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  1. Yeah we're not talking like Drygores/GWD2 weapons. Maybe like GWD1 gear max? Bandos/Arma/Subj/ACB would be like top tier in this shop if it were to get used.
  2. So this is a longshot, but I figured it would be worth an idea to see what the community thought. In the current state, our Slayer Point shop consists of minimal useful items... Slayer Helm, Fighter Torso, Weapon Seed, and XP. Along with ring imbues, that's about it. So here's what I and a few other players had been discussing. Could we possibly implement a custom shop where you could use these Slayer Points to buy nothing but LUCKY items, that maybe start at 50% degradation, and unrepairable? This wouldn't be abusable in the sense of buying and selling to players, as Lucky items are unt
  3. Thanks for your support, guys! I love doing stuff like this, and I'm semi-OCD about banks. ? I don't do it for the money, hence why I charge so little. ❤️ Glad you guys enjoy the outcomes.
  4. Yessir. And I'm doing the same for my 100 Kill Hardmode Nex Log. Still got a ways to go on it. I'm taking a break cuz I'm kinda burnt out on Nex for now. xD
  5. Thanks man! Just figured I'd give people a brief look at my life outside of RSPS. ?
  6. You should update it! I'm sure players would love to see your progress, even if it's WAYYYY delayed of an update! Thanks guys! I've made so much progress in the last 2 weeks. Uwotm9. Not my fault Nex loves you and hates me. :C
  7. Thanks guys! And the drop rate itself wasn't bad luck, I agree. But the fact that I got 4 boots, out of my 10 drops, THAT was some pretty bad RNG. xD Hardmode log is in the works ^_^
  8. There aren't many that come to my head at the moment. The 4 main ones I can think of that I would like to be tinkered with are: 1. The Construction fixes that could be implemented, regarding the unbuildable objects, the interface issues where the img's don't match up with the titles of the items, and the fact that practically nothing in the dungeon portion of the PoH works. I understand that the code regarding Construction is a nightmare, and I'm not expecting this to be fixed anytime soon, but it would sure make PoH building a little more enjoyable, and we could implement dungeon ev
  9. I swear my RNG is shit. 1/10 Drop Rate, but 4 boots out of 9 tradable drops? >____> OOOOOF
  10. So I decided to run 100 kills at Normal Mode Nex, and record every single drop, including Ancient Ceremonial Pieces from the minions, to see what it looked like. The rate at the end of this kill log, was exactly 1/10, however 4 of my 10 drops were boots. Soooo salty about it, but whatever; just gotta do another 100 kills I suppose. But Here's what I ended up with after these 100 kills. The droplog will be included as a "Spoiler" so I don't spam the forum post for everyone with a wall of text. ^_^ Enjoy! I've been told that Nex: Hard Mode has increased drop rates, so I may do ano
  11. You remain hidden, guest! Keep that identity! ❤️ Thanks for the support! Yeah it's been needed for a while, so I figured I'd spend some time to make it tonight. ? Haha thanks @Kope! Much love!
  12. So I know a lot of you guys have been wondering if there was a chime guide somewhere on forums, and I've heard someone was going to make one, but I haven't seen one yet, so I figured I'd go ahead and throw this together for you guys. There won't be pictures or anything, but you can just ctrl+f and search for the item and see how much it chimes for. This guide is nowhere near 100% complete, as some of the items listed in this guide don't chime (They are edited with the strikethrough option), and it may be missing a few items that do chime, that I may have missed. If that's the case, feel
  13. Would have to give my Vote to Spooder as well for this month. He's done so much around the server, and has been so interactive with our playerbase. Such a great role model Mod to look up to as a leader. And I may be a little biased, cuz him and my Red Spider Guardian in my POH Dungeon are best buddies now, so I can't let lil Gerald in my basement down. ? +1 Arach; Keep up the great work bud! ❤️ Much love.
  14. 1. What is your favorite thing about Ataraxia? The ever growing community and the absolutely wonderful staff/dev team we have in place, to make this server the best home I've ever been a part of. ^_^ 2. Tag at least one other player that has made your Ataraxia experience enjoyable and tell us why! @Will @Exoz @E36 @Arachnid @Hot Milo @Nut @Nemesis @the flow just to name a few. These players and staff members have made this home the best home I've ever found for a number of reasons. They're always so helpful and kind, and tend to always have the greatest attitudes. I love being a
  15. Love this idea! You mentioned this to me ingame, and I absolutely loved it. We could keep the ;;store the way it is in case players would prefer directly buying perks through the store, but if players would instead prefer to only purchase $1 or $2, they could receive x amount of "$1 Token"s ingame, as a physical, stackable item. These items would be used for currency in the donation shop, including everything that's currently in the ;;store, including spins and stuff also. Maybe excluding the animations, as players could just directly donate for those through ;;store. But I 100% support

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