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  2. Amazing seeing a update thread like this just 4 days after releasing! Proud to be an Ataraxian! 🙌
  3. RIP Bob. Awesome work on the quick returns for bug reports and suggestions! Keep up the great work.
  4. - Added Archie the Archaeology pet (oops) No way....
  5. Awesome! Thank you for this update! 😁
  6. [+] General Changes - War's retreat portals no longer require Killcount to attune them - Added Rope and Vial of water packs to Bob's shop - Added Archie the Archaeology pet (oops) - Added Yaks teleport to Low-level PVM - Bonus experience now takes into account Gamemode, I.E 500xp on 5x will no longer only give +100 bxp it'll give +500 - Halved the pylon/rex fragment requirement for activating the statue/pylon - Added the Chaos altar at wilderness which gives 350% exp (now 300% (nerfed)) compared to the Altar of war which gives 250% - Master Hunter outfit now increases the a
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  9. What a great release and it kicked ass
  10. Sweet juicy release, let's get the gains going! 😉
  11. Just came back after not playing awhile, I have 2 accounts that I can't play on since I need a PIN that apparently blocks me from logging in. From what I have wrote down from this RSPS I never had a pin to login to from when I played. My accounts are Ole Spice and Skillologist. I hope to get resolved soon since it seems the server was reset recently so it would be nice to join the race 🙂 -PS The Discord link is invalid so I can't join in the conversations there.
  12. I donated 25 for some ataraxia dollars and the fishing outfit and still haven't received them by doing claim, redeem and donated. None of them work. Please let me know what I can do. It was when the site was half working.... Thanks, Pearce
  13. Was a sexy release mate ❤️
  14. Can't wait for the servers to come up. It is going to be a blast!
  15. Hopefully, people actually are mature enough to not abuse the bugs which are crucial of the game. Looking forward for the release.
  16. I think I speak for all of the community in saying this, thank you and all the staff/testers for all your previous and continued hard work. Kudos to you all, you all deserve it! Can't wait to hop in!
  17. Let's get this show on the road 🤍
  18. In one hour, the server will be launched. When you log on, if you're a new player, I advise you watch the tutorial, even if you're returning, why not, it's 1 minute long. Donation Information If you've played before and are expecting to reclaim your donations, log on the account you have them on, choose your mode, accept or decline the tutorial and then walk over to Lord Daquarius at home, he will allow you to claim your dollars. These dollars can only be used on his stores, which have Perks, Ataraxia coins and Keepsake keys. When you claim your Dollars,
  19. Suggestion for EXPERT MODE, change experience rate to x15. it's called "expert" and it has same experience rate as group ironman. I believe x25 will be too quick for an expert mode and should be around the 10-15x mark Giving it an amazing balance between grind and experience. Also have you thought about, "decreasing xp rates once you hit 99, to allow for longer grinds?"
  20. 👀 I was not around for Ataraxia-1, but I am here for 2, and boy do I hope whatever your talking about, is fixed. haha
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