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  1. Nice to meet you Ninja, hope to see you ingame a bit, have fun and don't be shy👍
  2. If you're still having an issue with this, add me on discord: King Klutch#0001
  3. Staff Updates September 2021 Hey guys, I'm a bit late to the punch; however, we've had a couple of moves up and down and plenty of new people getting promoted and joining our amazing staff team. As always, be sure to gz these players when you see them in-game and let's get straight to it! Head Moderator Brownay (Brownay#3050) Brownay has been putting a ton of work in playing the game and overall has been a fantastic staff member. He helps ingame plenty with donation transfers, bot busting and giving advice to newer players. It's never a dull momen
  4. Staff Updates August 2021 Since Ataraxia 2 was launched; we've had plenty of staff come and go between that time and now. All of the people that have resigned or have been demoted from the team will be missed, and their contributions to Ataraxia will not have been for naught. I will say that our current staff team that we have currently are a great bunch and have been supporting not only the server but the community (you guys!) into making it an overall enjoyable server to play in. Each member has contributed more than enough; we all hope they stay as long as time permits. Own
  5. Big changes, love to see it, big thanks to all the devs working hard on ata 2 !

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