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How do I teleport around the game

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Part 1: How to open the teleportation interface.

The easy way: fjZ5Ek0.png ;;t ;;teles ;;teleports ( this also works on mobile )

The fingers way: Press CTRL + TzKteTTu.png

Part 2: The interface

You now managed to open the Teleport interface take some time to investigate it and check what it has to offer.


Part 3: How do i find the bosses?

At ;;home we have 3 portals. Two of them in the center are configurable to your desired boss for a price. The third on to the right is for a boss that is on a daily rotation. You can check this in the noticeboard. TFEeIiF.png (when i took pic it was legiones)


Part 3.1: Alternate options

Start by Pressing UIEWoza.png or click on QEpnbPI.png


Select N99lzGy.png

Go to Tt8m72O.png beasts

Select your boss and press teleport. This method does not work for ALL of them but mostly for all. z9qnxeq.png

Part 3.2: Max Guild

Choose your spellbook and H52Py2W.png

Run to the 2nd floor (1st floor UK?) eqiaW6E.png

Retune the portal.

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How do I do this on mobile

  • Teleporting Interface for Skilling/Monster/Slayer
    • type ;;t (This was mentioned in the guide above)
  • Beasts Tab
    • Hit the house icon at the top left then click on adventures and make sure you are on the beasts tab.
  • Attuning portals
    • The same as the guide above


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