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Meta endgame combat perks according to me

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If you disagree with any of these perk suggestions, do some testing and show me the results.


Common Materials Uncommon Materials Rare Materials Ancient Materials Custom Perk(Explained below)

2h Weapon slots 1 and 2: Meta is L4r1(35.57%)**/As4e2(18.21%)** or L4e2(11.19%)**/As4r1(34.29%)**
Lunging 4 + either Ruthless 1 or Equilibrium 2 (6x Avernic components + 3x Timeworn components)
Aftershock 4 + either Ruthless 1 or
Equilibrium 2 (6x Ilujankan components + 3x Timeworn components)
Precise 6 + Equilibrium 2(0.97%)**(4x Amadyl components + 5x Precise components)

Armor slot 1: Biting 4 + Something
Biting 4
(100%)**(8x Noxious components)
    Biting 3
(11.73% for Biting3+cautious, 1.751% chance for just Biting3)**(9x Direct components)
Biting 4+Undead Slayer
(44.63%)**(7x Noxious components 1x Undead component + 1x Living component)
    Biting 2+Undead Slayer
(83.86%)**(7x Direct components+ 1x Undead component + 1x Living component)
Biting 4+Dragon Slayer(
51%)**(7x Noxious components + 2x Dragonfire components)
    Biting 2-3+Dragon Slayer
(96.90% for B2DS/0.02% for B3DS)**(7x Direct components + 2x Dragonfire Components)
    Biting 2+Dragon Slayer
(19.93%)**(5x Direct components + 4x Enhancing components)
Biting 4+Demon Slayer
(51%)**(7x Noxious components + 2x Third-age components)
Biting 4+Mobile(30.04%)**(7x Noxious components + 1x Dextrous component + 1x Subtle component)
    Biting 2-3+
Mobile(51.14% for B2M/ 0.01% for B3M)**(7x Direct components + 2x Subtle components)
Biting 4+Genocidal(45.17%)**(7x Noxious components + 2x Bandos components)
    Biting 2-3+Genocidal
(94.07% for B2G/0.02% for B3G)**(7x Direct components + 2x Bandos components)
Armor slot 2: Cracking 4 + something
Crackling 4
(29.30%)**(7x Explosive components)
Crackling 3-4
(22.29%)**(8x Vintage components)
Crackling 4
(43.36%)**(4x Vintage components + 5x Explosive components)
Crackling 4+
Ultimatums 4(7.855%)**(8x Explosive components)
Crackling 4+
Mobile(27.23%)**(7x Explosive components + 1x Dextrous component + 1x Subtle component)
Armor slot 3: Clearheaded 4 + Something

Clear headed 3-4(5.594% for CH3/ 3.006% for CH4)**(9x Variable components)
Clear headed 2-4 + Reflexes*(CH2r 0.582%/CH3r 0.05%/CH4r 0.0006%)**(7x Variable components + 2x Harnessed components)
Clear headed 2-4+ Reflexes*(CH2r 1.905%/CH3r 1.253%/CH4r0.008%)**(6x Variable components + 1x Stunning component + 1x Harnessed componens1x Dextrous component)
Armor slot 4: Meta under debate, Suggestions welcome.

Lucky 6(100%)(8x Silent components)
Lucky 3 + Preparation 2(67.63%)**(4x Silent components + 5x Harnessed components)
Lucky 3 + Reflexes*(24.71%)**(4x Silent components + 5x Harnessed components)
Preparation 4 + Reflexes*(61.20%)**(9x Harnessed components)
Absorbative 4(99.99%)(8x Fungal components)

*Reflexes only if casting vengeance*

**Percentages calculated via rs3 ancient gizmo calculator at level 120 invention**

Aftershock: After dealing 5,000 damage, create an explosion centered on your current target, dealing up to 40% per rank weapon damage to nearby enemies,

Ruthless: Increases damage by 0.5% per rank for 20 seconds whenever an enemy is killed, stacking up to 5 times.

Equilibrium: Increases minimum hit by 3% per rank and decreases maximum hit by 1% per rank. does not stack with Equilibrium aura; aura takes precedence.

Biting: 2% chance per rank to critically hit opponents. 

Undead Slayer: Deal 7% additional damage to undead.

Dragon Slayer: Deal 7% additional damage to dragons.

Demon Slayer: Deal 7% additional damage to demons.

Genocidal: Deal up to +7% extra damage to your current slayer target proportional to progress through your current task.

Crackling: Periodically zaps your combat target for 50% per rank of your weapon's damage

Lucky: 0.5% chance per rank when hit that the damage dealt will be reduced to 1.

Absorbative: 20% chance to reduce an attack by 5% per rank.

Precise: Increases your minimum damage by 1.5% per rank of your maximum damage.

Lunging: Defence is reduced by 15% and accuracy is increased by 1% per rank.

Mobile: Reduces cooldown of Surge, Escape, and Barge by 50%

Ultimatums: 5% chance per rank to reduce special attack cost by 50%. This does not stack with Impatient and Energizing.

Clear Headed: 0.5% accuracy bonus per rank.

Reflexes: Vengeance rebounds 150% of damage. 

Preparation: Deflect curses reflect 3% more damage per rank.

All Materials can be gained from Brooch of the Gods/Relics dropped in all 3 elite dungeons/the Scavenging perk
    To get scavenging 4 in either a weapon gizmo or armour gizmo use Precious components or Classic components

Scavenging: 1% chance per rank to get an uncommon invention component as a drop from combat (with a 1% chance it will be a rare component)

**To gain the most materials, augment your armour/weapons and level to 9 prior to disassembling**

Avernic Components: Twin Fury items

Ilujankan Components: Vindicta & Gorvek items

Noxious Components: Noxious weapons

Third-Age Components: Third-age Armour

Bandos Components: Bandos items

Armadyl Components: Armadyl items

Explosive Components: Suspicious gunpowder(Temple of Aminishi) Hand Cannons(Chaos dwarf hand cannoneers)

Harnessed Components: Relics/Scavenging/Brooch of the gods

Silent Components: Upgraded bone blowpipe & blowpipe parts

Direct Components: Pickaxes from Steven's shop(Or GE) or Mattocks from the shop in the archaeology guild

Precise Components: Arrows, Daggers, Shieldbows, Shortbows, Spears, Swords, Wands

Living Components: Logs, hides, seeds, food, herbs

Enhancing Components: Slayer Rings(have to make them) or buy Unholy symbols from GE.

Variable Components: Throw pure essence into an auto disassembler(build in the back of the invention guild)

Stunning Components: Bolts from Ranged shop or Halberds from Melee shop(Buy Halberds from GE)

Dextrous Components: Crossbows, Longswords, Maces, Shortbows, Swords(Buy green salamanders on GE)

Precious Components: Slayer Rings(have to make them) or buy Unholy symbols from GE

Vintage Components: Archaeology Materials or Restored Artifacts 

Timeworn ComponentsArchaeology Materials or Restored Artifacts 

Classic Components: Archaeology Materials or Restored Artifacts 


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