90 items - Added Dragon rider equipment creation functionality using the kit - Added Berserk cooldown reset on Banking for Master members - Made it so the Elite Dungeons b
  22. Its typically cause your name you are logging in with is too long. Make sure you type what your username is and not an email and your username needs to be between 3-12 characters. If you need continued support, check the discord its a bit faster.
  23. Try teleporting away, ladders and stairs can be funky sometimes
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