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  1. [+] General Changes - Changed the Arch-Glacor teleport location to just outside the barrier - Master members can now pick events with 2 tokens instead of 3 - Tess will now display streak/enrage similarly to the Arch-Glacor pet - Changed Duel arena Shooting star announcement to Het's Oasis - Kal'gerion demon's special attack will now last for 60s instead of 15s - Chaos Elemental private instances will now house 3 Chaos elementals rather than just 1 - Golden compass will now have varied drop rates from different Clue scrolls; Easy: 1/10000, Medium: 1/10000, Hard: 1/5000, Elite:
  2. https://discord.gg/jzgrUfzCHF
  3. Gosh, what a big month. December is always tough, personally, I love the Christmas period and really love to get into the Christmas spirit. I found myself being extremely unproductive for Ataraxia during this time. This patch is pretty much 99% Armar. I needed a bit of a break, but I'm keen to get back into my small irrelevant bug fixes and content additions that you all forget about after a day! Hope everyone had a very safe and enjoyable Christmas (if you celebrate it) and New Year with your loved ones and family. [+] General Changes - Added Raptor key part co
  4. Christmas patch is here! We are very aware of a few looming/unfixed issues with content resulting from the 926 patch. We wanted to make sure the Christmas event/patch was ready before focusing on those. Going into the New Year they will be a large part of our focus. [+] General Changes - Brooch of the Gods will now announce when received from hunting penguins - Buffed Guildmaster Tony's mattock rate to 1/500 from 1/1000 (the last buff, on god, no cap) - You can now disassemble Dining/Kitchen tables into Simple/Crafted parts - Added "ach" command to access Achi
  5. Join our Discord, or download the new client from the website. It should be up to date.
  6. Somewhat of a mini-patch before our Christmas event patch. Just to get some of the bug fixes live. Pure content and fixes baby. [+] General Changes - Added a "For Camelot!" force talk to the Excalibur spec - Removed "Active instances" from Task tab - Changed "has done x y kills" to "has x y kills" (eg. Jaedmo has 500 K'ril Tsutsaroth kills) on pet examines - Added a World announcement for ;;comb - Made Super antipoisons stock 5 instead of 3 in the consumables shop - Removed Dragon hatchet from drop announcements - Added Farming to the Double resource gathering
  7. Mobile should be working, check the link on Discord or redownload.
  8. [+] General Changes - Answering Trivia first will now grant you 2 Trivia points instead of 1 - Added the ability to break Godsword shards into their respective singular shards after combining them - Buffed Staff of Light droprate from 1/12000 to 1/512 - Added ability to switch Imcando channeling rod to the off-hand variant - Added an Events line to the Task tab which will display any currently active events - Removed a bunch of unused information from the Task tab which can be sourced elsewhere - Doubled Shards of Armadyl droprate from Glacors - Added a command for staff to
  9. Use them on the Monolith or right click it and press Offer
  10. https://forums.ataraxia-ps.com/topic/1104-official-all-custom-rares/
  11. Partyhats Name: Black partyhat Source: Rare mystery box Discontinued?: Yes Name: Pink partyhat Source: Rare mystery box Discontinued?: Yes Name: Lava partyhat Source: Rare mystery box Discontinued?: Yes Name: Cosmic partyhat Source: Zaida (Treasure hunter store) Discontinued?: No Name: Fire partyhat Source: Rare mystery box Discontinued?: Yes Name: Web partyhat Source: Rare mystery box Discontinued?: Yes Name: Water partyhat Source: Rare mystery box Discontinued?: Yes Name: Holographic
  12. Yeah I can make a guide on them :)
  13. [+] General Changes - Added a new system for handling distribution of Seasonal event tokens (I.E H'ween, Xmas etc) to Evil Trees, Penguins, Ancient caskets, Loyalty, Reaper contracts, Skilling contracts, Slayer tasks and Shooting stars - "Eggy" will now give you a T70 set when used as a YouTube referral - Fallen Stars that already have a Skill picked (EG. Small fallen prismatic star (cooking)) will no longer have a confirmation dialogue and will instantly apply bxp - Increased the lifespan of Nodes in the Runespan - Removed Blurberry special drop from Tortoises - Added 'rum'-pum
  14. [+] General Changes - Added Fishing explosives to Bob's skilling shop - Nerfed the rate of Event tokens from NPCs from 1/50,000 to 1/100,000 (this wasn't intended to be the most common drop chance, too many were dropping from NPCs) - You can now type ;;tutorial, ;;starterguide, ;;starter to open the starter guide YouTube video - Added a World announcement for that ^ - The Referral tracker will now track the usernames for all of the other options selected other than YouTube - Added a 1/500 chance to become fatigued while Thieving causing you to stop your action if you have the Ar
  15. Welcome to Ataraxia Peixe!
  16. [+] General Changes - Buffed Guildmaster Tony's mattock to 1/2500 - You can now type ;;resetlogin to reset your online login streak, some people requested this to reset their login streak on the weekend so they can get the rewards again - Adamantite teleport on Mining teleports will now take you to Varrock SE mine - Dollars are now a 1/40 from each Vote instead of 1/50 - Removed damage cap on Demon Flash Mobs - When answering trivia, it will now tell you what position you came.. EG: You answered correctly and received x coins for answering 1st - Extended Daily challenges will
  17. [+] General Changes - Increased the stock of enchanted gem packs to 50,000 - Increased the stock of all Material boxes to 100,000 - Added incense stick potion timer effect to Prayer renewals - Increased the cap of contributed Pylon batteries to 1,000,000 - Added small stock of Bronze bolts to the Ranged equipment shop - Added more Allotment seeds to the Tool leprechaun's shop - Added Cockatrice egg to Secondaries boxes - Added a 10% bonus droprate for 3 hours when Voting on 3 or more sites and/or claiming any donation (these stack) - Added world announcements for extra dam
  18. [+] General Changes - You can now unblock Skills that you blocked completely at 200m - Nihil uniques and Muspah spines are now stackable - You can now convert 30 Vital sparks into a Sophanem dungeon drop enhancer - T82/T97 weapons will now have 10% less accuracy when fighting NPCs that aren't weak to the attack style.. I.E Inquisitor's vs Kree - Added "No longer needs bait" to the Master Fisherman description - Added Seren stone teleport to the Skillng interface - Buffed Inquisitor staff pieces droprate from 1/100k (1/90k with pylon) to 1/62.5k (1/48k with pylon) - Added a b
  19. [+] General Changes - You can now right click 'Convert' all perk boxes to convert them to Ataraxia Dollars (vote) in case you made a mistake when choosing the box - Buffed Dragon mattock from BGH to 1/50 - Examining a noted stack of items on the ground or in your inventory will now list it's total GE stack price as well as how many of what item - Entering a Legio boss portal with a relevant key will teleport you to that relevant boss - Guthixian cache and Demon Flash mobs Discord announcements will now display an emoji beforehand (thanks to Snowie xx) - Higher donor ranks now re
  20. [+] General Changes - If you have 120 Slayer and the Perslaysion perk, you will now be able to pick your task 100% of the time - Removed defence requirement on Culineromancer's gloves - Added 'Deposit-all' option on the Living Rock Caverns lift - Hunter urns will now charge within Big Game Hunter - Farming urns will now charge within Player Owned Farms - Changed "Complete x clue scrolls" to "Open x clue caskets" for a bit more clarity - Added Drakan's medallion and it's teleports - Added Drakan's medallion and Amulet of Farming to the Vote shop for 20 and 30 Vote points resp
  21. Our Mac client is currently under construction. If you need further help contact me on Discord: Jaedmo#0001
  22. [+] General Changes - Blessing of the Gods materials will now display Yellow for uncommon and Red for rares, uncommon will filter and rare won't - Added Bear fur to the Fur stall - Teleporting to Donor zone will now restore your Summoning points as well - You can no longer drop the Amulet of farming - Added Bloodwood logs to Quickshafter - Ava's Secret will now re-equip the saved ammo - Added Bronze arrows to the Ranged shop - Added Red dragons, Black dragons, Yaks, Deadly red spiders and Rabbits to ;;pi - Lowered the price of clues from Zaida to match RS3 - Moved the 2n
  23. 1. Zenity - 1,124,941,429xp 2. Clean Sock - 990,861,452xp 3. Destroy - 365,911,610xp 1. Tobiwan (Hc Uwu) - 1,094,250,006xp 2. FTWImCody - 661,923,514xp 3. Klutch - 274,651,783xp 1. Scratchy - 1,023 tasks 2. Pdawg - 84 tasks 3. Friday Blunt - 34 tasks 1. Fangg - 112 tasks 2. Checkerz - 109 tasks 3. Phyl - 22 tasks 1. Batt - 5,000 contracts 2. Raspberry - 780 contracts 3. Lew - 690 contracts 1. Zenity - 7h 6m 36s 2. N/A 3. N/A 1. Batt - 11h 9m 43s 2. Cookie - 24h 23m 44s (default, still completed the t
  24. [+] New Developer - @FTWImCodyhas put his hand up to help us out with Development as myself and Armar have a lot on our plate! - So far he's been working over the last few weeks on little bits and bobs and improvements - Cody has come on as a Developer but will maintain his Head Moderator rank and help us with development on the side, thus far, he's been doing an excellent job and I'm glad we took the plunge! - Hopefully this will mean more consistent and content filled updates, especially considering now you all have a 'representative' in the Development team.. As Armar and I don't
  25. [+] General Changes - Added Ring of Fortune, Luck of the Dwarves and Hazelmere's signet ring teleport options - Added Telekinetic grind lunar spell, this will grind up to 60 of any eligible item in one action - Buffed the amount of gp received from Motherlode Maw - Statius's Warhammer and Guthix staff special attack messages no longer filter - Added Easy clues to H.A.M guards, there was a report of them not being obtained from H.A.M Members however, they do, but they weren't on the Guard's tables - Added traversing between the Wilderness and Daemonheim through the guard - Adde

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