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  4. Welcome to the server Forras!
  5. 99 construction, no new pets 😞😞😞 wont let me post s/s
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  7. not doin much just working on con. 1700 total.
  8. Hello everyone, names Gray. Not new to RSPS's but I'm new to you guys, here's to a fun new take on the world of Gielenor! If ya see me in ya game, say what's up my hippie. >Forras [Edit: This is embarrassing, if anyone has any tips on how to play on a Mac, it'd be appreciated. Otherwise maybe just forums for now.]
  9. I can't wait to try ED3! Edit: I got destroyed
  10. Insane update, thanks so much to all the devs working on the added content and quality of life improvements
  11. [+] General Changes - #gim-news on Discord will now display end-of-season stats including: Total active group members, Total XP/BP/Levels/deaths, and the best overall Casual/Competitive GIM - Changed the world announcement to state "market" rather than "home" when referencing the Witch Doctor - Old GIM Prestiging has now been changed to activity points, which are gained by: Loyalty points, Skilling contracts, Evil tree, Pest control, Shooting star, Crystal tree (when added), God jadinkos, Reaper tasks, WildyWyrm and Fight caves - Reaper contracts will no longer give you individual
  12. Add me on Discord: Jaedmo#0001
  13. double decker this time around. FM pet at about 71m xp. jack of trades title aquired. Pet list update: Mining Smithing FIshing Woodcutting Firemaking
  14. i get an error messege "error downloading 13,3" also i cant join discord says link is invalid or i wasnt invited.
  15. 99 hunter, no pets yet, working on fming.
  16. or this one that is valid for 7 days, which ever works for you, and welcome! https://discord.gg/w35gkP8z
  17. this guy... make leaderboards sort by total xp instead of total level and lets see whos ahead :p. thanks, i plan on it! lil something to stay on topic.
  18. the divine locations are back <3<3<3
  19. [+] General Changes - Medium clues are now less common from pickpocketing Guards - Added a permanent banker to the Chaos altar (no need for us to spawn in anymore) - Enabled Mandrith as a Slayer master, you can now choose him to get Wilderness specific tasks - Reduced the Vote party caps to 200 during the week (from 500) and 300 on the weekend (from 700), we discussed this during a Community feedback meeting and decided the best way to address it wasn't to nerf the books but to nerf the rate of receiving them - Removed the need for Thread/Needle when using Protean hides - Increa
  20. You're so garbage lmao. 1v1 me in wildy Keep up the progress!
  21. https://discord.gg/ataraxiaps should work
  22. Hey guys, I was looking for a solid RS3 rsps and stumbled upon this. I noticed the discord link was broken, any way to get access to it?
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