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  1. Welcome to the Hardcore Ironman Guide! Introduction. The purpose of this guide is to give hardcore Ironmen a direct pathway towards safely navigating the game. This may also serve a guide for normal ironmen. These are my personal recommendations on how to get started smoothly. Part 1: Starting off. I expect you people to have basic knowledge of the coin pouch and auras. This is your starting inventory. First hover to your wisdom aura, right click > destroy. It will go into your aura tab. After that it will prompt you with the following message.
  2. Chapter 1; What is Donator total? It is located in the Noticeboard under --statistics-- Donator total is the total sum of amount you have spent in the game, buying perks, boxes, ataraxia coins etc. People tend to sell their donor total if they feel like it. NOTE! It only gives you the respective donator RANK. Perks and rest of the things must be obtained buy buying them with dollars. Chapter 2; Buying Donator Total Jaimo has a donator total of 2000 he has all the perks and things he needs, but lacks some gold coins so he decides to sell his remaining 1000. Phyllis wants
  3. Part 1: How to open the teleportation interface. The easy way: ;;t ;;teles ;;teleports ( this also works on mobile ) The fingers way: Press CTRL + T Part 2: The interface You now managed to open the Teleport interface take some time to investigate it and check what it has to offer. Part 3: How do i find the bosses? At ;;home we have 3 portals. Two of them in the center are configurable to your desired boss for a price. The third on to the right is for a boss that is on a daily rotation. You can check this in the noticeboard. (when i took pic it was legione
  4. Part 1: Enable Actionbar Click on the or ESC on your keyboard Choose SETTINGS Gameplay > Additional options Untick the actionbar. Part 2: Enable always-on Chat ( This also works for when your actionbar is grayed out) Legacy UI Now you right click it and select Now you just Toggle it. When your actionbar is grayed out or not working you do this TWICE! EoC UI There's a button next to the cog. Click it twice only when your actionbar is grayed out and voila its fixed. If you do not have that button th
  5. Looking forward for the progress you're going to be making!
  6. Welcome to the community Louis.
  7. Welcome to Ataraxia, hope you enjoy your stay here lad.
  8. Hi, today you will be learning on how to setup alt1 with ataraxia. If you don't got Alt1 yet, click HERE. Download it and install it. NOTE: Alt1 clue solver will not work with the DarkScape interface. Step 1. Start Alt1 It will pop up on your taskbar picture below Or here 2. Right click on the inactive alt1 icon and select settings 3. Navigate yourself to Capture 4. Tick the [ataraxiaclient.exe] Ataraxia 916 | NXT By now Alt1 is connected with your Ataraxia client. A set of options will appear on your client's window t
  9. Hello and welcome to the community Ninja! I hope you will enjoy your stay here 😄

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