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Archaeology Relic Requirements

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Font of Life
Effect: Increases your maximum health by 50
Source: Automatically unlocked

Ring of Luck
Effect: Permanently gain the effect of tier 1 luck
Source: Take the Hand of Glory from the Sacrificial Altar at the Infernal Source and use a Ring of Luck on it


Unexpected Diplomacy
Effect: Adds 10% to all reputation earned at the Heart of Gielinor
Source: Complete the Zarosian I collection


Pouch Protector
Effect: Runecrafting pouches will no longer degrade when used
Source: Complete the Zamorakian I collection, use this item on Giant pouch


Ring of Wealth
Effect: Permanently gain the effect of tier 2 luck
Source: Take the Hand of Glory from the Statue of Mesomedes at the Everlight Dig Site and use a fully charged Ring of Wealth on it


Berserker's Fury
Effect: Deal up to +5.5% damage the lower your current lifepoints are below max  
Source: Complete the Saradominist I collection, use this item on Amulet of the Forsaken


Ring of Fortune
Effect: Permanently gain the effect of tier 3 luck
Source: Take the Hand of Glory from the Orcus Altar at the Karid-et Dig Site and use a Ring of Fortune on it


Nexus Mod
Effect: Always enter the Abyss in the center
Source: Receive a Chaos star from excavating Shakroth remains and repairing it and use it on a Chaotic gatestone from Dungeoneering


Effect: Unlimited Energy
Source: Complete the Smoky Fings collection


Pharm Ecology
Effect: Your herb patches and mushroom patches will no longer die
Source: Complete the Armadylean I collection


Death Ward
Effect: Receive 5% damage reduction when below 50% lifepoints and 10% damage reduction below 25%
Source: Receive an Aviansie dreamcoat from excavating Tailory debris and restoring it


Luck of the Dwarves
Effect: Permanently gain the effect of tier 4 luck
Source: Take the Hand of Glory from the Imcando Forge at the Warforge Dig Site and use a Luck of the Dwarves on it


Always Adze
Effect: Automatically burn logs cut while woodcutting for immediate Firemaking experience
Source: Receive the Seed of the Charyou Tree (inactive) by attempting to smith at any anvil/forge in the Warforge Dig Site Tharlmund's Forge


Sticky Fingers
Effect: Automatically reattempt to pickpocket the same NPC until you're caught
Source: Receive the Dominarian device from excavating Oikos Fishing Hut Remnants and restoring it


Effect: Never receive a penalty when dying in Dungeoneering
Source: Complete the Wise Am the Music Man collection


Divine Conversion
Effect: Convert an entire inventory of Divination memories when using a rift
Source: Create a Golem framework by creating it at an inventor's workbench under misc. support tab

For the Framework to show on the inventor's workbench the following stats are needed..

98 Archaeology, 86 Invention and 85 Divination.


Bait and Switch
Effect: Fishing products are cooked when caught
Source: Receive a Death mask from excavating Dragonkin coffin and restoring it


Flow State
Effect: 20% increase to Archaeology excavation precision, however, you no longer receive soil
Source: Receive an Orthenglass flask from excavating Experiment workbench and restoring it


Heightened Senses
Effect: You now have 110% special energy
Source: Receive a Kantharos cup from excavating Oikos Studio Debris and restoring it


Death Note
Effect: All guaranteed (100% droprate) bone and ash drops are noted
Source: Complete the Dragonkin III collection


Abyssal Link
Effect: Teleport spells from the spellbook will no longer require runes but doesn't grant experience
Source: Craft 'The Subtle Blade' at an Inventor's workbench under the misc. support tab


Inspire Love
Effect: 2% more experience when training support skills
Source: Complete the Zamorakian IV collection


Inspire Effort
Effect: 2% more experience when training gathering skills
Source: Complete the Saradominist IV collection


Conservation of Energy
Effect: Regain 10% special energy when using a spec that requires 100%
Source: Craft an Experimental Aether Reactor at an inventor's workbench under the misc. support tab


Inspire Genius
Effect: 2% more experience when training artisan skills
Source: Complete the Armadylean III collection


Slayer Introspection
Effect: Choose between minimum or maximum assignment amounts when getting a Slayer assignment
Source: Complete the Knowledge is Power collection


Inspire Awe
Effect: 2% more experience when training combat skills
Source: Complete the Red Rum Relics III & Green Gobbo Goodies III collections

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