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  1. [+] General Changes - You can now right click 'Convert' all perk boxes to convert them to Ataraxia Dollars (vote) in case you made a mistake when choosing the box - Buffed Dragon mattock from BGH to 1/50 - Examining a noted stack of items on the ground or in your inventory will now list it's total GE stack price as well as how many of what item - Entering a Legio boss portal with a relevant key will teleport you to that relevant boss - Guthixian cache and Demon Flash mobs Discord announcements will now display an emoji beforehand (thanks to Snowie xx) - Higher donor ranks now re
  2. [+] General Changes - If you have 120 Slayer and the Perslaysion perk, you will now be able to pick your task 100% of the time - Removed defence requirement on Culineromancer's gloves - Added 'Deposit-all' option on the Living Rock Caverns lift - Hunter urns will now charge within Big Game Hunter - Farming urns will now charge within Player Owned Farms - Changed "Complete x clue scrolls" to "Open x clue caskets" for a bit more clarity - Added Drakan's medallion and it's teleports - Added Drakan's medallion and Amulet of Farming to the Vote shop for 20 and 30 Vote points resp
  3. Our Mac client is currently under construction. If you need further help contact me on Discord: Jaedmo#0001
  4. [+] General Changes - Blessing of the Gods materials will now display Yellow for uncommon and Red for rares, uncommon will filter and rare won't - Added Bear fur to the Fur stall - Teleporting to Donor zone will now restore your Summoning points as well - You can no longer drop the Amulet of farming - Added Bloodwood logs to Quickshafter - Ava's Secret will now re-equip the saved ammo - Added Bronze arrows to the Ranged shop - Added Red dragons, Black dragons, Yaks, Deadly red spiders and Rabbits to ;;pi - Lowered the price of clues from Zaida to match RS3 - Moved the 2n
  5. 1. Zenity - 1,124,941,429xp 2. Clean Sock - 990,861,452xp 3. Destroy - 365,911,610xp 1. Tobiwan (Hc Uwu) - 1,094,250,006xp 2. FTWImCody - 661,923,514xp 3. Klutch - 274,651,783xp 1. Scratchy - 1,023 tasks 2. Pdawg - 84 tasks 3. Friday Blunt - 34 tasks 1. Fangg - 112 tasks 2. Checkerz - 109 tasks 3. Phyl - 22 tasks 1. Batt - 5,000 contracts 2. Raspberry - 780 contracts 3. Lew - 690 contracts 1. Zenity - 7h 6m 36s 2. N/A 3. N/A 1. Batt - 11h 9m 43s 2. Cookie - 24h 23m 44s (default, still completed the t
  6. [+] New Developer - @FTWImCodyhas put his hand up to help us out with Development as myself and Armar have a lot on our plate! - So far he's been working over the last few weeks on little bits and bobs and improvements - Cody has come on as a Developer but will maintain his Head Moderator rank and help us with development on the side, thus far, he's been doing an excellent job and I'm glad we took the plunge! - Hopefully this will mean more consistent and content filled updates, especially considering now you all have a 'representative' in the Development team.. As Armar and I don't
  7. [+] General Changes - Added Ring of Fortune, Luck of the Dwarves and Hazelmere's signet ring teleport options - Added Telekinetic grind lunar spell, this will grind up to 60 of any eligible item in one action - Buffed the amount of gp received from Motherlode Maw - Statius's Warhammer and Guthix staff special attack messages no longer filter - Added Easy clues to H.A.M guards, there was a report of them not being obtained from H.A.M Members however, they do, but they weren't on the Guard's tables - Added traversing between the Wilderness and Daemonheim through the guard - Adde
  8. [+] General Changes - Noxious weapon components are now untradeable - Increased the amount of points gained from Elite Dungeon contracts from 25-35 to 30-40 and lowered task amount from 3-6 to 2-3 - You can now convert Complete tomes from Tetracompasses to 15,000 chronotes - All Barrows items now sell for 1,000,000gp each - Added Herblore/Crafting combination NPCs to the Donor zone - Updated the Reaper perk achievement to "Unlock 5 reaper perks" instead of just 4 - Made Snakes in the Teaks/Mahogany woodcutting area passive instead of aggressive - Lowered Corporeal beast's ma
  9. Will you opt in? Do you take on the challenge? Find out all March Madness competitions and details below... PSA: All March Madness opt-in competition cut-offs will be extended until further announcements. March Madness will cover the entire month of March in 2022, throughout this month there will be numerous competitions running with varying rewards and requirements to win. All competitions will have one victor, one person to take the $USD. With a $3000 Prize Pool, the competitions will be lucrative, but don't opt in if you don't have what it takes... A
  10. [+] General Changes - Removed Dragon Mattock drops from Dinosaurs, they are now exclusive to Rak'sha and Big Game Hunter - When teleporting to ;;dz your Hitpoints and Prayer will now restore to full - Added a Group Ironman Bank to ;;dz - When examining the Tiny Death pet it will now display total Reaper killcount and Contracts completed - Lowered the Level requirement to spend Dungeoneering tokens on Dungeoneering experience from 77 to 25 - Removed the "!" at the end of the "Be the first to type:" Trivia questions to avoid confusion - Changed the Skilling pet announcement colo
  11. Small patch for Xmas stuff [+] General Changes - Removed all Christmas token gaining activities/loyalty rewards - Re-enabled ;;bug command - Added examine text to the Jad pet ('player' has done x TzTok-Jad kills) - Added 'Offer' bones option on the Wilderness altar - Re-enabled the mining force stop after certain amount of game ticks while using the Juju mining potion - Added Roar of Osseous effect to Big Game Hunter granting you +25% bonus experience for BGH and 10% increased chance for double and triple encounters - Divination memory conversion now uses the memories ins
  12. [+] General Changes - Added some missing <img=x> News: to some world broadcasts - Christmas scythe now only requires the cosmetic Scythe from Reaper points to make the Christmas scythe rather than Noxious, if you would like yours refunded let any Admin know - Increased the hitpoints of Ancient summoning familiars - Examining Sheldon the penguin pet will now show how many total Penguins you have spotted - TaskTab will now show your current Droprate boost, which is your Gamemode + whether you're wearing Completionist cape/(t)or not - Buffed Hazelmere's signet ring drop rate
  13. [+] General Changes - Changed the way Double experience tomes are given, they'll now be given 1 per vote, so when you claim 20 votes, you receive 20 instead of 4 - You can no longer get Shadow creature tasks without access to Prifddinas - Added the Anticipation ability, removed it's damage reduction effect, added for it's 10 second immunity to stuns - Made it so you now have a Novite pickaxe by default if you have a toolbelted pickaxe you don't have the requirements to use - Nerfed the power of Dungeoneering bosses for Duo+ parties - Verak Lith's spires will now always spawn in
  14. Generally that means the server is offline (it isn't currently) or you have internet issues. Try the following: - Turn off your Internet Modem/Router and then turn it back on after 1-2 minutes - If ^ doesn't work: - Delete "Atrax" in C:\Users\YourName\AppData and C:\ProgramData and redownload from the site Let me know on discord if you have any further issues: Jaedmo#0001
  15. [+] General Changes - Made Shadowy egg from Elite Dungeons 3 tradeable - Added a dig delay to Strykewyrms (3 seconds) to ensure they don't get stuck after being awoken (stomped on) - Added Potion batches and handled them with Achievements and Skilling contracts (they will count as 5 potions when made) - Buffed the droprate of Shadow spikes and Terrasaur maul pieces from Raksha - Added all NPC/Player option settings so you can now enable left click only, right click only, hidden etc. - Handled all chat settings properly for both Legacy and Rs3 styles - Added Stronghold of Secur

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