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  1. Based on your forums name, it'd appear you've chosen a name that's too long. All accounts must be between 3-12 characters.
  2. A relatively small update, I'm heading to New Zealand tomorrow so wanted to get this out before I went! There'll likely be a small patch before December when I arrive back to detail the Christmas event. Enjoy 25% off until the 30th for Black Friday! Use code: blackfriday23 [+] General Changes - Lowered some of the lower level Slayer contract amounts so they're less grindy/repetitive - Added more Cave crawler spawns in Fremennik Slayer cave - Examining an item will now display the High alch value - You can now contribute to Goodwill on the weekend - Removed t
  3. Very strange, I'm not sure why that would be occurring. Have a mess with your graphical settings, perhaps try reinstall the game. It might be a graphics card/driver issue but you might not be able to solve it until a new update (driver update, not game update).
  4. Are your drivers up to date?
  5. Wow, what a marathon update. It's been a long time coming. The first tease/concept was in February and here we are 8 months later! I really hope you all enjoy what this update brings. [+] General Changes - Nerfed the subsequent crit damage of Fractured staff of armadyl by about 10% - Added Dragon 2h sword drop to Giant Mole - Altar of War will now restore Summoning points for everyone, instead of locking it behind Silver member - All Skilling outfits are now handled properly, owning them or having them in Diango will now count towards the All-in-one skilling outfit
  6. Ataraxia Perk Tree Information You can find the Perk tree to the east of ;;home or by typing ;;tree/;;perktree. If you are a Master donator, simply typing ;;tree will open the Perk tree interface. The Perk tree is a large item sink with excellent rewards.. You will have to sacrifice your hard-earned items for Perk tree points which can be spent to unlock unique perks that will change the way you play Ataraxia. How to Sacrifice Items On your spellbook, you will see a new spell in the Skillng section (on every spellbook): 'Sacrifice' This spell
  7. We're currently trialing a potential fix for the 'hourly' lag spike/s. As we're unsure if this will fix it or make it worse, please bear with us for any potential downtime following the update. [+] General Changes - Rare mystery boxes are now discontinued - Skipping the Rise of the Six cutscene now requires the perk "The Skipper" instead of Diamond member - Buffed the damage from Fragmentation shot while using Fleeting boots - Buffed the damage from Combust while using Blast diffusion boots - Increased the amount of Aura and Life refreshes in the Reaper shop - Banki
  8. Your username is too long, you'll need to use a username that's between 3-12 characters.
  9. [+] General Changes - Updated Queen Black Dragon drop table to the M&S rework items - Portable workbench/Skillcape "saved a plank" messages are now filterable - After being sent to AFK island your active pocket slot books will now deactivate - Wearing a Zuk cape while being Maxed/Comped/Comp (t)'d will now give you the relevant experience boost as if you were wearing them - Added Nex: Angel of Death music to the lobby/fight - Added RS3 Araxxor loot interface - Added RS3 Rise of the Six loot interface - Added RS3 Barrows loot interface - Added RS3 Sophanem loot interfac
  10. [+] General Changes - You can now receive Loyalty points and streak rewards while on AFK island, this should encourage you to leave your account online! - To combat the inflation on Ataraxia dollars, you now receive 1 Ataraxia dollar for 24h of gameplay regardless of the time of week (not weekend exclusive) - Updated the Trivia with some new questions (adding to some of the old ones) courtesy of Leed - Filtered out the "consumes the page to partially recharge itself" and "the reset cost was halved" messages - Added the old 100% accuracy Magic zuk cape special attack when using dua
  11. [+] General Changes - Secondaries box now has 'Open-100' as the first option like the Herb box - The Event timer on task tab will now display the time left for the active event - Buffed the chance of the bleed from Spear of Annihilation/Masterwork Spear of Annihilation to trigger from 3%/5% to 6%/10% - Buffed the bleed min/max hit on the Ek-Zekkil bleed effect from the special attack from (Number between 0.3 and 1.05) x ability damage to (Number between 0.5 and 1.25) x ability damage - Buffed the minimum hit on the Ek-Zekkil special attack hit from 0.62 minimum to 0.92 minimum (th
  12. [+] General Changes - Being too exhausted from Fishing while using the Shark outfit and Woodcutting while using the Always adze relic on Wonky tree is now 1/500 instead of 1/200 - Boosted the Cave nightshade yield from 3 to 3-6 - Removed Rex Matriarch rings from the Combination interface as you can create them in your inventory - Removed Crystal triskelion (15) from Combination interface, reduced price from the Misc combination npc at ;;shops to 7.5m - Removed Crystal key (g) from Combination interface, moved to the Misc combination npc at ;;shops for 12.5m each key (g) - Combat
  13. [+] General Changes - Made Croesus core give +1 point per 500 damage - All in one contribution will now tell you what outfits you're missing when it denies your success in purchasing it - Increased the effectiveness of Prayers at Solak by 25% (50% total) - Added World announcements about the YouTube channel #ironchode - Acid path of Araxxor now gets destroyed at 25% acid absorbed rather than 50% - Buffed KBD drop table for Dragon rider/kbd head - Lord Daquarius will no longer give relaunch dollars to old players, 2 years is plenty of time - Added Warped tortoises and Warped
  14. I fucked up and accidentally overwrote this update thread with the newest one. This is all we could recover: [+] General Changes - You can now charge Erethdor's grimoire up to 24 hours - All ironmen will receive Inquisitor pieces from completing the Zarosion IV collection - Dropping Inquisitor pieces will now destroy them - Reduced the cooldown of Cres in Guthixian cache to 20 seconds, running Memories only really works if other people are disabling the Automatons - Added a ;;col command to open your Collection log dialogue - Added a command for admins to remove

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