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Ataraxia Updates #45 - 22nd May, 2023

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[+] General Changes

- Being too exhausted from Fishing while using the Shark outfit and Woodcutting while using the Always adze relic on Wonky tree is now 1/500 instead of 1/200
- Boosted the Cave nightshade yield from 3 to 3-6
- Removed Rex Matriarch rings from the Combination interface as you can create them in your inventory
- Removed Crystal triskelion (15) from Combination interface, reduced price from the Misc combination npc at ;;shops to 7.5m
- Removed Crystal key (g) from Combination interface, moved to the Misc combination npc at ;;shops for 12.5m each key (g)
- Combat skill combination items are now rarer than non-combat skills (combat skills only being Attack, Strength, Defence, Ranged, Magic, Prayer, Hitpoints)
- You can now sell last Rare mystery box rotation to the shop for Rare item tokens
- Buffed all unchecked Hunter NPC drop rates from 1/1000 to 1/150
- Double Slayer and Reaper points event has been reduced to 1 hour instead of 2 hours, all of the others were 1 hour, seems weird to have this at 2
- Blurite rock now gives every ore, adding; Copper, Tin, Iron, Coal, Mithril, Adamantite and Runite
- Blurite rock now requires only 50 Mining instead of 75
- Blurite rock's hitpoints reduced from 1000 to 600 and hardness reduced from 140 to 80 (so it's much easier/quicker to mine)
- You no longer need to have the Completionist cape/s equipped in order to receive the drop rate bonus
- Buffed the GP base reward per vote from 750k/each to 1.25m/each
- Examining NPCs while out of combat will no longer bring up an inaccurate drop table
- You can now store Sealed clue scrolls in GIM banks
- All NPCs in Wilderness Star locations are now passive and won't attack
- Added Elkoy to the Tree Gnome Village maze, he will guide you through and back when clicking him
- Added Loyalty point sacks back to the Store items and lowered the price in the Rare item token store for the sacks
- Added Raw sailfish to Skilling contract rewards
- Changing your pin without first entering your pin will now require you open a ticket via Discord (this is to prevent hackers from just cancelling a pin and waiting 3 days to take your items)
- Beasts tab will now remember your last selected boss through death
- Primal extract is now tradeable
- Doubled the chance that your Player Owned Farms animals adopt a new baby
- Ghostly penguin will now be guaranteed per week, however, upon reading some discussion within the community about the Brooch of the Gods chance from the penguin, it's best it is removed. It was originally added I'm sure as just a bit of a "Go do penguins" kind of thing, while there definitely isn't 6+ coming into the eco per Ghostly, it still shouldn't be needed anymore as Penguins are excellent without this, and having a guaranteed master casket per week from Ghostly is still awesome
- Hunter resources are now doubled with the Double gathering event (not BGH as they are npc drops)
- Added a killcount message after killing Demon Flash Mobs
- Added a message when you hit the cap of Marks of War telling you to go and spend them
- Added Yrsa's shoe store
- Added hair style variations depending on what helmet/hat you're wearing (fixes the clipping issues)
- Added Active Max cape perks display to all other possible capes (hovering the cape will show max cape perks)
- Increased the hit area inside Arch-Glacor arms exposed core attack
- Removed Arch-Glacor debuffs when you leave the instance
- Removed world announcement for combination items as they were annoying Iron Chode
- You can now store specs in your Essence of Finality even if you haven't equipped or used it in combat before (must still be the untradeable version of EoF)
- Added a message telling you why you can't augment an item whether it be having to augment at the workbench or whether the item needs to be full charges
- You can now use ornament kits on worn equipment and retrieve them from worn equipment
- Suggestions in the Discord channel will now add a 'Shrug' emoji for people who don't really know or don't really care


[+] TzKal-Zuk

- TzKal-Zuk is an enormous piece of content to come to Ataraxia!
- The TzekHaar front boasts the demigod warlord who leads the TzekHaar, you must face him and his minions in a gruelling battle to be rewarded with extremely powerful equipment
- TzKal-Zuk is a Reaper task
- There will be an Ataraxia-first announcement for the first kill on Normal and Hard mode!
- The fight involves many different creatures with different mechanics as well as varying waves and requirements in order to reach checkpoints and complete challenges, all will be explained, however, first, I will detail all of the monsters and their powers/details


[+] TzKal-Zuk's Minions


Name: TzekHaar-Kih
Ability: Attacks with Melee and drains prayer, if out of range might fire projectile dealing damage to your tile and healing



Name: TzekHaar-Hur
Ability: Attacks with Melee and has increased strength/attack depending on other TzekHaar-Hur in the area

TzekHaar-Hur (Senntisten sewers).png


Name: TzekHaar-Ket-Zek
Ability: Attacks with Magic (melee if in range), applies a debuff with attacks dealing increasing magic damage over time, Freedom clears the bleed or killing a Ket-Zek halts it completely



Name: TzekHaar-Mej
Ability: Attacks with Magic (melee if in range), occasionally spawns a minion which will provide damage immunity to a monster nearby, dying with the monster who summoned

TzekHaar-Mej (Senntisten sewers).png

Name: TzekHaar-Xil
Ability: Attacks with Ranged (melee if in range), occasionally throws its glaive at another monster, rebounding to the player deals more ranged damage

TzekHaar-Xil (Senntisten sewers).png

Name: TzekHaar-Tok-Xil
Ability: Attacks with Ranged (melee if in range), each attack it performs while standing still gives it 10 stacks of the grounded buff, each stack increases it's attack and strength by 1%, moving the npc will remove all stacks


Name: TzekHaar-Yt-Mejkot
Ability: Attacks with Melee, deals more damage with the more TzekHaar within its area, easy to safespot though


Name: TzekHaar-Jad
Ability: Same as regular jad, big attacks, big damage, pray correctly or die



Name: TzekHaar-Aken
Ability: Similar to Fight kiln, TzekHaar-Aken spawns with tentacles, each tentacle giving TzekHaar-Aken damage reduction, after a certain amount of time he will disappear.


Lava Blob: While the head is showing TzekHaar-Aken will occasionally fire a Lava blob at the player in a 3x3 AoE, the screen will shake when this is fired, if the player fails to dodge it they will take large typeless damage:


Lava Bombardment: While submerged, TzekHaar-Aken will occasionally bombard the player with multiple lava blobs in a square and then following that a + pattern before finally a / and then \ pattern, seen here:


TzekHaar-Aken Bombard.gif

You can avoid this by simply running from your starting position to a spot unaffected by the pattern

Name: TzKal-Zuk
Ability: He gon fuck you up.



[+] TzKal-Zuk's Waves

- There are 3 types of waves in the TzKal-Zuk encounter, Regular, Igneous and Challenge.
Regular waves are exactly that, a certain amount of monsters will spawn over a range of sets, where sets refers to the order of which they spawn in separated by a number of ticks. EG. If wave 1 is 2 Kih and 3 Hur over 2 sets, they might spawn in 1 Kih and 2 Hur in the first set and then after a small time period spawn the remaining 1 Kih and 1 Hur
Igneous waves are you chance to damage Zuk. Starting from Wave 4 and occurring every subsequent 5, Zuk will spawn 11 monsters in total, 3 being an Igneous version and 8 being the regular version. You MUST kill the Igneous variants, doing so will give you an ability pop up after you absorb their energy. Popping the ability will clear the remaining regular variants and then incapacitate Zuk and allow him to be damaged. You have approximately 20 seconds to deal 5,000 damage and progress to the next wave, not reaching 5,000 damage will restart the Igneous wave
Challenge waves are a chance for you to impress Zuk. Starting from Wave 5 and occurring every subsequent 5 waves, Zuk will drag you to a smaller area arena, he will spawn a number of monsters which have differing requirements to pass the challenge (detailed below). 


[+] Wave Order

Wave 1

1st Set: 4 TzekHaar-Hur
2nd Set: TzekHaar-Hur, 2 TzekHaar-Kih

Wave 2

1st Set: 2 TzekHaar-Xil
2nd Set: 2 TzekHaar-Hur
3rd Set: 2 TzekHaar-Hur
4th Set: TzekHaar-Yt-Mejkot, 2 TzekHaar-Kih

Wave 3

1st Set: 2 TzekHaar-Yt_Mejkot, TzekHaar-Kih
2nd Set: 2 TzekHaar-Yt-Mejkot
3rd Set: 2 TzekHaar-Xil
4th Set: 2 TzekHaar-Hur

Wave 4 (Igneous Wave 1)

1st Set: 3 Igneous TzekHaar-Hur, 4 TzekHaar-Hur
2nd Set: 4 TzekHaar-Hur

Kill the Igneous first, activate ability, DPS down Zuk, Progress.

Wave 5 (Challenge Wave 1)

1st Set: 5 Volatile TzekHaar-Hur

Kill all 5 as quick as you can to avoid typeless damage (each un-killed Hur) and failure of the Challenge wave

Wave 6

1st Set: 3 TzekHaar-Xil
2nd Set: 2 TzekHaar-Xil, TzekHaar-Jad
3rd Set: 2 TzekHaar-Kih
4th Set: 2 TzekHaar-Yt-Mejkot

Wave 7

1st Set: 2 TzekHaar-Kih, TzekHaar-Mej
2nd Set: 2 TzekHaar-Xil, TzekHaar-Yt-Mejkot
3rd Set: 2 TzekHaar-Xil
4th Set: 2 TzekHaar-Tok-Xil

Wave 8

1st Set: 2 TzekHaar-Mej, TzekHaar-Xil
2nd Set: 2 TzekHaar-Xil
3rd Set: TzekHaar-Yt-Mejkot
4th Set: 2 TzekHaar-Xil

Wave 9 (Igneous Wave 2)

1st Set: 3 Igneous TzekHaar-Xil, 4 TzekHaar-Xil
2nd Set: 4 TzekHaar-Xil

Kill the Igneous first, activate ability, DPS down Zuk, Progress.

Wave 10 (Challenge Wave 2)

1st Set: Unbreakable TzekHaar-Ket

Kill the extremely high defence minion as quick as possible to avoid failing the Challenge wave and taking typeless damage.

Wave 11

1st Set: 2 TzekHaar-Kih, TzekHaar-Mej
2nd Set: 2 TzekHaar-Mej
3rd Set: 2 TzekHaar-Jad, TzekHaar-Yt-Mejkot
4th Set: 2 TzekHaar-Mej

Wave 12

1st Set: 2 TzekHaar-Mej, TzekHaar-Kih
2nd Set: 2 TzekHaar-Tok-Xil
3rd Set: 2 TzekHaar-Ket-Zek, TzekHaar-Kih
4th Set: 2 TzekHaar-Mej

Wave 13

1st Set: 2 TzekHaar-Ket-Zek, TzekHaar-Tok-Xil
2nd Set: 2 TzekHaar-Mej
3rd Set: 2 TzekHaar-Ket-Zek, TzekHaar-Xil
4th Set: 2 TzekHaar-Mej

Wave 14 (Igneous Wave 3)

1st Set: 3 Igneous TzekHaar-Mej, 4 TzekHaar-Mej
2nd Set: 4 TzekHaar-Mej

The Igneous will be in small shielded areas, you must attack from inside to destroy the shield. Kill the 3, activate ability, DPS Zuk, progress.

Wave 15 (Challenge Wave 3)

1st Set: 3 Fatal TzekHaar-Yt-HurKot

These invulnerable minions will damage you with Magic, Ranged and Melee, you must protect correctly using Devotion and/or Disruptive shield to ensure you take no damage. Taking damage will cause you to fail the challenge.

Wave 16 

1st Set: 3 TzekHaar-Jad


Wave 17

1st Set: TzekHaar-Aken


Wave 18

1st Set: TzKal-Zuk


[+] Checkpoints

- Throughout the fight there are numerous checkpoints. Reaching Wave 6, 11, 16, 17 and 18 will enable the checkpoint, meaning if you die or leave the fight, you can rejoin it at that wave.
- Completing the entire fight without using checkpoints and completing all Challenge waves successfully is required to enable Hard-mode as well as unlock the Completionist cape requirement


[+] Hard Mode

- Hard mode TzKal-Zuk is unlocked after completing a flawless kill on Normal mode, meaning, you must complete all Challenge waves successfully and complete the encounter in one go, no checkpoints used.
- In Hard mode, TzKal-Zuk and all of his TzekHaar's hitpoints are doubled and the only checkpoint is just before TzKal-Zuk after Wave 17
- In Hard mode there are different mechanics:

Wall of Lava: In every wave except challenge modes, TzKal-Zuk will yell "The skies burn!", "Flames consume you!" or "Fall, and burn to ash", and will then send a wall of lava towards you, occurring every 40-45 seconds. Just dodge it bro.

Igneous Waves: Instead of spawning a single type of TzekHaar, Zuk will spawn the following monsters in the following sets every single Igneous wave:

Set 1: Igneous TzekHaar-Hur, Igneous TzekHaar-Mej, Igneous TzekHaar-Xil
Set 2: TzekHaar-Tok-Xil, TzekHaar-Xil, TzekHaar-Yt-Mejkot, TzekHaar-Mej, TzekHaar-Ket-Zek, TzekHaar-Hur

Once again, kill Igneous, activate ability, etc etc.

TzekHaar-Aken: Can fire the Lava bombardment while also unsubmerged, basically it, another lava blob too I guess.


- Now the waves and the monsters and the Hard mode and everything is explained.. Now the actual Zuk fight.. Help, Carpal tunnel imminent


[+] TzKal-Zuk Fight

- To start, Zuk will do a bouncy castle move:

TzKal-Zuk Entry.gif

- He'll then use his big sword to deal melee damage for his auto attacks, if you're too far away he'll instead fire a big ol' fire ball at you dealing magic damage instead

Geothermal Burn: When Zuk says "You will burn beneath me" he will put a debuff on you which applies a magic damage bleed, you must use Freedom to avoid this as soon as possible

Sear: When Zuk says "Sear" or "Suffer" he will attack once with melee and then twice with magic and apply Searing pain, which periodically reduces your constitution level over time, each step moved (including surge, bd, escape etc) will reduce this debuff by a stack

Quake: When Zuk says "Tremble before me", "The earth yields to me" or "Fall before my might" he will deal a large melee damage hit, and then create 5 large eruptions around the player dealing typeless damage and applying Geothermal burn. Surge/Dive/Escape away from the eruptions to prevent being hit

Empowered Magic: When Zuk says "Die", "Begone" or "Ful's flame burns within me" Zuk will summon a magical ball and then drops a rock on the player's head dealing large typeless damage, you can Barricade this

Igneous Rain: When Zuk says "The skies burn", "Flames consume you" or "Fall, or burn to ash!" Zuk will jump to the center of the room, becoming invulnerable and then covering most of the arena in flames, then spawn an Igneous TzekHaar-Hur, an Igneous TzekHaar-Xil and an Igneous TzekHaar-Mej in that order. TzKal-Zuk will then start channeling an insta-kill, you must stagger him using the ability after killing the three Igneouis minions before it goes off, or you die.


- In Hard mode, TzKal-Zuk has two new phases:

Conduit of Ful: When Zuk gets low health, he will jump to his throne, protect himself in a barrier of fire and spawn a Conduit of Ful:

Conduit of Ful.png

- While the conduit is active, Zuk will channel power from it firing 7x7 fire balls into the arena, kill the thing or he'll fuck you up.

Fireball: When the conduit is reduced to 0 lifepoints, Zuk will take damage, but charge up a retaliatory fireball dealing large typeless damage. After this, the Conduit will reset. This continues until Zuk falls.


[+] Rewards

- First of all, thank fuck that's over, that was miserable.
- TzKal-Zuk's base/common drops are pretty good, nothing to be too excited about I guess. Just typical RS3 boss drop kinda vibes.
- TzKal-Zuk's rare drops are only influenced by up to 50% drop rate, any higher will be irrelevant
- However, completing a flawless run (completing without checkpoints and succeeding all challenges) will grant you +5% drop boost on the drops (stacking with 50% for 55% total)
- Only the Double drops event and Hazelmere's signet ring will grant double drops in TzKal-Zuk
- The rare drops/situational drops though...

[+] Igneous Stone

Igneous stone detail.png

- The Igneous stone is a guaranteed reward for completing the encounter on any difficulty without using any checkpoints
- It can be combined with the TokHaar-Kal-Ket, TokHaar-Kal-Mej and TokHaar-Kal-Xil to make extremely powerful capes with special activatable powers:




- They all have unique powers which have a 2 minute cooldown, use them wisely
- You can combine these three capes after completing a flawless hard-mode encounter, meaning you complete all challenge waves successfully and don't use any checkpoints:


- The Igneous Kal-Zuk cape is the best-in-slot cape on Ataraxia. Boasting the best accuracy bonuses as well as a +10% damage boost and a passive +5% drop rate increase

[+] Ek-Zekkil

Ek-ZekKil equipped.png: Ek-ZekKil equipped by a playerEk-ZekKil (blood) equipped.png: Ek-ZekKil (blood) equipped by a playerEk-ZekKil (ice) equipped.png: Ek-ZekKil (ice) equipped by a player

Ek-ZekKil (shadow) equipped.png: Ek-ZekKil (shadow) equipped by a playerEk-ZekKil (Barrows) equipped.png: Ek-ZekKil (Barrows) equipped by a playerEk-ZekKil (Third Age) equipped.png: Ek-ZekKil (Third Age) equipped by a player

- The Ek-Zekkil is a new T95 2-handed melee weapon boasting the following stats:


- It can be created by combining three drops from TzKal-Zuk; Obsidian blade, Magma core and Ancient hilt.
- All of the drops require Hard mode.

[+] Scripture of Ful

Scripture of Ful detail.png

- Dropping at a 1/100 rate in normal mode and a 1/50 in Hard mode, the Scripture of Ful is a powerful pocket slot item, similar to the Scripture of Wen and Scripture of Bik it can be charged with the relevant pages for 45:00 of activation time
- While active, the Scripture of Ful has a 6.6% chance on a successful hit to give you Gladiator's rage which increases damage dealt by 20% and damage taken by 10% for 15 seconds. This effect has a 15 second cooldown.


[+] Little Zuk


- Upon completing 200 TzKal-Zuk hardmode encounters you can unlock the 'Molten' override for Little Zuk:


- And finally, completing the Collection log rewards you with the 'TzKal-' title:



[+] Vote and Donor Boosts (unlimited)

- The initial aim of creating the Damage/Drop boost (30m) books was to create an easily traded item for new players to liquidate their votes in an easy way to players who might utilise the Damage/Drop boost more commonly
- I've always wanted to expand it further by adding an unlimited alternative to these boosts to further improve the end-game progression/convenience for some players
- Therefore, the Vote Damage/Drop boost (unlimited) can now be created in the combinations interface:


- For 1,000 books (which equates to 500 hours of straight use), an Upgrade gem and 50,000 Black coins, you can create the unlimited Damage/Drop boosts book.
- Upon redeeming you will no longer be able to enable the 30m variations, however, you will still receive books from Voting of which you can sell to others seeking the unlimited version as well
- As I'm absolutely certain that this would be quite difficult for an Ironman to amass, I've added the ability, like Ataraxia dollars and Inverted master cape tokens, to transfer them from a regular account to an ironman account
- Furthermore, I've decided to also add a variation to the boosts you receive from claiming donations
- Very few people, but some nonetheless will consistently donate $2 to activate the Donor Damage/Drop rate boosts
- You can now create an unlimited version through the combination interface:


- This will cost you 4 Upgrade gems and 100,000 Black coins
- It was difficult trying to determine what would be the suitable price for such an item, hopefully this hits the mark
- Unlocking the unlimited Donor drop/damage boosts will stop you from receiving any boosts from donating (as you already have them)
- With both enabled, you will no longer be able to claim another, so don't make duplicates! Unlocking them both will make your Task tab look quite clean though...



[+] Rare Mystery Box Rotation

- Rare Mystery Boxes are BACK!
- You can buy these for $10 in-game or via the Store
- They have a chance to contain various loot ranging from Rare Item Tokens, Custom rares, Vanilla rares and now.. Inverted master cape tokens!
- Firstly, the new Custom rares:

Scaled partyhat (red)


Force field partyhat (orange)


Force field partyhat (pink)


Scaled santa hat (red)


Force field santa hat (orange)


Force field santa hat (pink)


Scaled hallowe'en mask (red)


Force field hallowe'en mask (orange)


Force field hallowe'en mask (pink)



[+] Master Clue Creation

- You can now create a Sealed clue scroll (master) through the Combination interface:


- Considering how commonly all players can receive Box of Clue scrolls from Voting, the cost is quite high
- 10 of every Sealed clue scroll are required to make one Sealed clue scroll (master), also only having a 75% chance of success



[+] Bug Reports

- Fixed a problem with NPC affinities causing defence reducing attacks like Guthix staff to stack across all accounts on the same NPC, for example, 20 people Guthix staffing Telos would effect Telos for everyone until a server restart, hence, Magic accuracy being shit on restarts..
- Fixed "your are scanning" typo in Treasure Trails
- Fixed Tropical wagtails seemingly being unable to move
- Fixed Oculi apoterrasaur dropping Dragon mattock too commonly
- Fixed crafting Noxious weapons without all ingredients sending you a blank menu to receive unlimited Dwarf remains
- Fixed Divination not stopping animation after action is cancelled
- Fixed Spring cleaner not showing Huge rune salvage's selected mode
- Fixed a problem with Area loot spamming your chat with "You can't do this on an ironman account"
- Fixed a problem with certain cosmetics not unlocking when you buy them (e.g. Elf ears)
- Fixed some problems with stand/walk/weapon idle animations
- Fixed a problem causing Guthix cache npcs to check your steps before you actually move making it difficult to convert the memories
- Fixed not being able to see Seren spirits while inside areas with lots of NPCs
- Fixed a problem with electrifying jelly debuff being stuck forever
- Fixed Dragon mattock drop announcement not displaying properly when dropped from Raksha, the Shadow Colossus
- Fixed a problem causing non-augmented degradable equipment to use double charges
- Fixed a problem allowing people to put bosses in their player owned dungeon and attack them without the boss retaliating, anyone who had these in their player owned dungeons will have their kcs and logs reset (as they abused and didn't tell us)



Keep up to date on Ataraxia 2 through our Discord: https://discord.gg/yuKh6Qt/


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