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Ataraxia Updates #32 - 27th July 2022

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[+] General Changes

- Increased the stock of enchanted gem packs to 50,000
- Increased the stock of all Material boxes to 100,000
- Added incense stick potion timer effect to Prayer renewals
- Increased the cap of contributed Pylon batteries to 1,000,000
- Added small stock of Bronze bolts to the Ranged equipment shop
- Added more Allotment seeds to the Tool leprechaun's shop
- Added Cockatrice egg to Secondaries boxes
- Added a 10% bonus droprate for 3 hours when Voting on 3 or more sites and/or claiming any donation (these stack)
- Added world announcements for extra damage/drop rate from voting/donating
- You can now use ctrl-i to open the Platinum instances interface
- Increased the speed of Incense stick creation depending on donor rank, base (in ticks): 4, Gold: 3, Platinum : 2, Master: 1
- Removed Ectoplasmator drops from drop tables (still drops through other means), this stops duplicates
- Added Skull sceptre from Stronghold of Security creation & teleports
- Added ability to tan Dinosaur hides at any Tanner
- You can now use Elder overload, Elder overload salves and Holy aggroverloads on the Potion reservoir
- Vote parties now occur every 50 votes
- Added Spirit weeds to Herblore boxes
- Added drop rate bonus for luck rings: Ring of Luck 0.5%, Ring of Wealth 1% (including row (c)), Ring of Fortune 1.5%, Luck of the Dwarves 3% and Hazelmere's signet ring 5%
- Added drop rate bonus for donor ranks: Bronze 1%, Silver 1.5%, Gold 2%, Platinum 2.5%, Diamond 5% and Master 7.5%
- This means that with maxed out Game mode, Donated/Voted bonuses, Donor rank, Luck ring, comp cape (t) you'll have up 62.5%
- These bonuses do not work on Telos, Araxxi or Rise of the Six, however, Gamemode does work on Telos
- Added Ava's accumulator to the Ranged equipment shop
- Added Clue scroll blessings to Archaeology excavations
- Added Lunar equipment to the Magic equipment shop


[+] Damage Modifiers

- Similar to ;;xpm, it was requested that we add a command to check your current damage modifiers in total, as well as against certain creatures..
- By typing ;;dmg, it will bring up the following interface:


- This goes off passive bonuses, equipment, auras and invention perks. Not included in this is Void bonuses and ammo bonuses.
- For example, if I had the Donor and Vote damage boost active, a Harold's helmet equipped and an Augmented Noxious scythe with the Demon slayer perk and the Berserker aura active:


- Global Damage Boost does not take into account other boosts.. So if it's 1.33x your hit and 1.15x your hit, it will be both, not one or the other.


[+] Trivia & Vote Shop Updates




[+] Skin Colours & New Mystery Box

- There is a new addition to the Store! For $5 you can pickup a Skin Colour Dye mystery box! There are 23 different colours you can receive, the dye will give a consumable item which will set your skin to the relevant colour
- All of the dyes you receive have the item's model colour best representing the colour of your skin after consumption, however, for more accuracy, I'll post all of the colours below!
- Not only can you receive 23 dyes, but you can also receive a Chameleon extract, which acts as an unlimited source of Skin colours without ever expiring or being consumed:



- Finally, these boxes also contain all of the vanilla rares, including: Christmas cracker, Santa hat, Black santa hat, Green halloween mask, Blue halloween mask and Red halloween mask
- The rate for the dyes are: 95.5%
- The rate for the Chameleon extract is: 2.5%
- The rate for receiving any vanilla rare is: 2%


[+] Daily Challenges

- Daily challenges are here! Log on each day for new challenges, completing them will grant you a Treasure hunter key and some experience in the skill!


- There are 28 possible challenges to receive:

Kill enemies
Offer bones or ashes to the gods
Complete laps
Brew any type of potions
Pickpocket any target
Steal from any stalls
Crack a safe
Fire any urn
Craft pieces of jewellery
Craft pieces of equipment
Siphon any type of rune from the Runespan
Craft essence into any type of rune 
Mine any type of ore
Create or upgrade a piece of equipment using core smithing metals
Catch any type of fish
Prepare dishes of food (cook)
Light any logs or add them to a bonfire
Chop any type of logs
Fletch any type of arrows
Fletch or string any type of bows
Kill slayer creatures assigned to you
Check health of farming patch or gather produce
Construct normal or flatpacked furniture
Catch any creatures or skin a big game hunter creature
Infuse summoning pouches
Complete a floor in Daemonheim
Convert any type of memories
Restore artefacts

- As you can see, all tasks aren't specifically asking for example "Cut willow logs" it's cut any logs.. Meaning you can do whatever you want as long as you're training the skill! 
- Personally, I quit RS3 before they made this change and god damn it's so much better
- Furthermore, you can reroll and extend any task you'd like:


- Challenges will auto update in real time (filterable), as well as update if you decide to extend it during the task:


- Achieved the max level in a skill? (99 for most, 120 for some), you can block yourself from receiving skills of that type, simply talk to the Challenge mistress at home:



- When you've finished some tasks, you can either Claim them through the interface, or simply talk to Challenge Mistress Heriau at home:



- With this update, Vis wax will become more important! I hope you have been stocking some from Skilling contracts for a rainy day.. Because it's here.


[+] Animations

- All new animations will cost 100 Ataraxia coins to unlock.
- You can activate one, or activate multiple (and it'll pick one at random)


[+] Spell Animations

- Spell animations are here!
- Most of these animations will override your Lodestone teleport animation (should you not use 'Quick teleport')
- You can now access them in your Customisations > Animations > Spell Animations:


- There are over 60 different teleport animations you can choose from as well as 2 different High alchemy animations:






[+] Rest Animations

- Rest animations are back! 
- Spice up your bank standing with awesome Rest animations!
- There are 40+ rest animations that you can use!
- You can find them through your Customisations > Animations > Rest Animations:


- Some cool ones:







[+] Skilling Animations

- And possibly the most important... Skilling animations are here!
- There are 39 possible Skilling animations varying between: Mining, Woodcutting, Fishing, Firemaking, Herblore, Slayer, Smithing, Cooking, Fletching, Prayer, Divination, Runecrafting and Summoning
- I'll show a few cool ones (in my opinion):







[+] Bug Reports

- Fixed Polypore dungeon vines putting you into the air if you climb it in a certain spot
- Removed out of date Trivia questions & "Cody" being the answer to the Developer question
- Fixed Elder log fire having the wrong object id
- Fixed Triskelion keys from Evil trees giving the stackable version
- Fixed a stile in Player owned farms not working
- Fixed an issue with the Pyromaniac invention perk
- Fixed Dwarven hidden mine magical barrier not working
- Fixed Elder tree stump being incorrect
- Fixed Bones restoring lower amounts than needed in Prayer points using Dung necklaces



Work on Solak.. Has begun:



Keep up to date on Ataraxia 2 through our Discord: https://discord.gg/yuKh6Qt/


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