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Conquering Mid-Game
(work in progress)

Mid Game progression

After getting familiar with the Ataraxia for a while, you are ready to take the account to the next step - Mid Game
Achieving Mid Game will be a grind in itself, but Ataraxia Team made it enjoyable.

As mentioned in Starting Guide, a few goals should be achieved before.
Getting First Donator RankUnlocking Invention Skill, getting 80 Dungeonnering and the Chaotic Staff.

This is the gear that you should have by now.

Important Notes

The account progression should not be limited to this guide, you are the master of your own journey. Play for fun!
There is no such thing as "best combat style". Combat is balanced and all styles are viable.
Progression list is not in a particular order.
For this guide, i will refer to x25 Experience rate as this is the best starting option. (will be explained later)

Skilling Progression

Skilling is an important aspect of mid game.
Getting 99s and 120s will be beneficial for the progression.
Depending on your experience rate, i would suggest getting Max Cape as a passive activity.
Focus on 99s that will benefit the account first.

Having Perslaysion Perk combined with 120 Slayer will allow you to choose any task every time.




Getting 120 Invention and unlocking Ancient Invention.
I recommend purchasing it from other players or GE.

After unlocking Ancient Invention, you should be able to augment the Weapons.
These are the needed items for doing so.
Getting components may be difficult at first, but having Brooch of the Gods will speed up this process.


Incandescent Energy - Used to create Augmentor and Divine Charges.
1x Augmentor per weapon/Armor piece.
2x Ancient Armor/Weapon Gizmo Shell per weapon/Armor piece. (1x for each 1H Weapon)
1x Equipment Syphon per syphoned experience out of the weapons. (Consumed on use)


For more information about how to train Invention - Here.
For a list of BiS Perks, please reefer to this Guide.


Archaeology is a skill that will provide a lot of passive benefits and QoL for the account.
Not only for Skilling, but for PVM as well.
For more information about how to train Archaeology - Here.

The reason for training Archaeology are the relics.

Relics can be accessed using the Monolith located at Archaeology Guide.
The easiest way to get there is by using Skilling Teleports.

For the Full List of Relics and how to get them, please reefer to this Guide.


There is no surprise that Herblore is on this list.
The PVM advantages that this skills offers cannot be ignored.
Going for 120 Herblore is more beneficial for Ironmen players as all the potions can be purchased from other players or GE.

In Ataraxia, the best Combat potion is Elder Overload Salve and can be made at 107 Herblore.
There are a lot of useful skilling potions and QoL potions, called Powerburst Potions.

More info about Powerburst Potions - Here.

Herblore Skill has some money making methods associated with it.
There are 4 Infinite Potions that can be created using ::comb.
For this, a large number of potions must be prepared for the upgrade.
This is where the money making aspect stats.


At level 63 Herblore, you can start making Super Restores, and selling them to GE.
There are 3 more types of potions that can be created.
Aggression, Vulnerability and Elder Overload Salve.



Summoning and ancient summoning is mainly used for PVM in ataraxia.
Combat familiars are essential for speeding up Boss kills.

Having access to Steel Titan at 99 Summoning is a cheap and easy method to add some extra DPS.
Later, Ancient Summoning as long with Favored Familiars Perk, will allows you to really add some DPS into the fight.
Having Reaper Demon or Kal'garion Demon summoned will help you even further.


Thus being said, Summoning has a money making too.
Making the Binding contracts takes some time and some players prefer to purchase them from GE.
Taking advantage of this, you can make some good money.
More information about Ancient Summoning - Here.

Equipment Upgrades

Slayer Helm & Harold's Helm

Getting Slayer Helm and upgrading it to final version - Corrupted Slayer Helm.
Requirements: Corrupted Gem, Regular Slayer Helm, Final Slayer Helm upgrade from Slayer Rewards Shop.


This is required later to be upgraded into BIS HelmHarold's Helm.
Accessing the interface by doing ::comb

Kiln Capes

TokHaar-Kal-Mej after 23 June 2014 (update)

Kiln Capes are received after defeating The Elder Kiln. They can later be upgraded into Zuk Variants. More info Here.
Fight Kiln can only be done after defeating TzTok-Jad once and getting the Firecape.

Hexhunter Bow


Hex Hunter Bow is one of the best weapons in game.
The bow itself is not that strong, unless you add Enchantment of dispelling to it.
This weapon can be received as a drop from Stalker's Creatures.
These can be accessed via Slayer Skilling Teleport, then selecting Stalker Dungeon.
The drop rate is 1/5000 Fixed. Not improved by drop rate or being on Task.

Having Aggression Potion will speed up the process. Combined with Elder Overload SalveVampyrism Aura and Attuned Crystal Bow, you can easily AFK them.
Worth mentioning that Double Drop Event WILL WORK on them. Giving you the change of getting 2 bows in 1 drop

Noxious Staff


Noxious Staff is T90 and the best staff you can get before upgrading to your 95 Weapon. This should be your direct upgrade from Chaotic Staff.
It can be purchased from GE or crafted with 4 parts, all dropped from Araxxi Boss.
It requires spider leg top, middle, and bottom before creating the Spider leg, then combined with Araxxi's eye.

Noxious Scythe


Similar to Noxious Staff,  Noxious Scythe is T90 and the best melee weapon you can get before upgrading to your 95 Weapon.
Initially i did not wanted to include the Scythe here due to it's price being generally high, ignoring SAC Points value. (More on SAC Value later)
Made by combining a spider leg with Araxxi's fang, both of which are obtained by fighting Araxxi.
It has the same attack range and mechanics as a halberd, and is the strongest area-of-effect melee weapon in the game. Can hit in a 3x3 area.

Dragonrider Lance

Alternatively, you can opt for T85 Melee Weapon.
It has the accuracy of a tier-90 weapon, but the damage of a tier-80 weapon.
It has the same attack range and mechanics as a halberd, meaning it also has the ability to hit in a 3x3 area.
What makes this weapon desirable is the price compared to Noxious Scythe.

Tier 90 Armor

It is finally time to get rid of T70 Hybrid Armor. Upgrading to a T90 armor will allows you to do bossing with less punishment.
I recommend skipping the Head piece for all the T90 sets.
Having Harold's Helm will allows you to keep 1 helm for all 3 combat styles.
Again, for a list of BiS Perks, please reefer to this Guide.


Tectonic robe armor
Tectonic robe armor is a T90 Mage armor made by combining 84 Tectonic energy and 6 Stone of binding.
It requires 93 Runecrafting to make the armor and 90 Defence to wear it.

Wearing at last 2 pieces of Tectonic armor will provide additional 10% damage bonus.

Tectonic robe armour equipped (male).png: Tectonic robe armour equipped by a player                 Tectonic robe armour equipped (female).png: Tectonic robe armour equipped by a player


Augmenting the T90 Armors is a bit different
Instead of using only 1x Augmenter on each armor piece, you will have to add x36 Divine essence.


Sirenic armor
Sirenic armor is a T90 Range armor made by combining 84 Sirenic Scales and 6 Algarum thread.
It requires 93 Crafting to make the armor and 90 Defence to wear it.

Wearing at last 2 pieces of Sirenic armor will provide additional 10% damage bonus.

Sirenic armour equipped (male).png: Sirenic armour equipped by a player       Elite sirenic armour equipped (female).png: Elite sirenic armour equipped by a player



Augmenting the T90 Armors is a bit different
Instead of using only 1x Augmenter on each armor piece, you will have to add x36 Divine essence.



Malevolent armor
Malevolent armor is a T90 melee power armor from Barrows – Rise of the Six.
It requires 93 Smithing to make the armor and 90 Defence to wear it.
I would suggest skipping this armor, and going for
Trimmed masterwork armor, unless you want to dye it.

Malevolent armour equipped (female).png: Malevolent armour equipped by a player   Malevolent armour equipped (male).png: Malevolent armour equipped by a player


Augmenting the T90 Armors is a bit different
Instead of using only 1x Augmenter on each armor piece, you will have to add x36 Divine essence.


Trimmed masterwork armor
Trimmed masterwork armor is a T92 Melee Power armor that requires 92 Defence to wear.
Requires level 99 Smithing to make and it's quite a process.
Please check Official RS3 Wiki for Masterwork and Trimmed Masterwork guides.
(Strongly advise to purchase from other players)
Wearing at last 3 pieces of Trimmed masterwork armor will provide additional 15% damage bonus and 30% Damage reduction.
Damage reduction can further be scaled with 10% per piece for a total of 50% wearing full armor.


Trimmed masterwork armour equipped (male).png: Trimmed masterwork armour equipped by a player        Masterwork armour equipped (female).png: Masterwork armour equipped by a player


Augmenting the T90 Armors is a bit different
Instead of using only 1x Augmenter on each armor piece, you will have to add x36 Divine essence.


Amulet of souls & Reaper necklace

100px-Amulet_of_souls_detail.png?51f91         120px-Reaper_necklace_detail.png?586fb

Both very good amulets to aim for.
The amulet of souls or reaper necklace is an enchanted hydrix amulet/necklace. It can be created by using either the Lvl-6 Enchant spell, requiring level 87 Magic.
The amulet of souls - has two passive effects: Soul Split has a 50% chance to heal 25–50% more & The base damage reduction of protection prayers and deflection curses is increased by 10%;
Reaper necklace - has a passive effect: all successful hits give a 0.1% hit chance boost in all styles for 54 seconds, stacking up to 30 times (a total 3% hit chance increase);

Essence of Finality amulet


It is made by combining an alchemical hydrix with a fully-charged amulet of souls and reaper necklace.
It provides +56 damage in all combat styles and +7 prayer bonus, and combines the effects of both neckwear used in its creation in one item.
Additionally, the amulet has a special ability to store the Weapon Special Attack from any weapon in the game, 
making it second best-in-slot neckwear for monster killing situations.

Essence of Finality amulet - Early Specials

60px-Guthix_staff_detail.png?9f9bc     120px-Dark_bow_detail.png?addf7  Dragon claw after 26 November 2008 (update)

After getting the first Essence of Finality amulet, you must store a special attack into it.
The best early specials are Dark Bow for Range, Guthix Staff for mage and Dragon Claws for Melee.
Of course you are not limited to these options, but these are the most effective ones.

Getting the Dark bow and the Dragon Claws is easy task, but for Guthix Staff is a bit different.

Dark bow is dropped by Dark Beasts at 90 Slayer.
Dragon claws are dropped by Tormented Demons.
Guthix Staff is made by using ::comb interface. You will need Grapes of Guthix and a Camel Staff.
Camel Staff is dropped by Camel Warriors, requiring 96 Slayer to kill.


Dagannoth Rings & Upgraded Variants

100px-Seers%27_ring_detail.png?892e9 100px-Archers%27_ring_detail.png?2bd02 100px-Warrior_ring_detail.png?de5d5 100px-Berserker_ring_detail.png?f4e65

Dagannoth Rings are truly a grind. Sharing the drop rate with Dragon Hatchet makes it even harder to get them.
These rings can easily be farmed AFK during Double Drop Event to speed up the process.
Only 10 rings are needed for upgrading them into superior variants.
Channeller's / Stalker'sChampion'sReaver's ring


I would recommend as the first ring to be Reaver's ring as this will benefit all the Combat styles only sacrificing 5% accuracy.

An enchantment can later be added to the Channeller's / Stalker's / Champion's rings, doubling their passive stats.
Enchantment of metaphysics - Channeller's ring
Enchantment of shadows - Stalker's ring
Enchantment of heroism - Champion's ring

More information about Rex Matriarchs can be found Here.

Dominion Tower Gloves

Unlocking Dominion Tower gloves is an easy side project.
From Teleport Interface, select Locations and then Dominion Tower.
Talk to Strange Face to complete the Tutorial.


After completing the Tutorial, go to the Left and click on the option Climb Up Stairs.
The interface will tell you the next encounter, how many kills you've done so far and the Dominion Factor.
Select Fight when you are ready.


After killing 100 Bosses, you will be able to redeem the Gloves.


Goliath Gloves -  Currently not working. (Work in progress)
Spellcaster Gloves - Currently not working. (Work in progress)
Swift Gloves - while wearing, each auto-attack has a 5% chance of firing an additional attack.

QoL Items


From the left to right, we have the following:

Ancient Elven Ritual Shard - At level 99 Prayer, it restores 75 Prayer points every 6 seconds, 5 times, totaling 375 prayer points per activation.
Enchanted Excalibur - Upgraded version of Excalibur (purchased with 30 Trivia Points). Obtained after completing Easy Achievements Tasks. Created with ::comb
Demon Hord Necklace - Costs 35,000 Dungeoneering tokens and requires level 90 Prayer and Dungeoneering to wear. Restore Prayers when burring bones or Ashes.
Attuned Ectoplasmator - Created by using 100 ghostly essence on an Ectoplasmator.(received as a drop from any Ghosts)
Spring Cleaner - Created through Invention or received from Treasure Hunter. Turning certain items into Gold or Experience. Can be charged with Springs.
Charming Imp - Requires level 21 Summoning, 21 Dungeoneering and 100,000 Dungeoneering tokens to purchase. Collects dropped charms.
Bonecrusher - Requires levels 21 Dungeoneering and 21 Prayer to purchase and costs 34,000 Dungeoneering tokens. Bones will be automatically converted into Prayer experience.
Grace of the Elves - When training a gathering skill with the necklace equipped, a Seren spirit will spawn providing RDT rewards. Can also be charged with Sign of the Porter.
Brooch of the Gods - A divine blessing will appear when training non-combat skills. The blessing can be captured for Invention components. Also provide bonuses to Skilling Stations.
Luck of the Dwarves - Slightly increases the chances to receive certain unique drops and rewards that are affected by the luck mechanic. Also requires for HSR Drop.
Rune Pouch - Is an item which is created from 100 magical threads received from training Runecrafting Skill. The large rune pouch can hold 3 types of runes.
Ore Box - Holds the ores while mining. The elder rune ore box is the highest tier ore box available. Can be crafted using Smithing Skill, Starting with Bronze Ore Box then upgrading it.

Penguins Hide and Seek


Is a weekly activity on Ataraxia.
Every Wednesday penguins location will reset. You will have to find them across Runescape Map.
To start the minigame, you must talk to Larry, located at NPCs Market.


The benefits of doing this activity are Clue Caskets received for 007 Penguins and Ghostly Penguin.
Please check Discord thread for updated list every week.
To locate the Penguins, simply ask Larry for Hints and he will tell you the location of the Penguin.
As a first purchase, i strongly recommend you the Ring of Visibility. This will uncover the Ghostly Penguin. Must be equipped.
 After 80 Penguins
, you will receive Sheldon Pet. This pet will speed up the process dramatically.


After getting Ring of Visibility and Briefcase of Disguises, i would suggest spending your points on Skilling Tickets or Magical Jar of Urns.

Skilling Tickets - Required to Block unwanted Skilling Contracts or purchase rewards from Skilling Contracts Shop.
Magical Jar of Urns - Gives a random amount of ONE specific urn. (E.g 51 Infernal urn (r))

Shooting Star

A player mining a size-4 crashed star

Shooting star is another Ataraxia activity. This can happen a few time a day.
To check when the next star will land as long as the location, you can click on the Telescope, near the Altar of War, at Home.


A message will pop up on Chat Window


After locating and successfully mining the Star, a strange creature will appear.
The Stargazer perk will instantly teleport you to the Star location.

Shooting Star - Pages :: Tip.It RuneScape Help :: The Original RuneScape  Help Site!

Exchanging 200 Star Dust with him will give you some rewards and a chance for a Supply Cache and Imcando Pickaxe piece. (in order 1/2/3/4)
Exchanging only 100 Star Dust will not give a change for Imcando piece.

Some Serious Upgrades

100px-Imcando_pickaxe_detail.png?abc21     100px-Imcando_mattock_detail.png?e88bf

100px-Pickaxe_of_Earth_and_Song_detail.png?c372c      100px-Mattock_of_Time_and_Space_detail.png?b35de

Pickaxe of Earth and Song - Best augmentable pickaxe currently available in the game.
Can be created by taking Imcando Pickaxe, Crystal Pickaxe and Blast fusion Hammer to Artisan Workshop and using the hammer on an anvil.

Blast fusion Hammer can be purchase from Bob NPC located at NPCs Market for 1 mil.
Imcando Pickaxe - Can be created by taking all 4 Imcando pieces, 1 mil coins and a Redberry Pie to Thurgo.

Crystal Pickaxe can be created by taking a Dragon Pickaxe and 4000 Harmonic Dust to Lady Ithell in Prifddinas.
Accessing Prifddinas requires 2250 total level.


Mattock of Time and Space - Best augmentable mattock currently available in the game.

Can be created by taking Imcando Mattock, Crystal Mattock and Energised meteorite shard to the Ancient Monolith.

Energised meteorite shard - Can be purchased from Archaeology Guild Shop for 250.000 Chronotes. (Chronotes can be purchased from GE)
Guildmaster qualification required to access the last category.
Unless RS3, in Ataraxia Qualification is given at certain levels. No other requirements are necessary.
Simply talk to Acting Guildmaster Reiniger at 99 to get all at once.


Crystal Mattock can be created in similar fashion by taking a Dragon Mattock and 4000 Harmonic Dust to Lady Ithell in Prifddinas.
Accessing Prifddinas requires 2250 total level.


Imcando Mattock - Can be created by using all 4 Imcando Pieces and a Dragon Mattock on Imcando Anvil located at Thalmund's Forge.
All Imcando Mattock pieces are found within the Warforge Dig Site ONLY.



Preparing for End Game



(work in progress)




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