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  1. [+] General Changes - War's retreat portals no longer require Killcount to attune them - Added Rope and Vial of water packs to Bob's shop - Added Archie the Archaeology pet (oops) - Added Yaks teleport to Low-level PVM - Bonus experience now takes into account Gamemode, I.E 500xp on 5x will no longer only give +100 bxp it'll give +500 - Halved the pylon/rex fragment requirement for activating the statue/pylon - Added the Chaos altar at wilderness which gives 350% exp (now 300% (nerfed)) compared to the Altar of war which gives 250% - Master Hunter outfit now increases the a
  2. In one hour, the server will be launched. When you log on, if you're a new player, I advise you watch the tutorial, even if you're returning, why not, it's 1 minute long. Donation Information If you've played before and are expecting to reclaim your donations, log on the account you have them on, choose your mode, accept or decline the tutorial and then walk over to Lord Daquarius at home, he will allow you to claim your dollars. These dollars can only be used on his stores, which have Perks, Ataraxia coins and Keepsake keys. When you claim your Dollars,
  3. Font of Life 5 Effect: Increases your maximum health by 50 Source: Automatically unlocked Ring of Luck 24 Effect: Permanently gain the effect of tier 1 luck Source: Take the Hand of Glory from the Sacrificial Altar at the Infernal Source and use a Ring of Luck on it Unexpected Diplomacy 25 Effect: Adds 10% to all reputation earned at the Heart of Gielinor Source: Complete the Zarosian I collection Pouch Protector 36 Effect: Runecrafting pouches will no longer degrade when used Source: Complete the Zamorakian I collection, use this item on Giant
  4. [+] General Changes - Prayer drain has been adjusted to match RS3, on Ataraxia 1, prayer draining was a myth, it has now been edited to ensure players are managing their Prayer as well as only using what they have to! There is also a Debuff icon for Prayer now displaying the amount of points lost per tick - Removed bank containers from the server, while they were beneficial at the time for organisation, with Bank boosters added, they are negligible - Renamed Miscellaneous option on Uzi's perk shop to just Ataraxia coins (only thing that's sold in it) - Donor experience bonuses (Bron
  5. [+] General Changes - Rewrote Friends/Ignore list, perfected display name changes and previous names on friends/ignore list - Added support for Notes - Added lobby support allowing you to talk in the friends chat and private message while in the lobby - Removed the ;;titles command - Made changes to the player icons and the differences between Ironmen icons, it will now be the following: Realism/Realism ironman: Ironman (any exp rate): Couldn't find transparent Hardcore Ironman: Group ironman: Unchanged - The reasoning behind this was to make it less Game mode fo
  6. The following thread will detail all of the current donator benefits on Ataraxia 2. These benefits are subject to change, be sure to check this thread for updates to the donator benefits. There are currently 5 donator ranks, Bronze Member - $20, Silver Member - $50, Gold Member - $100, Platinum Member - $250, Diamond Member - $500, Master Member - $1,000. To reach these ranks you can do the following: - Redeeming perk boxes - Redeeming Treasure hunter key boxes - Purchasing animation overrides - Purchasing Runemetrics Pro - Redeeming Ataraxia coins - Purchasing booster t
  7. Welcome to the new skill of Ataraxia, Archaeology Archaeology is a gathering skill, your goal is to uncover mysterious Artefacts long buried beneath years of Ataraxian lore. Doing so will grant experience in the skill as well as unlock new materials, zones, passive powers, ancient ways of Invention and Summoning and more! You can train this skill to 99 for Max cape or 120 for Completionist cape (along with the other requirements). The journey to 120 will include uncovering Artefacts, sifting soil in hopes of ancient materials, using those materials to restor
  8. Probably means you're banned, contact me Jaedmo#0001
  9. Release Date: 07th May 2021 Release Time: 5:00pm UTC+0 Welcome to Ataraxia 2. The following thread will detail the giveaways, competitions, account details that you'll need to jump right into Ataraxia 2! User Accounts - If you played on the first Ataraxia, your account will be saved - Therefore, your username and password will be the exact same - However, all of your levels including your # completions/boss kills/npc kills and Skilling numbers will be reset - You will log on as your previous Donation rank, i.e If you ended with $800 donated, you will log
  10. [+] General Changes - Mystery boxes now stack - Runescape 3 drop tables have been imported and npcdrop/itemdrop adjusted accordingly - Removed Mime suit (diamond outfit) and Skeleton suit (platinum outfit) - Removed the $50/$100 aura shop, renamed it to Premium and it no longer requires donor rank - Refreshed the Trivia with completely new questions and answers, reduced coin reward from 250k to 150k (trying to preserve the eco on launch) - Added Brawling gloves experience modifiers (+300% exp if in wilderness, +50% if not) - Nerfed the log supply box amounts, removed ch
  11. [+] General Changes - Slightly nerfed Evil tree rewards - Nerfed Skilling contract exp rewards further, the formula is as followed: levelRequired x 50 = exp received (previously 75) - Removed all different occurrences of isMember/isDiamonddonator on the source (you guys don't care but makes it a lot easier to manage) - Removed old Daily task code that is unused - Removed Dungeon architect perk as it'll no longer be needed - Nerfed Skilling addict perk, It'll now only give 10% bonus experience and rewards compared to 25%, reduced price from $7 to $5 - Reduced price of Tree hunt
  12. [+] General Changes - Removed Vote books (Books of Knowledge) from Vote Parties, replaced with Mystery boxes - Removed Asylum Surgeon ring from Treasure Trails Item shop - Discontinued Rare Item Token store (Diango), constantly rotating this Shop proved difficult over the last few years, instead, I felt it was best to include these items in other content such as Treasure Hunter, Events - Blurite Rock has been adjusted to the Mining and Smithing rework, it requires 75 Mining, Hardness: 140, Hitpoints: 1000 and XP Multiplier: .8x. The rock also has a new loot table, you can receive: L
  13. [+] General Changes - 1x Realism mode added, this mode is 1x the exp rate of RS3 (excluding any exp modifiers). You can choose to be a Realism Ironman or simply a Realism normal account. You will receive +25% drop rate! - The Novice (100x) game mode has been removed and replaced with Realism - The Gamemodes are now as follows: Regular (50x), Expert (25x), Legendary (5x), Realism (1x), Ironman (<--- Any of those), Hardcore Ironman (5x), Group Ironman (5x or 25x). - Removed Amulet of Glory and Ring of Duelling from Starter equipment, these have been replaced with the Amulet of Defe

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