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  1. are servers down or something? i can't log into the game..
  2. Glad to see you've finally made an appearance on forums, welcome! :D Excited to see your progress and how you evolve :')
  3. Thank you for giving me this opportunity!! Hope to please everyone :D
  4. There's a mini-game that I can't think the name of but it's rewards are super aesthetic cosmetics. I think the sets are like Naval or something. Would love to see those added :3
  5. I love the progress/way you've made this. It looks like an A1 progress thread. Please do keep up to date and doing it 🙂 ❤️
  6. Very into this idea. Would love to see it implemented 😄 I've played duo on a server a while ago, and it was probably the most fun I've had on iron man (of course until i saw there was a relaunch of this, gave my stuff to my partner and said my goodbyes hehe). +1 😉
  7. thieving or fletching magic shield bows 👍
  8. Nice to finally hear some more about you! 😄
  9. Looking forward to the videos on Youtube. Keep it consistant 😄
  10. Thank you, means a lot. That passion wont fade with all the work the current staff members are putting in! 😄
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