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  1. Never been a big fan of gambling myself but I can see the desire for it and hope all goes well with it. Everything else I read seemed pretty great and I can't wait to try it out tomorrow.
  2. Wait wtf Cameron long time no see. Its Gary from way back lol
  3. This is one of the coolest communities I've had the pleasure of getting to know. Glad to see new faces on the forums too.
  4. Cool video. Maybe go for kiln Cape or enhanced fire Cape? I'm looking to make a new series sometime soon too.
  5. Good guide. Wouldn't expect something like this to be needed with how old the barrows minigame is, but you'd be surprised. Maybe edit this post to let people know that there is a perk that lets you skip the tunnel.
  6. Sorry for the late response I have just been extremely busy in real life with my final exams. The winners for the week 3 giveaway are: @Liyo and @shrekt Congratulations! Contact a Mod+ in-game for your rewards. Stay tuned for the week 4 giveaway.
  7. Go vote on the new legendary icon in the #polling channel in the Discord.
  8. I've never been a fan of our legendary icons, and I would to see something new!
  9. Not really a fan of this, but I can see how if the player count is odd that it could give that odd player out an advantage.
  10. Hello all, In an effort to promote some more forum activity we are going to start having some weekly giveaways! What does this mean? Every Monday we are going to have a giveaway via forums. Some will be announced and some will be unannounced! It will be your job to check in periodically to find out about them! The giveaways will start on Monday and the winner or winners will be chosen on the following Monday. Giveaway #3: 12/3/2018 Requirements: 1: Post your in-game name below. That's it, it's that easy! Prize: $10 store credit The
  11. The winners for this weeks giveaway have been chosen! The winners are @Chris and @Jacobb! Congratulations on winning 5 Deathtouched Darts each! Contact an Admin+ or myself to receive your rewards. Stay tuned for our third weekly giveaway! Best regards, Gary

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