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  1. Small patch for Xmas stuff [+] General Changes - Removed all Christmas token gaining activities/loyalty rewards - Re-enabled ;;bug command - Added examine text to the Jad pet ('player' has done x TzTok-Jad kills) - Added 'Offer' bones option on the Wilderness altar - Re-enabled the mining force stop after certain amount of game ticks while using the Juju mining potion - Added Roar of Osseous effect to Big Game Hunter granting you +25% bonus experience for BGH and 10% increased chance for double and triple encounters - Divination memory conversion now uses the memories ins
  2. [+] General Changes - Added some missing <img=x> News: to some world broadcasts - Christmas scythe now only requires the cosmetic Scythe from Reaper points to make the Christmas scythe rather than Noxious, if you would like yours refunded let any Admin know - Increased the hitpoints of Ancient summoning familiars - Examining Sheldon the penguin pet will now show how many total Penguins you have spotted - TaskTab will now show your current Droprate boost, which is your Gamemode + whether you're wearing Completionist cape/(t)or not - Buffed Hazelmere's signet ring drop rate
  3. [+] General Changes - Changed the way Double experience tomes are given, they'll now be given 1 per vote, so when you claim 20 votes, you receive 20 instead of 4 - You can no longer get Shadow creature tasks without access to Prifddinas - Added the Anticipation ability, removed it's damage reduction effect, added for it's 10 second immunity to stuns - Made it so you now have a Novite pickaxe by default if you have a toolbelted pickaxe you don't have the requirements to use - Nerfed the power of Dungeoneering bosses for Duo+ parties - Verak Lith's spires will now always spawn in
  4. Generally that means the server is offline (it isn't currently) or you have internet issues. Try the following: - Turn off your Internet Modem/Router and then turn it back on after 1-2 minutes - If ^ doesn't work: - Delete "Atrax" in C:\Users\YourName\AppData and C:\ProgramData and redownload from the site Let me know on discord if you have any further issues: Jaedmo#0001
  5. [+] General Changes - Made Shadowy egg from Elite Dungeons 3 tradeable - Added a dig delay to Strykewyrms (3 seconds) to ensure they don't get stuck after being awoken (stomped on) - Added Potion batches and handled them with Achievements and Skilling contracts (they will count as 5 potions when made) - Buffed the droprate of Shadow spikes and Terrasaur maul pieces from Raksha - Added all NPC/Player option settings so you can now enable left click only, right click only, hidden etc. - Handled all chat settings properly for both Legacy and Rs3 styles - Added Stronghold of Secur
  6. [+] General Changes - Buffed the amount of Evil dust received from Evil trees from 20-40 to 30-60 - Increased the stock of Melee equipment at Scavvo by 10x - Increased the stock of Ranged equipment at Scavvo by 10x - Increased the stock of Magic equipment at Scavvo by 10x - Nerfed the droprate of Hexhunter bow (veil guy spawn) from 1/2000 to 1/5000 (sorry @Unlucky) - In order to assist regular accounts in early-game training, the following items have been made unlimited on the Grand exchange: Grimy herbs up to Kwuarm, Secondaries up to White berries, Pickaxes up to Rune, Hatchet
  7. [+] General Changes - Reworked Bladed dive on NPCs and added the ability hit properly - Enabled the Stalker creatures slayer tasks - Games necklace now has all of it's teleports while equipped - Zarosian IV collection will now give the recurring reward of: 100 Kharid-et pylon batteries and 6,810 Chronotes for players on XP rates higher than 5x (this is to stop low exp rates farming staff pieces with ease) - Inquisitor staff and pieces are now tradeable [+] Small Death Changes - Items will no longer degrade on your first death - Implemented "Degrade percentage" w
  8. Speaking on behalf of the Development team, it's been a pretty slow month as you can probably tell. With recent updates being as big and as quality as they were, the pressure to release a huge one was quite heavy on our shoulders. Overall, this is a great update, however, I apologise for the delay as it should've been released weeks ago. Fortunately, the delay between this update and the next one will be minimal, and that update will bring Raksha, the Shadow Colossus! [+] General Changes - Buffed Skilling contracts depending on game mode, Realism: 3x, Legendary: 5x, Expert
  9. [+] General Changes - Charms can now be stored in the GIM bank - Dragonbane ammunition can now be stored in the GIM bank - When receiving a Boss pet drop it will now include the Gamemode of the player who receives it - Removed the 5 second throttle after combat when examining players - Increased the stock in personal rune shops to 50k instead of 20k - Buffed the Key to the crossing droprate when on Slayer task - Buffed Maniacal, Reckless and Berserker auras (reduced the defensive debuff amount and increased the accuracy) - Buffed Wisdom auras, Base: +5% exp, Supreme: +10%, L
  10. Please contact me or another Admin on Discord and we can help you out :)
  11. Ctrl-f to find something you're looking for. 554 - Fire rune 7170 - Mud pie 555 - Water rune 556 - Air rune 557 - Earth rune 558 - Mind rune 560 - Death rune 561 - Nature rune 562 - Chaos rune 563 - Law rune 564 - Cosmic rune 565 - Blood rune 566 - Soul rune 9075 - Astral rune 1931 - Empty pot 1935 - Jug 1925 - Bucket 946 - Knife 590 - Tinderbox 1755 - Chisel 2347 - Hammer 8007 - Varrock teleport 8008 - Lumbridge teleport 8009 - Falador teleport 8010 - Camelot teleport 8011 - Ardougne teleport 8013 - Teleport to house 19475 - Po
  12. [+] General Changes - #gim-news on Discord will now display end-of-season stats including: Total active group members, Total XP/BP/Levels/deaths, and the best overall Casual/Competitive GIM - Changed the world announcement to state "market" rather than "home" when referencing the Witch Doctor - Old GIM Prestiging has now been changed to activity points, which are gained by: Loyalty points, Skilling contracts, Evil tree, Pest control, Shooting star, Crystal tree (when added), God jadinkos, Reaper tasks, WildyWyrm and Fight caves - Reaper contracts will no longer give you individual
  13. Add me on Discord: Jaedmo#0001
  14. [+] General Changes - Medium clues are now less common from pickpocketing Guards - Added a permanent banker to the Chaos altar (no need for us to spawn in anymore) - Enabled Mandrith as a Slayer master, you can now choose him to get Wilderness specific tasks - Reduced the Vote party caps to 200 during the week (from 500) and 300 on the weekend (from 700), we discussed this during a Community feedback meeting and decided the best way to address it wasn't to nerf the books but to nerf the rate of receiving them - Removed the need for Thread/Needle when using Protean hides - Increa
  15. You're so garbage lmao. 1v1 me in wildy Keep up the progress!

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