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  1. - Shout out to all of those who abused it before notifying us yahoooooo!
  2. Lets see how the vorago drops go now.
  3. Well done 🙂 Looking forward for another updates 😛
  4. - Buffed Araxxor's max hit Love how people who abused araxxor with literal t60 gear and got away with it. Salty about that. - Buffed rate of Inquisitor staff pieces from 1/1m to 1/50k Well thats a start 🙂 How about making the pylon event automated for like 4 times a day? + spear tip drop rate boost 🙂 ?
  5. - Added Archie the Archaeology pet (oops) No way....
  6. Hopefully, people actually are mature enough to not abuse the bugs which are crucial of the game. Looking forward for the release.
  7. Looking forward to test the combat, it was huge letdown for me, when i did play ataraxia 1, hopefully you found the fix for it ❤️
  8. oooo my suggestion actually made into the list. Pog

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