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  4. [+] General Changes - If you have 120 Slayer and the Perslaysion perk, you will now be able to pick your task 100% of the time - Removed defence requirement on Culineromancer's gloves - Added 'Deposit-all' option on the Living Rock Caverns lift - Hunter urns will now charge within Big Game Hunter - Farming urns will now charge within Player Owned Farms - Changed "Complete x clue scrolls" to "Open x clue caskets" for a bit more clarity - Added Drakan's medallion and it's teleports - Added Drakan's medallion and Amulet of Farming to the Vote shop for 20 and 30 Vote points resp
  5. "Absorb what is useful. Discard what is useless and add what is specifically your own."

    -Bruce Lee

  6. Our Mac client is currently under construction. If you need further help contact me on Discord: Jaedmo#0001
  7. Discord link doesn't work and Mac download link does not work, please help!
  8. Ataraxia 2 Roadmap: We are hard at work continuing to provide quality updates to Ataraxia 2. The following image is just a broad view into what we have planned for the near future. I will be updating this image accordingly as updates are worked on or released.
  9. [+] General Changes - Blessing of the Gods materials will now display Yellow for uncommon and Red for rares, uncommon will filter and rare won't - Added Bear fur to the Fur stall - Teleporting to Donor zone will now restore your Summoning points as well - You can no longer drop the Amulet of farming - Added Bloodwood logs to Quickshafter - Ava's Secret will now re-equip the saved ammo - Added Bronze arrows to the Ranged shop - Added Red dragons, Black dragons, Yaks, Deadly red spiders and Rabbits to ;;pi - Lowered the price of clues from Zaida to match RS3 - Moved the 2n
  10. Hi, today you will be learning on how to setup alt1 with ataraxia. If you don't got Alt1 yet, click HERE. Download it and install it. Step 1. Start Alt1 It will pop up on your taskbar picture below Or here 2. Right click on the inactive alt1 icon and select settings 3. Navigate yourself to Capture 4. Tick the [ataraxiaclient.exe] Ataraxia 916 | NXT By now Alt1 is connected with your Ataraxia client. A set of options will appear on your client's window top right. Picture Below. Click on the settings icon or the "alt1 t
  11. Batt's Updated Trivia Guide [2022] Welcome to my updated trivia guide! In this guide you will find a variety of detailed information about trivia, the rewards you can obtain by playing trivia, the possible questions and answers to them, and more. Table of Contents: I. Trivia rewards II. The process of finding and answering trivia questions. III. Questions and answers! I. Trivia rewards II. The process of finding and answering trivia questions III. Questions and answers! Thanks for reading my guide! I hope it
  12. What display name are you actually using to try and log in with? if it's asking you to change your display name its usually because of the following... The name is too long and surpasses the character limit. The name is too short. The name includes characters which aren't allowed such as _ or . etc...
  13. I recently came back to play after a couple of months and had problems logging in. I had to reset my password and unlock my account, but nothing seemed like it had been accessed by anyone else. Now the home screen prompts me to change display name before I can play. Unfortunately the link on the menu screen is expired or incorrect so it just sends me to a dead page. Is there anywhere I can change the display name on my account? It will not let me change it through the website via "edit profile".
  14. Thank you :]. It was some of the most fun I've had playing. I love all the nerdy theory-crafting stuff, so I was having an absolute blast. Also I agree; I can't wait for further competitions, if ever there are any more I'll 100% be competing again ;). Thanks Jae for the awesome event!
  15. GG Fangg and Gz for sniping the first spot on the reaper tasks!! Nice gains CJ true grindermen and holy shii Tobi! machinee Gz Batt , you really knocked it out of the park haha nice job on the multiple wins pog afff the skilling contracts was really close!! 🤪🥳 Nice job to all that competed though, was fun and hope another one can be done in the future some time- thanks for making it happened Jaedmo 😎
  16. 1. Zenity - 1,124,941,429xp 2. Clean Sock - 990,861,452xp 3. Destroy - 365,911,610xp 1. Tobiwan (Hc Uwu) - 1,094,250,006xp 2. FTWImCody - 661,923,514xp 3. Klutch - 274,651,783xp 1. Scratchy - 1,023 tasks 2. Pdawg - 84 tasks 3. Friday Blunt - 34 tasks 1. Fangg - 112 tasks 2. Checkerz - 109 tasks 3. Phyl - 22 tasks 1. Batt - 5,000 contracts 2. Raspberry - 780 contracts 3. Lew - 690 contracts 1. Zenity - 7h 6m 36s 2. N/A 3. N/A 1. Batt - 11h 9m 43s 2. Cookie - 24h 23m 44s (default, still completed the t
  17. [+] New Developer - @FTWImCodyhas put his hand up to help us out with Development as myself and Armar have a lot on our plate! - So far he's been working over the last few weeks on little bits and bobs and improvements - Cody has come on as a Developer but will maintain his Head Moderator rank and help us with development on the side, thus far, he's been doing an excellent job and I'm glad we took the plunge! - Hopefully this will mean more consistent and content filled updates, especially considering now you all have a 'representative' in the Development team.. As Armar and I don't
  18. If you disagree with any of these perk suggestions, do some testing and show me the results. ALL PERKS MADE IN ANCIENT GIZMOS UNLOCKED VIA BLUEPRINTS: Common Materials Uncommon Materials Rare Materials Ancient Materials Custom Perk(Explained below) 2h Weapon slots 1 and 2: Meta is L4r1(35.57%)**/As4e2(18.21%)** or L4e2(11.19%)**/As4r1(34.29%)** Lunging 4 + either Ruthless 1 or Equilibrium 2 (6x Avernic components + 3x Timeworn components) Aftershock 4 + either Ruthless 1 or Equilibrium 2 (6x Ilujankan components + 3x Timeworn components) Precise 6 + Equilibrium 2(0.97%)**(4x A
  19. [+] General Changes - Added Ring of Fortune, Luck of the Dwarves and Hazelmere's signet ring teleport options - Added Telekinetic grind lunar spell, this will grind up to 60 of any eligible item in one action - Buffed the amount of gp received from Motherlode Maw - Statius's Warhammer and Guthix staff special attack messages no longer filter - Added Easy clues to H.A.M guards, there was a report of them not being obtained from H.A.M Members however, they do, but they weren't on the Guard's tables - Added traversing between the Wilderness and Daemonheim through the guard - Adde
  20. [+] General Changes - Noxious weapon components are now untradeable - Increased the amount of points gained from Elite Dungeon contracts from 25-35 to 30-40 and lowered task amount from 3-6 to 2-3 - You can now convert Complete tomes from Tetracompasses to 15,000 chronotes - All Barrows items now sell for 1,000,000gp each - Added Herblore/Crafting combination NPCs to the Donor zone - Updated the Reaper perk achievement to "Unlock 5 reaper perks" instead of just 4 - Made Snakes in the Teaks/Mahogany woodcutting area passive instead of aggressive - Lowered Corporeal beast's ma
  21. Will you opt in? Do you take on the challenge? Find out all March Madness competitions and details below... PSA: All March Madness opt-in competition cut-offs will be extended until further announcements. March Madness will cover the entire month of March in 2022, throughout this month there will be numerous competitions running with varying rewards and requirements to win. All competitions will have one victor, one person to take the $USD. With a $3000 Prize Pool, the competitions will be lucrative, but don't opt in if you don't have what it takes... A
  22. love the t70 starter set idea , especially it being an hybrid set! recently started playing again and this will help me out tremendously since there isn't much of an eco for a majority of the lowerish tier armors etc nice update overall 😄 great changes and additions~ thanks very much
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