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  2. Should just get your dollars in the bank upon rerelease, then up to you what you want to buy.
  3. does the change in prices affect our donor status at all? like if you bought the bank command perk does that mean the 20$ will be taking from your total or doesn't that change at all?
  4. Not having the ;;bank command anymore it a bit of a downer but the new content added and reworks makes up for it imo, good job, cant wait for the launch :)
  5. [+] General Changes - Slightly nerfed Evil tree rewards - Nerfed Skilling contract exp rewards further, the formula is as followed: levelRequired x 50 = exp received (previously 75) - Removed all different occurrences of isMember/isDiamonddonator on the source (you guys don't care but makes it a lot easier to manage) - Removed old Daily task code that is unused - Removed Dungeon architect perk as it'll no longer be needed - Nerfed Skilling addict perk, It'll now only give 10% bonus experience and rewards compared to 25%, reduced price from $7 to $5 - Reduced price of Tree hunt
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  7. is it to late to get into the beta tester group?
  8. [+] General Changes - Removed Vote books (Books of Knowledge) from Vote Parties, replaced with Mystery boxes - Removed Asylum Surgeon ring from Treasure Trails Item shop - Discontinued Rare Item Token store (Diango), constantly rotating this Shop proved difficult over the last few years, instead, I felt it was best to include these items in other content such as Treasure Hunter, Events - Blurite Rock has been adjusted to the Mining and Smithing rework, it requires 75 Mining, Hardness: 140, Hitpoints: 1000 and XP Multiplier: .8x. The rock also has a new loot table, you can receive: L
  9. Looking forward to see ataraxia return new and improved.
  10. Big changes, love to see it, big thanks to all the devs working hard on ata 2 !
  11. Good job guys! Ataraxia 2 looks like it's going to be HUGE.
  12. [+] General Changes - 1x Realism mode added, this mode is 1x the exp rate of RS3 (excluding any exp modifiers). You can choose to be a Realism Ironman or simply a Realism normal account. You will receive +25% drop rate! - The Novice (100x) game mode has been removed and replaced with Realism - The Gamemodes are now as follows: Regular (50x), Expert (25x), Legendary (5x), Realism (1x), Ironman (<--- Any of those), Hardcore Ironman (5x), Group Ironman (5x or 25x). - Removed Amulet of Glory and Ring of Duelling from Starter equipment, these have been replaced with the Amulet of Defe
  13. Keep up the great work! I kinda miss playing it... I have no other games to play soo
  14. So excited to continue to see updates! I CANT WAIT.
  15. Lookin good, can't wait for Ata2, hard to find a game to fill in the time I would of been on here.
  16. This includes all Updates since the last update of Ataraxia on the 30th November, 2020. [+] General Changes - Changed Great white shark and Crystal urchin fishing exp to match RS3 - Changed Maple, Elder and Evil bark Firemaking rates to match RS3 (evil bark nerfed) - Buffed Mahogany, Ivy, Teak, Cursed magic & Crystal tree exp rates - Nerfed Dream tree, Elder & Acadia exp rates slightly - Untradeable items can no longer be stored in the GIM Bank - Removed announcements for Rare item token store and Chime shop - Pet perks have been discontinued, these
  17. Hello Ataraxians, as we are now in the project stage, we intend on expanding our community as far as possible, to do so, we need your help! Previously, we've had all of our traffic organically and rarely through YouTubers, but the most successful servers manage to become a phenomenon in the scene through word of mouth, such as Zenyte & Zaros. This competition intends to allow you, the community, to take matters into your own hands with the recent news of Ataraxia's downtime. Details: Go to https://ataraxia-ps.com/forums/ Locate this at the top right:
  18. I look forward to hopping back on after it relaunches : ) 100% support
  19. The system will work very close to if not exactly the same. There'll be different Perks and edited perks though.
  20. This is a tough decision but man this is what is needed. Happy for you and the team. Will be playing when it's released.
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