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  3. Constantly after the fight is over I get this screen with no way to close it and continue on. I have to close and restart the mobile client. Please help.
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  5. [+] General Changes - Improved the dialogue for new accounts to easily choose a referrer/YouTuber and receive the T70 set - Increased the stock of Ataraxia dollars in the Trivia shop - Increased the stock of Dragonstone necklaces in the Donor shop - The Magic zuk cape affect will now give you +20% damage instead of 100% accuracy if you're using Dual wield weapons - Buffed the rates of some of the rarer rewards from Hard clue scrolls - Added Crawling hand drop to Crawling hands - Added a filter to the message stating Slayer level requirements for Sophanem slayer dungeon monster
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  7. Hope everyone's doing well! I've had quite a stressful few weeks with some personal issues I won't delve deeply into. Apologies for the delay on this update, it's been a very tough time. But it's here! [+] General Changes - Changed the Cache format - Updated the way a lot of boss instances and controlers are handled as well as the way they are stored - Elite dungeons chest will now hold up to 90 items - Added Dragon rider equipment creation functionality using the kit - Added Berserk cooldown reset on Banking for Master members - Made it so the Elite Dungeons b
  8. Its typically cause your name you are logging in with is too long. Make sure you type what your username is and not an email and your username needs to be between 3-12 characters. If you need continued support, check the discord its a bit faster.
  9. Try teleporting away, ladders and stairs can be funky sometimes
  10. I just started playing and went to the varrock dungeon to slay rats and level up. When I went to leave my character climbed the ladder out the man hole but instead of going to the surface world he instead stood a few feet above the ladder frozen. I tried using teles, logging out, and changing some setting on the menu. Can no longer pay and may have to create a new character/account. Anyone have a fix?
  11. Having same issue, but can't figure out how to change my display name.
  12. Ataraxia Perk Tree On this topic over here i will be talking about the new exiting update. Perk Tree. i suggest reading this thread for when it was initially released for more information which I've missed in here probably. You can find the Perk Tree at ;;home or by typing ;;tree (if you are master member this will just open the Perk tree interface): I will be writing here my opinions on how and what should be unlocked first which would benefit a HCIM. This would be your first unlock, no matter what and it's a great benefit for that extra +50 hitpoints! Thi
  13. That's very strange. I'd check your Graphics driver is up to date as well as potentially delete both cache's. You can find these by navigating to ProgramData/Atrax and AppData/Atrax, Deleting both and then reinstalling.
  14. as title say it all. flickering in dungeons, flickering in levelups, flickering and flickering and always flickering wich is getting on my nerves. why? with that its not possible I can ever enjoy the server video: https://streamable.com/mz2k3j
  15. Teleporting Interface for Skilling/Monster/Slayer type ;;t (This was mentioned in the guide above) Beasts Tab Hit the house icon at the top left then click on adventures and make sure you are on the beasts tab. Attuning portals The same as the guide above @MeesaNoob
  16. Hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday period, usually pretty busy with family obligations, back to business now! Highly anticipated and eagerly awaited, Zamorak, Lord of Chaos is here! [+] General Changes - You can now manual cast a combat spell while on spell book swap - Added an examine text to explain the function of Ring of Wealth (c) - Celestial handwraps and Razorback gauntlets will no longer globally announce - Removed the cooldown for ;;kickme on the Discord - Added a command to show you how many Sacrifice points you have: ;;points ;;treepoints - Remove
  17. Hello! I just signed up last night and am really enjoying the server so far! I haven't played a high revision server, or RSPS in general so I'm still getting myself acquainted with everything. Feel free to hit me up if you have any advice! I play Rs3 pretty regularly as well so let me know if you'd like to join me there sometime 🙂
  18. Is it possible to clear up the mobile ui so we can click the buttons on the bottom right in stores part for 'transactions' would make repeatedly selling bags full of thieving stuff a lot easier so we don't need to long press on the item in our bags, thanks
  19. Dillon

    I"m BACK

    i'm back only a few of the people here will remember me but look forward to seeing you all in game lets do some content!
  20. Hey ;) Just a small piece of code, but big quality of life kinda thing. Make the smelthing gaunts effect on furnances a passive effect please. Have I ever said I love you guys? ;')
  21. Based on your forums name, it'd appear you've chosen a name that's too long. All accounts must be between 3-12 characters.
  22. So I've just made an account and downloaded the apk onto my phone, it updated and that but when I go to login and it says I need to change my display name then takes me to a website that doesn't work
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