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  1. You realise it says in the post that I'm taking a break from the game, right? I pop by the forums from time to time, but haven't gone ingame since this was last updated lol
  2. Chloe

    Log in beetch.

    1. slim
    2. Chloe


      Dude I'm about to take over rank 1 hcim and theres like 50 people online all the time it's a gud time to come back and take back the highscores from me.

    3. slim


      Got a lot of stuff going on atm, might come back for a bit once I've moved house 

  3. Gonna take a break from the game for a while. Activity has been dropping for a while now and just feeling really burnt out from the game. Other interests have taken over. I'll pop in on the discord every now and then, though. Cya around plebs xxx
  4. slim


    Welcome to the server! Don't forget to join the discord if you haven't already! Have fun ?
  5. Update #4 - Long overdue skills update - Long overdue goals update
  6. Done-zo, Mr Uzi. Please don't break my legs. IGN: xSlim (or Slim when Jae changes it)
  7. slim


    'ello. Surprised I didn't make one of these sooner, but hi. I'm Aaron aka Slim. Been on the server since early September of this year. Started as a HCIM, and intend to stay as one. I'm 24 and from the UK, been playing RS on and off since classic back in the miniclip days. Also I'm a bit of a weeb. Don't lynch me. Catch you all in-game and around the forums!
  8. slim


    whoru Welcome to the forums you pleb ?
  9. Update #3 - Updated skills - Current goals updated Bank progress pics will be updated when I get in from work in the morning
  10. I keep mine updated on my HCIM diary if you wanna check that out.
  11. Sweet jesus, thank you. I might actually go back to killing bosses for a bit now. Thank you for all the updates Dev team. Much appreciated.
  12. #1 - Any ETA on the hiscores being back up? #2 - Thoughts on adding combat pets to the server? #3 - Is it possible to add Expert achievement capes? Capes I mean: Gatherer's Cape, Combatant's Cape, Artisan's Cape, and the Support Cape. Could make some nice mid-way capes for those on the lower xp rates. #4 - Thoughts on potentially adding Skill helmet add-ons? #5 - What long-term plans do you have in mind in terms of updates for the server? Any content you'd like to add at a much later date that isn't currently possible? That's all I got for now. @Jaedmo, @arham 4, @_jord
  13. Update #2 - First Bank progress pics - Skill levels updated - Current goals shifted into chronological order of what I'll be doing (subject to change based on boredom) All in all, a lot of progress made.
  14. It was a good run. RIP snowie the HC. How did you end up dying?
  15. Suggestion: Have cancelling a Slayer task give a new one automatically. Reasoning: Skips an unnecessary step of going between interfaces and makes it less frustrating to get a new task.

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