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  1. Hello, my name is Teabag I was here around 2018 when it started untill some time Love to see the new ingame updates and to continue my progress on my account If someone remember me. Hit me up!
  2. I hope big pest control event for elite ?
  3. Great idea! But... what about the hardcore ironmans and ironmans that already choosed gamemode they also get 1 chance to team up with someone? Or do you need to create a new account? regards EDIT: would it not be easier to just let ironmans play together? slayer, dungeoneering? Duo slayer and able to play with only ironmans dungeoneering maybe
  4. @Jaedmo could someone reply please. I think this is important so Ironmans can share their experience without normal players say use G.E. or use shops at market and other stupid stuff. We cant f****** do that shit we ironman. Regards, Teabag
  5. Teabag


    Welcome to the world of Ataraxia, relax time! Gaining experience! ?
  6. I like the idea, however what about the REAL hardcore ironman that died it's also lame to give them a chance and knock everyone down on Hardcore Ironman hiscores I have seen rsps with HCI with buying lives with gp. 200M/400M/600M/800M/etc.. Never seen an Ironman walking there. - Teabag One life. One goal. Survive.
  7. Hahahhaha that sucks mate gl on getting trim comp easy ?
  8. Congratutalions, they are both awesome! ?
  9. Im only 65 slayer at the moment, but that would suck for people on Legendary mode and HCI to get at slayer 95+ green dragons task I support you
  10. Can't wait for the HCI ranks then ❤️ loving it already!
  11. ??? @hardcore tok RIP MATE?
  12. Rest in peace my soldier. ?

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