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  1. [+] General Changes - If you have 120 Slayer and the Perslaysion perk, you will now be able to pick your task 100% of the time - Removed defence requirement on Culineromancer's gloves - Added 'Deposit-all' option on the Living Rock Caverns lift - Hunter urns will now charge within Big Game Hunter - Farming urns will now charge within Player Owned Farms - Changed "Complete x clue scrolls" to "Open x clue caskets" for a bit more clarity - Added Drakan's medallion and it's teleports - Added Drakan's medallion and Amulet of Farming to the Vote shop for 20 and 30 Vote points resp
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  2. Release Date: 07th May 2021 Release Time: 5:00pm UTC+0 Welcome to Ataraxia 2. The following thread will detail the giveaways, competitions, account details that you'll need to jump right into Ataraxia 2! User Accounts - If you played on the first Ataraxia, your account will be saved - Therefore, your username and password will be the exact same - However, all of your levels including your # completions/boss kills/npc kills and Skilling numbers will be reset - You will log on as your previous Donation rank, i.e If you ended with $800 donated, you will log
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  3. Ataraxia Perk Details Please be aware that any perks may be subject to change. Perk List Ctrl-F to easily find what perk you're looking for, or type ;;perks in-game Alchemic Smithing - +15% Smithing XP, reduces the amount of heat lost by 20%, Increases chance to smelt 2 bars by 10%. Arcane Alchemist - Removes the requirement for Runes when using High Alchemy. Aubury's Apprentice- Each spellcast has a 50% chance to save all of your runes. Auspicious Arch - +7 precision and +2 focus, grants a 10% chance to save materials when restoring an artifact, incre
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  4. The following thread will detail all of the current donator benefits on Ataraxia 2. These benefits are subject to change, be sure to check this thread for updates to the donator benefits. There are currently 6 donator ranks, Bronze Member - $20, Silver Member - $50, Gold Member - $100, Platinum Member - $250, Diamond Member - $500, Master Member - $1,000. To reach these ranks you can do the following: - Redeeming perk boxes - Redeeming Treasure hunter key boxes - Purchasing animation overrides - Purchasing Runemetrics Pro - Redeeming Ataraxia coins - Purchasing booster t
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