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Ataraxia Updates #60 - 30th November, 2020

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Ataraxia Updates #60

- Christmas Event
- Bug Fixes
- Full Dungeoneering



[+] General Changes

- Rewrote Christmas cracker code, will now have the proper chances & World announcements
- As voted in the poll, Custom Dungeoneering will co-exist with Full Dungeoneering, as such, Custom dung exp rates and token rates have been heavily reduced, we want people to experience actual Dungeoneering.


[+] Dungeoneering

- There's a lot to detail in Dungeoneering, I've got a Video here for the starter guide:


- Dungeoneering includes the following:

- Ring of Kinship interface/bonuses customisation
- 3 Boss picks per day for those with Dungeon Master, 1 without Dungeon master
- Full Dungeoneering Skilling with Make-x
- All functional bosses
- All functional rooms/puzzles/monsters

[+] Christmas Event

- The Christmas event is upon us! Find Small presents from Bosses around the game and use them to source 2020 Christmas tokens to buy Christmas goodies!
- Enjoy the Advent calendar every day of December to have a chance at awesome prizes!
- Full guide here:



[+] Bug Fixes

- Fixed Har'aken counting as 2 Fight kiln kills
- Fixed Vorago bring him down not working
- Fixed Telos phases lagging
- Fixed Magic lagging when attacking more than 1 target
- Fixed dragonkin lab lucky charms not consuming properly
- Fixed issue with Elite armour degrading while in Elite dungeons


Obviously not a large update, however, our main focus was to get Dungeoneering and the Christmas event out on time.

From now, as stated in the 2021 Plans, we will be working hard on improving the server as it is.

There will be no content from now till January. We will be purely working on Bug fixes and they might be hot-fixed throughout December, should it be pressing.


Xenthium, Armark1ng, Arham_4, ATD & Jaedmo

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