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Ataraxia 2021 Plans

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With over 1,000 members still active in the Discord, Ataraxia is still a thriving community. Since August 2018 we've been running consistently with little to no downtime, meaning over 2 years of uptime, 2 years of updates, 2 years of events (more or less). We've built an amazing community and I'm pretty sure almost every high revision fanatic has come through Ataraxia at one point or another, some stayed, some unfortunately not.

The past 3-5 months haven't been the best for Ataraxia, we've always had bad months or bad periods but never for this long. It's an extremely draining feeling having a successful and thriving server which slowly devolves into 20-40 consistent players over the day from 100s. Motivation from my point of view has always been a struggle, while a lot of you know this is my full time job, the motivation has purely been a monetary benefit for me. And I'm happy to be transparent about that, Ataraxia would likely not be around if it wasn't making money anymore. 

I think this ideology that I have/had didn't necessarily lead to Ataraxia experiencing these slower months, but certainly contributed. I've surpassed the desire for a quality game with an exceptional community and devolved into doing the bare minimum to ensure players are still playing and paying. This is going to change, for the betterment of the server and my psyche, Ataraxia may make money, but I've failed to realise that when it was most successful, was when it was a passion of mine. 

Since NXT, we've had widespread success, the first server to have a consistent playerbase on the NXT client (without RS3 combat). We have immense content that Armar, K1ng, Xenthium, Arham, Lare, Brad, myself and ATD have been pumping out over the last year or two. 

However, we've unfortunately fell into old habits of pushing content on top of broken content and left pressing issues and bugs unfixed and unregistered. The past few months, I believe my monetary desire has led to ignorance in regard to those issues, thinking that if we release cool content like Ed2, Dungeoneering etc.. it would automatically solve the playerbase declining. 

But alas, it clearly hasn't, and it's taken a lot of people to tell me that the issues with the server far outweigh the benefits of new content. Especially when those issues are inhibiting people from experiencing the new content.

These issues that I believe have caused the decline are:

- Widespread lag after long-term uptime
- Constant disconnects on the NXT client
- Invisible NPCs in boss fights
- Inconsistent Interfaces across the board
- Unclear tier system of progression
- Unbalanced experience rates across different Skills
- Small-Medium bugs that have gone unfixed for months
- Issues with late-game boss scripts eg. Araxxor p2 not transitioning to p3 properly

And that's just to name a few off the top of my head.

You're probably wondering what this entire announcement is about, to simplify, I wanted to highlight my wrongdoings with the desire for monetary gain as well as the issues that are causing the server's current decline. And, what we're going to do about it.

What's the next move?

There will be one more update before 2021, it will include a Christmas event and FULL Dungeoneering, amongst a couple of other small content fixes/additions.

That will be the last update of the year, in the meantime, the entire development team will be following a priority list assigned individually. We will be addressing all of the issues that have been prominent on Ataraxia, there will be no new content, no new updates (at least for now).

We've strayed too far from producing a quality game, and rather gone with quantity over quality. The next few months we'll be attempting to bring quality gameplay to Ataraxia and re-earning our spot as the top high revision server.


There'll be more updates regularly regarding our progress and status, so please stay tuned. We will also be reaching out to some past veterans and players of the server for advice and information to further improve the quality of the game. 


If you have any ideas, changes or fixes that you think should be addressed please contact me directly on Forums or Discord. This will be a team effort between the Development team, staff team and you, the community, to get Ataraxia back on top. 


I appreciate every single one of you that continues to support Ataraxia.

We will do better.





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I'm not going to lie - I played a ton earlier this year and have since quit.. however I'm still a part of the discord and enjoy looking at the pvm challenges and update logs. What made me leave originally was the nulling issue. A null here or there was fine, but when it started to happen to me every login I lost faith in the server. I'm sure you guys have redeemed yourselves by now, and I know the dedication of the staff team was incredible. I wish you all the best of luck in the future.

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While being deployed has made it difficult to play the server due to lag/time to play, this is one of my favorite servers. I love the NXT and rs3 aspects, it's enjoyable!

Looking forward to the updates and the future of the server, you guys are doing great!

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One of the biggest reasons I left was the nulling and glitches. However, even worse was the complacent staff, who weren't very helpful, friendly or encouraging and had too high of an opinion of themselves. In a word, they were toxic. Note that this wasn't all staff but the general culture was very elitist and toxic. It's good to see somewhat of an acknowledgement of this issue and I hope to see the server grow and be better. Good luck. - cokemuncher

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I genuinely loved reading this post. The server really has had an issue with keeping the new playerbase, and I always thought that one of the underlying factors was, exactly as explained, that certain bugs or QoL updates have been overlooked. It really has gotten to the point where certain bugs just become a part of the game. The veterans get complacent and don't mind them as much, the new players do.

I also think that the community itself is one of if not the main driving factor behind this. People are constantly asking for the newest pvm updates like Solak and all that good stuff, but when the devs roll out an update consisting of mainly small bug fixes, people complain. Everybody wants huge updates with new content, i'm sure even the developers get bored of bug fixing when they could be coding a new boss, but again I love seeing that something is gonna change. Solak and eldritch bows are awesome, but what difference does it make if the server shuts down in 6 months because there's not enough money cycling to support it.

Given all that, i've never financially supported a server to the extent I have this one. The staff team and developers did a great job building an the game, I see no reason why the playerbase can't be restored to the old numbers. Good luck.

Also I think adding some sort of gear / weapon progression guide for normal players / ironmen on discord and ingame would be great at combatting the unclear tier progression system mentioned. Could definitely help secure more players who have hardly even played RS3.

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