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  1. [+] General Changes - Charms can now be stored in the GIM bank - Dragonbane ammunition can now be stored in the GIM bank - When receiving a Boss pet drop it will now include the Gamemode of the player who receives it - Removed the 5 second throttle after combat when examining players - Increased the stock in personal rune shops to 50k instead of 20k - Buffed the Key to the crossing droprate when on Slayer task - Buffed Maniacal, Reckless and Berserker auras (reduced the defensive debuff amount and increased the accuracy) - Buffed Wisdom auras, Base: +5% exp, Supreme: +10%, L
  2. Please contact me or another Admin on Discord and we can help you out :)
  3. Ctrl-f to find something you're looking for. 554 - Fire rune 7170 - Mud pie 555 - Water rune 556 - Air rune 557 - Earth rune 558 - Mind rune 560 - Death rune 561 - Nature rune 562 - Chaos rune 563 - Law rune 564 - Cosmic rune 565 - Blood rune 566 - Soul rune 9075 - Astral rune 1931 - Empty pot 1935 - Jug 1925 - Bucket 946 - Knife 590 - Tinderbox 1755 - Chisel 2347 - Hammer 8007 - Varrock teleport 8008 - Lumbridge teleport 8009 - Falador teleport 8010 - Camelot teleport 8011 - Ardougne teleport 8013 - Teleport to house 19475 - Po
  4. [+] General Changes - #gim-news on Discord will now display end-of-season stats including: Total active group members, Total XP/BP/Levels/deaths, and the best overall Casual/Competitive GIM - Changed the world announcement to state "market" rather than "home" when referencing the Witch Doctor - Old GIM Prestiging has now been changed to activity points, which are gained by: Loyalty points, Skilling contracts, Evil tree, Pest control, Shooting star, Crystal tree (when added), God jadinkos, Reaper tasks, WildyWyrm and Fight caves - Reaper contracts will no longer give you individual
  5. Add me on Discord: Jaedmo#0001
  6. [+] General Changes - Medium clues are now less common from pickpocketing Guards - Added a permanent banker to the Chaos altar (no need for us to spawn in anymore) - Enabled Mandrith as a Slayer master, you can now choose him to get Wilderness specific tasks - Reduced the Vote party caps to 200 during the week (from 500) and 300 on the weekend (from 700), we discussed this during a Community feedback meeting and decided the best way to address it wasn't to nerf the books but to nerf the rate of receiving them - Removed the need for Thread/Needle when using Protean hides - Increa
  7. You're so garbage lmao. 1v1 me in wildy Keep up the progress!
  8. [+] General Changes - You can now type * before your query in Dropcatcher to ignore all items containing that phrase - You can now type !* before your query in Dropcatcher to ignore all unnoted items containing that phrase - Pet drops KC announcement will now display total kc not just normal mode - You can now take Dungeoneering cape into Dungeoneering when equipped - You can now configure the Portable crafter/fletcher to edit the order of the options to suit what you are training - You can now create Workbenches in the Workshop of your house - Added Mystic staff shop to Zaff
  9. [+] General Changes - Decreased the chance of becoming exhausted while Prifddinas fishing or while fishing with Fury shark from 1/100 to 1/200 - Updated the realism ironman icon to the old Legendary ironman icon (Blue skull with red eyes) - Added a deposit box to the Mahogany/Teak tree area - Added Cooking skillcape perk (when equipped you will never burn food) - Added custom Fishing skillcape perk (when equipped you have a 1/20 chance to instantly bank the fish) - Increased the cap of Pylon batteries each player can use to 10,000 from 300.. This should be enough.. Right? - Ad
  10. [+] General Changes - Added the 99 Divination cape effect; Increases the amount of time divination wisps are active by 50 ticks - Made Dedicated Divination perk increase the amount of time divination wisps are active by 20 ticks - Disabled GIM 'tips' announcements as it caused lag throughout the server - Removed Vote party force talk and force emote as it caused lag throughout the server - Added Gloves of silence to the Misc. Skilling Loyalty shop for 2500 loyalty pts, it will increase your chance of successfully pickpocketing by approximately 15% - Added Ardy cloak 3 to the Mis
  11. Cool suggestion Martzz, like "Click to track" and it'll then track that specific achievement?
  12. Some stuff might already be live.. Just FYI [+] General Changes - Removed old Protean smithing and updated it to the RS3 system - Added Prosper perk effect: Grants a chance to gain Clue scrolls while skilling - Added Ruthless perk effect: Increases damage output by 0.5% per rank for 20 seconds when an enemy is killed stacking 5 times - Bonecrusher will now crush up to 10 noted bones if you have the noted drops enabled and are Diamond member - HCIM News returns, similarly to GIM news, this Discord channel will highlight all milestones that HCIM players achieve, as well
  13. [+] General Changes - Edited Trivia colour once more - Buffed Araxxor's max hit - "Make 10 elder rune burial armour sets" achievement has been reduced to 3 - Ring of Fortune and Luck of the Dwarves now have proper teleport options - Buffed rate of Inquisitor staff pieces from 1/1m to 1/50k - When opening the Crystal chest you will now be told what items and the amount of those items entering your bank - Added Chaos dwarf battlefield to medium teleports - Added Slayer master to ;;dz - Removed the crate blocking Castle wars - General Tafani at ;;dz will now restore your st
  14. [+] General Changes - War's retreat portals no longer require Killcount to attune them - Added Rope and Vial of water packs to Bob's shop - Added Archie the Archaeology pet (oops) - Added Yaks teleport to Low-level PVM - Bonus experience now takes into account Gamemode, I.E 500xp on 5x will no longer only give +100 bxp it'll give +500 - Halved the pylon/rex fragment requirement for activating the statue/pylon - Added the Chaos altar at wilderness which gives 350% exp (now 300% (nerfed)) compared to the Altar of war which gives 250% - Master Hunter outfit now increases the a

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