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  1. [+] General Changes - Being too exhausted from Fishing while using the Shark outfit and Woodcutting while using the Always adze relic on Wonky tree is now 1/500 instead of 1/200 - Boosted the Cave nightshade yield from 3 to 3-6 - Removed Rex Matriarch rings from the Combination interface as you can create them in your inventory - Removed Crystal triskelion (15) from Combination interface, reduced price from the Misc combination npc at ;;shops to 7.5m - Removed Crystal key (g) from Combination interface, moved to the Misc combination npc at ;;shops for 12.5m each key (g) - Combat
  2. [+] General Changes - Made Croesus core give +1 point per 500 damage - All in one contribution will now tell you what outfits you're missing when it denies your success in purchasing it - Increased the effectiveness of Prayers at Solak by 25% (50% total) - Added World announcements about the YouTube channel #ironchode - Acid path of Araxxor now gets destroyed at 25% acid absorbed rather than 50% - Buffed KBD drop table for Dragon rider/kbd head - Lord Daquarius will no longer give relaunch dollars to old players, 2 years is plenty of time - Added Warped tortoises and Warped
  3. I fucked up and accidentally overwrote this update thread with the newest one. This is all we could recover: [+] General Changes - You can now charge Erethdor's grimoire up to 24 hours - All ironmen will receive Inquisitor pieces from completing the Zarosion IV collection - Dropping Inquisitor pieces will now destroy them - Reduced the cooldown of Cres in Guthixian cache to 20 seconds, running Memories only really works if other people are disabling the Automatons - Added a ;;col command to open your Collection log dialogue - Added a command for admins to remove
  4. [+] General Changes - Added a Zanaris location teleport to ;;t - Clearing a Farming patch will now be an instant animation - Corporeal beast teleport from Games necklace will now take you to the wildy cave entrance - Added a Bank chest to the Arch Glacor entrance - Updated anima bomb message to be further above the player's head - Araxxor Legs and Hilts now have their drop rates improved by Drop rate bonus - Added a command to access Batt's gear guide: ;;gear, ;;equipment, ;;prog, ;;progression - Sheldon's left click option will now be scan - Added the Archaeology cape eff
  5. I was away from the 31st January - 14th February on holiday.. Hopefully following this update we can get back to our regular somewhat consistently inconsistent update schedule! [+] General Changes - Added RS3 region areas, this change should boost map loading times substantially - Increased the amount of tomes received from voting to give 3 hours/3 hours - Increased the price of Treasure hunter keys from the Vote shop - Updated Arch-Glacor teleport location for Max guild/Wars retreat portals - Added crafting progress interface to Protean cogs and made them consume 1 tic
  6. [+] General Changes - Changed the Arch-Glacor teleport location to just outside the barrier - Master members can now pick events with 2 tokens instead of 3 - Tess will now display streak/enrage similarly to the Arch-Glacor pet - Changed Duel arena Shooting star announcement to Het's Oasis - Kal'gerion demon's special attack will now last for 60s instead of 15s - Chaos Elemental private instances will now house 3 Chaos elementals rather than just 1 - Golden compass will now have varied drop rates from different Clue scrolls; Easy: 1/10000, Medium: 1/10000, Hard: 1/5000, Elite:
  7. https://discord.gg/jzgrUfzCHF
  8. Gosh, what a big month. December is always tough, personally, I love the Christmas period and really love to get into the Christmas spirit. I found myself being extremely unproductive for Ataraxia during this time. This patch is pretty much 99% Armar. I needed a bit of a break, but I'm keen to get back into my small irrelevant bug fixes and content additions that you all forget about after a day! Hope everyone had a very safe and enjoyable Christmas (if you celebrate it) and New Year with your loved ones and family. [+] General Changes - Added Raptor key part co
  9. Christmas patch is here! We are very aware of a few looming/unfixed issues with content resulting from the 926 patch. We wanted to make sure the Christmas event/patch was ready before focusing on those. Going into the New Year they will be a large part of our focus. [+] General Changes - Brooch of the Gods will now announce when received from hunting penguins - Buffed Guildmaster Tony's mattock rate to 1/500 from 1/1000 (the last buff, on god, no cap) - You can now disassemble Dining/Kitchen tables into Simple/Crafted parts - Added "ach" command to access Achi
  10. Join our Discord, or download the new client from the website. It should be up to date.
  11. Somewhat of a mini-patch before our Christmas event patch. Just to get some of the bug fixes live. Pure content and fixes baby. [+] General Changes - Added a "For Camelot!" force talk to the Excalibur spec - Removed "Active instances" from Task tab - Changed "has done x y kills" to "has x y kills" (eg. Jaedmo has 500 K'ril Tsutsaroth kills) on pet examines - Added a World announcement for ;;comb - Made Super antipoisons stock 5 instead of 3 in the consumables shop - Removed Dragon hatchet from drop announcements - Added Farming to the Double resource gathering
  12. Mobile should be working, check the link on Discord or redownload.
  13. [+] General Changes - Answering Trivia first will now grant you 2 Trivia points instead of 1 - Added the ability to break Godsword shards into their respective singular shards after combining them - Buffed Staff of Light droprate from 1/12000 to 1/512 - Added ability to switch Imcando channeling rod to the off-hand variant - Added an Events line to the Task tab which will display any currently active events - Removed a bunch of unused information from the Task tab which can be sourced elsewhere - Doubled Shards of Armadyl droprate from Glacors - Added a command for staff to
  14. Use them on the Monolith or right click it and press Offer
  15. https://forums.ataraxia-ps.com/topic/1104-official-all-custom-rares/

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