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  1. To get started with juju potions you'll need vine herb seeds for the herbs and the secondaries for making the complete potions. You can obtain those by talking to the Witchdoctor at ;;home and buying some Marasamaw plant traps. Then ask him to teleport you to the jadinkos. They can be caught using the plant traps (in a similar way to box traps) and yield various seeds and/or secondaries. God jadinkos are special they can drop harmony moss seeds, and are only available for a set amount of time each day. They're always available on weekends. You can plant y
  2. [+] Quality of life changes - The message notifying you of your extra arms perk giving you an extra resource is now filterable - Removed the easy clue from starter equipment - Skilling pet announcements will now show up in #ingame-sync on Discord - Celestial handwraps can now be traded - The message notifying you of your lucky perk reducing damage now filters if it reduces less than 500 damage - CTRL + G will now open the GIM bank, if you have the bank perk - Salmon and trout fishing contracts have been combined - "Magic Emporium" shop has had its stock greatly increased -
  3. Hey guys, happy holidays! Just a small update for you guys. - Added "You have sold <x>" message to filter - Complete perk package fixed to have all perks - You can no longer sell things to the skilling shops - Left clicking Ataraxia dollars now opens Uzi's perk shop dialogue - ROW (c) now has a disassemble warning - The amount of items you can have on the "Drop catcher" perk has been doubled - ;;kickme Discord command now works - Added divine-o-matic chronicle message to filter - Co-op skilling contract progress will now appear less often - 2x,3x,4x pickpockets wi
  4. It will be based on store price, also the formula isn't just as simple as adding up all the items X is total store value of all items * is multiply =< is below or equals Tier 1 Death: X =< 50M X * 0.50 = Price Payed on Death Max = 25M Tier 2 Death: X =< 100M (X * 0.40) + 5M = Price Payed on Death Min = 25M Max = 45M Tier 3 Death: X =< 300M (X * 0.25) + 20M Min = 25M Max = 95m Tier 4 Death: x =< 750M (X * 0.05) + 80M Min = 95M Max = 117.5M Tier 5 Death: X =< 1.5B (X * 0.02) + 102.5M Min = 117.5M Max = 132.5M
  5. After much deliberation, we've decided that it's best to change the death mechanics. We think that we should let you know beforehand, as nothing here is final and we'd like your input. We think this is a good idea because It's a new cash sink It adds a 'risk' factor to the game It can help game modes be more competitive (Ironman, GIM, KoTS, etc.) How it works: Prayers and skulls still influence what items you keep. When you die you'll be taken to death, where you can buy your items back for their store value. Initial costs will range from 0gp to 130M Al
  6. This is a neat idea and will definitely be polled
  7. I haven't forgot about this. How would you guys feel if it was integrated with the skilling contract system? You could talk to a skilling master to join the event, and the points you'd get would be for the skilling shops. The time that it exists would be longer than 15 minutes (maybe 30?). While in there maybe you'd get dangerous skilling random events (which can be avoided) that drop rare and new skilling items/outfits. Or maybe parts of this idea can be taken and used with a (custom?) skilling boss. Up to you guys
  8. Looks like this has some support so I'll add it to the backlog
  9. It seems like Group Ironman is a feature a lot of you guys really want, so we want to get this one right. The purpose of this dev blog (and the in-game poll) is to get a feel for your wants and expectations. Most things in this thread are subject to change; if you see something you disagree with, reply with your justifications. Creating a new group When creating a new group, first you'll have to specify which type of group you'd like to create. There is only one XP/drop rate type for a few reasons - Way simpler to code - Ironman is supposed to be a hard
  10. Thanks for your suggestion, will be in the next patch
  11. Just a heads up, we may strikethrough things in your post we complete/look into to keep track of what we've done
  12. Locking this as its been looked into
  13. Thanks for your suggestion, been added to our private issue tracker and will be considered for a future update.
  14. I'll be posting a dev blog about this sometime next week
  15. Thanks for your suggestion, been added to the backlog and I'll take a look at it.

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