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Ataraxia Updates #43 - 11th April, 2023

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I fucked up and accidentally overwrote this update thread with the newest one. This is all we could recover:


[+] General Changes

- You can now charge Erethdor's grimoire up to 24 hours
- All ironmen will receive Inquisitor pieces from completing the Zarosion IV collection
- Dropping Inquisitor pieces will now destroy them
- Reduced the cooldown of Cres in Guthixian cache to 20 seconds, running Memories only really works if other people are disabling the Automatons
- Added a ;;col command to open your Collection log dialogue
- Added a command for admins to remove the Group Ironman status/mode/group from a player making them a normal (normal as in ordinary, not normal as in normal gamemode) ironman
- All variations of Overload potions are now searchable in the Grand exchange without requiring the potion (previous way)
- Pet shop is now a personal shop for purchasing the bugs
- Scripture of Bik's catalyst of alteration's will now have a chance to grant a casket instead of a clue: Base: 1%, Bronze: 2%, Silver: 5%, Gold: 8%, Platinum: 10%, Diamond: 15% and Master: 20%
- Reduced the 'PJ' timer for NPCs attacking you and you attacking NPCs from 6 seconds to 3 seconds
- Changed the Rune pouch in the Store items shop to the Sealed variant
- Increased the amount of Marks received from Croesus to the proper amount (100)
- Proficient construction proc will now only display if you actually save a plank
- Buffed Woodcutting speeds for Maple, Mahogany, Yew, Ivy and Magic trees
- Added Broken compass creation, discovery and the rewards for handing it in (25 marks)
- Added all Jadinko spawns around Anachronia and added Camouflaged and Diseased jadinkos
- Added a 1/100 chance to receive Hunter's marks while Hunting misc creatures around Anachronia
- Reduced the amount of tiles Divination wisps move as it was annoying Iron Chode
- Buffed damage of new spells by 10%
- You can now reset Skilling auras with combat aura refreshers
- Non-rare drops from Angel of Death, Telos and Arch-Glacor are now doubled during Double drops
- GWD/Elite dungeon booster token effects no longer get reset on death 
- Added Perfect plus potion effect (all Perfect Juju potions for 4 hours)


[+] Shop Changes

- People have been rightfully complaining about the shop technicalities for a while! Where there's a stock of 90, you buy-50 and then you have to buy-10 4 times to get the rest
- That's now improved!
- When selecting Buy-X, your entry will then replace/appear below the option adding a new option with that amount
- This will never forget, so that option will always be there allowing you to buy out stocks much quicker!


[+] Crystal Key Changes

- Crystal Keys have been added in a substantial amount with the introduction of Arch-Glacor
- Before then, they were quite balanced, however, with thousands being readily available, we've had to nerf the Crystal chests quite a lot..
- Reduced the quantities of all Common, Uncommon, Rare and Very rare rewards, especially relics
- Removed Supply cache from the Rare table and moved it to the Very rare table
- Increased the price of the Crystal Key (g) combination from 5m to 25m, the reason why it's so easy to farm unlimited rewards from Crystal chests is this combination. I think it has to come at great financial cost if you're wanting the efficiency, otherwise go 1 by 1.
- Shout out to all of those who abused it before notifying us yahoooooo!


[+] Crystal Triskelion (15) Combination

- You can now find a new recipe at the Miscellaneous Combination npc at ;;shops
- For an increased price compared to the ;;comb option, you can combine Triskelions in your bank to the Crystal triskelion (15) variant:
- Doing so will cost quadruple the amount of the Combination interface (10m) but allows you to conveniently tackle your stacks of Triskelions in your bank.


[+] Crystal Tree Farming

- Crystal Tree farming is here! You can now use a Crystal acorn to plant the Crystal tree granting 50,000 Farming experience and growing the tree instantly:
- Every day you can harvest the Crystal tree for a Crystal tree blossom and 15,000 Farming experience

[+] Croesus Soups Combination

- You can now find a new recipe at the Miscellaneous Combination npc at ;;shops
- This requires Diamond donator
- For 100k per soup you can now make the uncooked fungal soups:
- You will receive the Raw variant of the soup in noted form

[+] Vorago Changes

- Greatly reduced the amount of time it takes to start the encounter/fight after creating the instance
- Reduced the amount of energy fields (orbs) required to weaken Vorago from 4 to 2, needing only 1 more if you fail the damage
- Doubled the bring him down progress per click
- Reduced the amount of waterfalls required from 3 to 2
- You can now choose the entry tile, whether it's inside or outside instance for Vorago's War's retreat portal
- Vorago changes have been requested for as long as I can remember, hopefully the fight is a little shorter with these changes.


[+] Solak Changes

- Buffed Solak's max hit from 500 to 750
- Reduced Solak prayer damage reduction from 50% to 25% (prayers will be 25% less effective)
- Buffed Blightbound crossbow and Erethedor's grimoire drop rate by 50%, from 1/400 for the Crossbow to 1/266 and 1/200 for the Grimoire to 1/133
- We'll see how these changes land and how much more difficult his combat becomes.. But, a little bit more rewarding :)

[+] Croesus Changes

- Buffed rare drop chance by 15%, from 1/600 per drop slot to 1/520
- Added a filterable message during the Croesus fight that updates you with your contribution increases and reductions (so if there's an issue with contribution calculation we can figure it out!)
- Buffed Hunter node success chance by 5%, was stated that this node wasn't as quick as others, so hopefully this speeds it up a tad
- Added a 15% chance to get increased progress while restoring statues stacking with Artificier's measure


[+] Croesus Item Changes

- Sana's Fyrtorch will now have a chance to give Splintering arrowtips while Woodcutting
- Scripture of Bik will no longer use charges while fighting Croesus and increased the proc chance from 15% to 25%
- Sana's Fyrtorch and Tagga's Corehammer when used in conjunction with Scripture of Bik will now have increased benefits
- Sana's Fyrtorch success rate increased from 6% to 9%, double log chance from 20% to 30%
- Tagga's Corehammer extra critical mining chance increased from 10% to 15% and extra damage increased from 35% to 50%
- Splintering Arrows will now have a 5% chance to double hit while equipped (stacking with Swift gloves)


[+] Bug Reports

- Fixed crystal mask not using runes
- Fixed recipe herblore changes and fixed portable/modified effect
- Fixed conservation of energy relic for instant spec weapons (zgs/etc) and made it only work for weapons that use 100% spec
- Fixed an issue with relentless perk causing it to not proc for some special attacks
- Fixed het's oasis cactus patch and added it to farming amulet
- Fixed croesus statues (stair issue) and buffed energy fungus health
- Fixed grinding Sandstone into 1kg
- Fixed Snape grass not noting at the Tool Leprechaun
- Fixed Protean planks not working for building the frame in Hops patches
- Fixed 'Wilderness Volcano' shooting star prompt and changed it to "East of the Wilderness Crater"
- Fixed Extra damage event not working and not being an option in the random event
- Fixed left clicking Bomb vial not opening herblore interface
- Fixed converting Ancient tomes staying the wrong amount of Chronotes received
- Fixed wasteless smithing triggering on other protean items
- Fixed an issue causing you to lose an item if you combined items with a full invent using ;;comb
- Fixed an issue causing you to lose your reward if you contribute items to a collection with a full invent


Keep up to date on Ataraxia 2 through our Discord: https://discord.gg/yuKh6Qt/

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