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  1. Welcome to the community Quack hope you enjoy your time here and welcome to the community.
  2. Hey Guys, Just thought i'd make a quick forums post as one or two people have mentioned it'd be a good idea to keep track of my account/progress through the forums so here it is.. This little guy is Boss By Boss, the account concept is pretty simple other than being an ironman the only other restriction I have is that when bossing I have to complete the entire log before I can move onto the next boss, because I hate myself I decided to pick barrows as my first boss (pretty obvious by my swanky gear setup) The current stats on the account are... Yes treasure hunt
  3. What display name are you actually using to try and log in with? if it's asking you to change your display name its usually because of the following... The name is too long and surpasses the character limit. The name is too short. The name includes characters which aren't allowed such as _ or . etc...
  4. Nice to see someone who was primarily an OSRS player coming to try a RS3 based server. if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask in game and have a good time here on Ataraxia 🙂
  5. Glad to have you on the team as support, look forward to seeing how you progress in the future Jack.
  6. Welcome Both, Hope you have a good time on the server always nice to see new faces 🙂
  7. Hi everyone, As we edge closer and closer to the full release of ataraxia we have got to the point in development where we were comfortable to turn on the live server and allow a select few players to test the server in what we are calling early access. There have been a few questions about early access by other players which I am going to try clarify in this forums post.. How long is early access going to be going on for? Currently we have no guarenteed date of when the early access will finish but if all goes well and no game breaking bugs show up we anticipate it shou
  8. Ataraxia Perk Details Please be aware that any perks may be subject to change. Perk List Ctrl-F to easily find what perk you're looking for, or type ;;perks in-game Alchemic Smithing - +15% Smithing XP, reduces the amount of heat lost by 20%, Increases chance to smelt 2 bars by 10%. Arcane Alchemist - Removes the requirement for Runes when using High Alchemy. Aubury's Apprentice- Each spellcast has a 50% chance to save all of your runes. Auspicious Arch - +7 precision and +2 focus, grants a 10% chance to save materials when restoring an artifact, incre
  9. How do i train invention? I'm level 1 smithing/crafting/divination and its all greyed out I'm confused thanks sir
  10. 10/10 Can't wait to never do ED2 because I suck ?
  11. Time to get those flared trousers :smug:
  12. Hi multiply here Fav thing on ata is loure Improvement to the server? Ban loure Ty
  13. And the winners are, @demon queen and i2Legit! gz both, pm me when you're on for your credit.
  14. Hey all Multiply/Division here, As i'm feeling slightly generous this weekend I'll be giving away $40 Store credit ( $20 to 2 players ) HOWEVER, sadly there is a catch, I would like to do this for the newer players within the server ( sorry old folks ) so if you're playtime is between 5-75 hours, please reply to this thread/pm me on discord with your username and playtime and I'll enter you into the draw to win at some point within the weekend. Again I apologise to the people that have more than 75 hours played but I feel it'd be nicer to give it to the new starters to give the

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