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  1. Gim :pepehands: nice update but prob wont check it since waiting dat GIM BOOOOOOOOOOOOOY
  2. pls can you make the text 72 or more cuz people are blind.
  3. Secret


    Did you already give up on hcim? ? Wb btw
  4. Id want suggest a modification for our ;;player list. at first id want to everyone could use it, even non donators. currently only donators can use ;;players (means only donators who donated minimum 20$ see the player list) So there how it looks rn Even tought im master, but the master doesn't show's on the list, same with my hcim for example. Make it something like that --> or like this --> Maybe even this.. --> Note: that is just an idea zzz...
  5. Most sad thing is we can't refund our old forum, there was alot of guides :c i think someone would make in future
  6. Halp pls,wtf did i just watch. please download any other video editor or video recorder?.. without ads.. The resolution is too small? or it's just my eyes? i mean if you would really like to make videos you'd be good at it, just need some experience in it. And yeah there is alot of free versions without ads video (editors/recorders), just search in google or youtube.. Anyway i like that you managed to put different music in these clips Great attempt :p not like me hue in my own vid here is my first video attempt after ages, cba to vid or do shit anymore tho
  7. 1: What is your favorite thing about Ataraxia? Its still alive 2: Tag at least one other player who has made your Ataraxia experience enjoyable & tell us why! Id gladly put here myself, thanks Snix.
  8. Rest n pce, yeah it sad to die to a lag,dc and freeze. I died 2 times already and yeah my totals was on first account 1.500+ on second one 2.202 so i feel ya. The rest modes are dead for me and boring af. I enjoy play on hcim and glad that you decided to start all over again, the small things make us STRONGER now you're ready for attempt 2! Good luck with your future goals and have fun ?
  9. Wait a minute, ironmans recieve now daily spins, I logged in and had 6 spin, does that mean Master members gets 6 spins a day? Btw great update and bug fixes, finally we got new lms games more nerfed hybrid version, also can we upgrade degraded version of decimation? Thanks for the effort you put in these updates guys. Can't wait to see New update soon.
  10. Secret

    Hello :P

    Interesting, guy from Finland, welcome a guess. Since im from Finland, id want ask you, where you were in army? Since I was in vekaranjärvi this december tho ? Puol vuoden mies vai vuoden mies? Olen itse puol vuoden mies, vittun pari kaapeli mies
  11. I can not choose one person,because they all help how they can, whatever i wanna thank you all for wasting you're time on us, the server and the community.You're all great, since i've seen E36 more than the rest, i'll vote for him, but i'll also want thank personally these people, who have been around and really like to help us nubs. Uzi,Jaedmo,E36,Keenan,Andreas and Arachnid (even the last is a bit noobie he tries)
  12. 1: What is your favorite thing about Ataraxia? Love how Jaedmo saved it, a guess the community. 2: What is one thing that Ataraxia can improve on? Players.
  13. ~ The Heart Lover: Halfs the KC required at the heart GwD dungeon (40 to 20) 5$ Well... if you reach like 4.500 reputation already halfs it ~ Assembly ConArtist: Increases all construction experience earned by 50% and removes the need for nails to construct anything. 6$ 50% is too overpowered, since thrones give around 925k xp on Legendary mode. ~ Loyal Friend: Give the player 3x more Loyalty points every so often 10$ That's usless perk, since all you need is just few auras, after couple hours of gameplay you'd have alot of Loyalty points and you'd have no idea where to spend em
  14. Secret


    Hello, im New here

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