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Ataraxia Updates #2 - 24th January 2021

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[+] General Changes

- 1x Realism mode added, this mode is 1x the exp rate of RS3 (excluding any exp modifiers). You can choose to be a Realism Ironman or simply a Realism normal account. You will receive +25% drop rate!
- The Novice (100x) game mode has been removed and replaced with Realism
- The Gamemodes are now as follows: Regular (50x), Expert (25x), Legendary (5x), Realism (1x), Ironman (<--- Any of those), Hardcore Ironman (5x), Group Ironman (5x or 25x).
- Removed Amulet of Glory and Ring of Duelling from Starter equipment, these have been replaced with the Amulet of Defence and Asylum Doctor's ring. Glory should be a big step for many accounts before they go into higher level jewellery, to have it as the first item didn't sit right with me. Asylum Doctor's ring has been added to amend the difference in attack bonuses from Glory > Defence
- Silver members no longer take damage when sipping Overloads (this was taken from the OVERLOADED pet perk), this includes Altar of War overloads
- Omnipotence items have been discontinued, with Trimmed masterwork making an appearance as well as other high tier Gloves, Boots and other accessories, the constant need to buff/edit Omnipotence items isn't worth the item sink they provided. Instead, players will need to pick and choose for the best-in-slot items for their given content desires
- Removed Cosmetic Rares from Treasure Hunter and Hazelmere's chime shop
- All seasonal rares are now tradeable (rares from the latest H'ween/Christmas events)
- Removed 250M/500M/1B/1.5B/2B exp announcements
- Shooting Star has been reworked (slightly), the first person to reach the Star will be broadcasted to the server as well as how much Mining experience they received
- Removed the Ore rewards from Star Sprite and replaced with Runite, Necrite and Banite stone spirits (read M&S rework update notes for details)
- Removed all Logs from the reward table
- Added the following Herblore secondaries to the reward table: Wyvern bonemeal, Searing ashes, Morchella mushroom, Phoenix feather, Ground mud runes. Along with the existing: Crushed nests, Grenwall spikes & Pure essence
- Added Golden Mining suit to Shooting star rewards, in order to receive the pieces you must be the first person to reach the star: 1/2/3/5/8 times for every piece, might be a little bit of a race now!
- Added Lumberjack equipment to Evil Tree rewards, in order to receive the pieces you must kill 5/10/15/25 Evil trees for every piece
- Added Crafting Combinations NPC, Herblore Combinations NPC, Evil tree hunter and Witch doctor to ;;market



[+] Voting Rework

- Voting no longer grants 1 hour of access to Home objects (as there are none)
- Voting no longer gives a chance to receive Deathtouched darts, Mystery boxes & Rare item tokens
- Voting rewards have been reworked and reformatted when claiming, the following chatbox dialogue will pop up when claiming your Votes


- The rewards from Voting are as follows (we will likely have 3 Voting websites, if not 4):

All Ranks: 500K coins per vote, 1 Vote point per, 1/50 chance to receive an Ataraxia dollar (vote)
Silver+: 50K extra coins per vote, 33% chance to get a Box of clue scrolls per vote, 33% chance to get 1 extra Treasure hunter key.
Gold+: 100K extra coins per vote, 50% chance to get a Box of clue scrolls per vote, 50% chance to get 1 extra Treasure hunter key.
Platinum+: 200K extra coins per vote, 1 Box of clue scrolls per vote, 1 Treasure hunter key per vote.
Master+: 300K extra coins per vote, 2 Box of clue scrolls per vote, 2 Treasure hunter keys per vote.

- I reduced the amount of base coins received from Voting to prevent some early inflation on coins before the server even progressed. The base value might be increased in the future. Please leave any feedback about these changes below or PM me on Discord.


[+] Mining & Smithing Rework

[+] Mining

- Mining is now as it is on Runescape 3!
- The biggest change with the Mining and Smithing rework is the quality of equipment you can smith, however, a large part of this update is the tiers of Mining and the ores you receive/need for Smelting bars that lead to the creation of this new equipment
- The tier list is as follows for new Mining: 


- As you can see, Rocks now have Durability/Hitpoints, you can quickly check any Rock stats by Prospecting it, which will show the following:


- To understand this, it's best to compare it to a pickaxe:

- Durability/hitpoints refers to the amount of time you'll spend Mining a rock before receiving an ore
- Hardness refers to basically the rock's defence level, in order to counter this, you'll need to use a pickaxe with enough "Rock penetration" to break it, otherwise, your speed of mining and damage dealt to the rock will be greatly decreased, using a tier of pickaxe equal to the rock will completely negate any hardness present
- To begin mining, equip/add a pickaxe to your toolbelt of which you have the Mining level to use, and then go to the location in which you want to mine.
- When mining the rock, you'll have two progress bars:

- The top bar is your Stamina, this determines how long you will be able to mine before stopping (clicking again)
- The bottom bar is the progress you have before receiving the ore and the max amount of experience from that Rock
- You can Critical strike to deal more damage while Mining, you have a base 5% chance to hit on each swing, the following table displays the Mining levels required to increase the chance of a critical swing:


- And these are the bonuses you receive provided you Crit:

- The amount of experience you receive per strike is determined through this formula: Experience = Damage x Rock XP Modifier x 0.4
- Where Rock XP Multiplier:


- And Damage = Mining level + 1/10th of your Strength level (scaling to the closest 1) + Damage rolled from your pickaxe + NetHardness + crit chance bonus (provided you crit)
- NetHardness = Penetration - Hardness where if = < 0 = 0
- Therefore, when using a Tier 50 Rune pickaxe on Light animica which ranges from 25-75 damage with 75 rock penetration, the formula would be as follows:
99 + 9 + 25 to 75 - 160 + 0 (didn't roll the crit) = -27 to 23
- Then you calculate the Experience through Damage x Rock XP modifier x 0.4, So:
-27 to 23 x 0.84 x 0.4 = -9.07 to 7.73, meaning anything below 0 you'll receive no experience.
- However, if you have a T90 pickaxe on Light animica, which ranges from 45-135 damage and has enough penetration to negate hardness, the formula would be as follows:
99 + 9 + 45 to 135 + 0 + 0 = 153 to 243, then experience: 
153 to 243 x 0.84 x 0.4 = 51.4 to 81.64 exp (excluding all multipliers)
- Now to calculate Rockertunity, basically encouraging you to pay attention to receive more experience, a rock will glow yellow like this: 


- The base effect Rockertunity has is 4x your damage, which increases your experience and speed you mine an ore, it will only appear once every 35 seconds and expires when you mine it. At higher levels, you can receive higher rockertunity multipliers which increase damage here's the full level requirements:

- I hope that all made sense, TLDR: Just use a pickaxe equal to the Tier of the rock or you're wasting your exp
- That loosely covers mining, if you have any further queries simply ask or check out: https://runescape.wiki/w/Mining


[+] Smithing

- Now for Smithing! You can best start your Smithing journey at the Artisan's workshop
- The main difference between new and old Smithing is that fact that you can store all of your ores and bars in a Metal bank rather than your actual bank. This makes the ease of making new Bars and equipment much easier than running back and forth!
- For example, here is what your Metal bank might look like:  


- The recipes are similar, but a little different, Luminite replaces Coal for Adamantite and Runite bars, past that, Bars require all sorts of new Ore to be created! With these bars you can then create new tiered armour!



- Creating armour is now also different, you similarly to Mining have two progress bars:

- The top bar is the heat of the Unfinished item, the bottom bar is your progress to completing it, when the heat drops too low, you must use it on a Forge to reheat it so it's possible to progress on the item
- For example, this Unfinished smithing item is becoming an Elder rune full helm:

- The progress on it is 83%, while the heat is 74%, meaning I'll have more than enough heat to complete the project, there's 324 experience left to gain in the item (that's base 1x, no multipliers) which is the experience I'll receive while smithing the item
- When the item is completed, I'll receive the actual item, in this case:


- Maintaining a high level of heat increases the amount of progress is made, so try keep your heat steady so you progress quickly when Smithing the items, here's the table of progress for Heat:

- While there's a lot more to cover with Smithing, a lot of it you'll learn as you go, so instead I'll detail the new tiering system for Mining and Smithing:

[+] Mining and Smithing Rework Tiers

- Similar to the other system, there are tiers across all levels, from T1 (Bronze) to the now maximum T90 (Elder Rune)
- However, between each tier there can be upgrades! Past T10 (Iron), you can start to upgrade your equipment further with more of the same resources, which can range from +1 to +5. To make a +2 you'll need to make the base armour, then +1, then use that +1 to make +2. This continues all the way to +5.
- The main difference before Necronium (tier 70) is more armour on the equipment, which is fairly irrelevant. However, past T70, each upgrade will give you more armour and more Life bonus, as you can see here: 


- This also carries through to weaponry however, the damage and accuracy is increased rather than armour/health
- Smithing armour is all tank armour, with the exception of Masterwork, which will require a whole guide for itself. Basically T90-T92 power armour 
- TLDR: Deposit ore to Metal bank, make bars, use bars to make unfinished items, use anvil to progress unfinished items while topping up heat to improve time it takes, item completes, upgrade item, or don't, idc
- More details here: https://runescape.wiki/w/Smithing

- That concludes Mining & Smithing, there'll be detailed guides in the future I'm sure, as they are quite complex, but very easy to understand once you get the hang of it.


[+] Max Guild Portal


- The Max Guild portal is now tune-able to any Boss in the game! This already existed, however, it's now up to date with the RS3 options as well as redone to save data overflowing the Player file
- This will cost a regular player 6M per retune with a 12 hour cooldown, if you have over $100 donated, it'll be reduced to 4M and 8 hours, $250 donated will reduce it to 2M and 4 hours. If you have over $1000 donated, there's no retune cost and no cooldown.

[+] Prestige System (WIP)

- Prestiging! When considering the relaunch and Skill reset, my first thought was the issues with the amount of experience needed to max your account out (2,000,000,000 XP in all Skills)
- For a new player, this amount is extremely high and seems too far to achieve, however, as RS3 is a fairly experience heavy game compared to what it used to be & the fact we have exp modes up to 50x the rate of RS3, achieving 200m all isn't that difficult
- So for those who join, they can still view maximum exp as an achievable goal, but for those who love to train and progress further than others, Prestiging is an option
- I've played many servers myself in my 15+ years of playing RSPS, one of which, exercised a Prestige system that was incredible, at the time, this server wouldn't stand up to any with confidence, however, this single piece of content interested me endlessly

- SO. That being said, I wanted to implement a prestige system to Ataraxia. The system is complete, however, the rewards and incentives to prestige (other than having prestige and clout) are yet to be decided. This is where I need your help! If you can think of anything please let me know.
- In order to Prestige, a player will require 200M XP in every Skill (including Archaeology), when they have this, they can go to the Prestiging stone at home: 


- This will reset your levels to 1 as well as remove any existing Skilling contract blocks on your account. Doing so will give you a Prestige level, currently there are only 5 total, meaning you can prestige 5 times. This will likely be expanded in the distant future.
- Please provide any feedback below or directly message me on Discord!


[+] New Home

- While Menaphos accurately displayed the key aspects of Ataraxia's amazing graphics and revision, the area had a number of flaws that slowly annoyed me over time. Such as: Too many plants, too large, too many trees, too difficult to find important things.
- So I have decided to discontinue the Menaphos home, and instead, I've been working on a new one.
- The main aspect of Ataraxia that players seem to be drawn to is PVM and Slayer/Reaper assignments. Thus, it seemed the best decision to make the new Home.. 

War's Retreat

- Excuse the poor quality, blame my recording software, I assure you there's no FPS drops or lag on the actual NXT client.
- Ataraxia's home has always been so jam-packed with NPC's and objects that this time, I've gone for a more simplistic approach
- War's Retreat will be the hub for quickly transitioning from Slayer task to Slayer task or Boss to Boss
- While I loved having everyone in one area with the last two homes, it's time to allow people to split up into different areas
- War's Retreat has 4 portals, 1 for the Spotlighted Boss, 1 for Reaper tasks, 2 for personal re-tuning
- On top of this, it also has the Altar of War, which will restore your Hitpoints, cleanse any poison. Silver+ members will also restore Summoning and Prayer points as well as have an option to enable a Overload and Super antipoison for 100K per use. Platinum members will also receive this except be able to pay 100K for Supreme Overload, Super antipoison and Super anti-fire. If the player is Diamond, the Altar of War will also restore their Special attack! You can also use Bones on it like a regular Altar. Christ that was a lot
- Delving further into War's Retreat, you'll discover some starter Thieving stalls as well as a Shopkeeper to sell the rewards to
- ;;shops will direct you to the Eastern-most platform which houses: Diango, Xuan, Wise Old Man, Zaida, Party Pete, Bob, Nastroth and Scavvo! 
- Finally, a memorial from and ex-player and ex-admin of Edelar, Happy Nut, it's been almost 4 years since his passing and I'm sure the players who were present during the time he played will never forget him.


The current projects being worked on at the moment are:

Slayer Rework, Prestige System, Donor areas, Donor Rank benefits, Donor perks, Daily Challenges, Store rework & Hiscores rework. 


Stay up to date with our progress on Ataraxia 2 through our Discord: https://discord.gg/yuKh6Qt/

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