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  1. Huge patch, and the second one this month. You guys are on top of it! Thanks!
  2. Grenwall spikes have been added to Edimmu's droptable Mud runes have been added to Airut's droptable You can now buy Bank containers and Ataraxia coins with Ataraxia dollar (vote) at Party Pete Buffed Telos unique droprate based on Killstreak Added combination for 50 Crystal triskelions, this will give you the Crystal triskelion (50) which you can use on the Rock face for 50 rewards [+] New NEW Donator Icons [+] Bug Fixes Thanks for the amazing updates as always!
  3. Ascension bolts & Ascendri bolt Fletching exp has been buffed to RS3 rates for my HCIM.... KEK You can now purchase Ataraxia dollars for 15 Vote points each! These (vote) variants of the Dollar are untradeable and nontransferable but can be spent at Party Pete to buy any perk you'd like!- With the current Voting, you can earn 12 Vote points per day, this means that at 12 points a day, you can achieve every perk with only 313 days of Voting twice a day! /r/bargainhunting amirite Play2win baby! Ban mole. Thanks for the awesome huge set of updates. I'm sure it took quite

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