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Batt's Trivia Guide [July 21st, 2023]

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Batt's Updated Trivia Guide [2023]

Welcome to my updated trivia guide!

In this guide you will find a variety of detailed information about trivia, the rewards you can obtain by playing trivia, the possible questions and answers to them, and more.

Table of Contents:

I. Trivia rewards

II. The process of finding and answering trivia questions.

III. Questions and answers!

I. Trivia rewards


First thing's first; why should you participate in trivia? What makes it worth your while?

For answering a trivia question you will receive gold, the amount received depending both on the difficulty of the question and the number of people that have answered it, as well as trivia points which you can spend at the trivia point shop! For being the very first person to answer a trivia question, for example "Whlch of tho orlglnal GWD boszes con attock wlth aIl combatt styIes?", you will receive 450,000 coins added straight to your coin pouch as well as 2 trivia points, where as the second person to answer it will obtain 337,500 coins and so on. Every person who answers AFTER the first will obtain just 1 trivia point.

The trivia point shop is located at the market, and can be accessed by trading with Max (Skillcapes & Trivia). 

The market can be teleported to by using one of the following methods: Typing ";;shops", typing ";;market", or by pressing "CTRL+S"


The trivia point shop's stock is listed below, along with the points required for each item!



Ataraxia dollar: 25 points (start dumping your points into these after you've purchased the Excalibur, Magic secateurs, Silverhawk boots, and Amulet of farming)

Excalibur: 50 points (VERY useful item. Required to craft the Enhanced Excalibur with ;;comb, which is a requirement for the trimmed completionist cape)

Deathtouched dart: 50 points (I would not recommend purchasing these due to their extremely high cost. Your points are much better off being spent on dollars)

Key token: 5 points (Don't buy this, ever.)

Double keys token: 6 points (not recommended to buy these unless you somehow have absolutely zero need for dollars. You'll get a higher gp/point on average from buying Ataraxia dollars, and get more use overall if you end up using them)

D&D token (daily): 15 points (don't buy this. only real use is to reset Guthixian caches at the moment, so it's not particularly useful.)

Crystal bow: 30 points (very decent t70 ranged weapon for the mid game.)

Staff of Light: 30 points (decent t75 magic weapon.)

Balmung: 30 points (don't buy this. Niche t60 weapon that provides additional accuracy and damage bonuses against Dagannoth.)

Magic secateurs: 25 points (useful for farming herbs)

Drakan's medallion: 25 points (relatively useful for penguin hunting)

Ectophial: 25 points (relatively useful for penguin hunting)

Amulet of farming: 75 points (absolutely essential for farming. Allows you to teleport to most farming patches.)

Spring cleaner: 75 points (not recommended to buy with trivia points, as you can just make it through Invention. Useful item for automatic alching and disassembling of drops.)

Silverhawk boots: 150 points (very useful item for training Agility completely passively.)

Ataraxia T70 Set: 200 points (not worth buying with trivia points at all. This set effectively costs 8 Ataraxia dollars, which is very overpriced.)

Faithful shield: 75 points (don't buy. This is an incredibly niche shield which offers the second-highest prayer bonus for the off-hand slot, bested only by the T95 Dark Sliver of Leng)



II. The process of finding and answering trivia questions


A new trivia question appears about every five minutes or so. You can spot a trivia question easily in the chat by the [Trivia] tag and its bright cyan color.


You can answer trivia questions by typing in the chat box, following this syntax:

;ans ANSWER     


;;answer ANSWER



You can also answer trivia questions through the command console, accessed by pressing ALT and `. Then, type ans ANSWER





III. Questions and answers!


This is most likely why you're reading this guide. So, without further ado, here's the list of every possible question and answer!

           The list below follows a  "QUESTION  ANSWER / ANSWER / ANSWER" format, where valid answers are separated by /.

Tip: Use CTRL+F to make finding the answer much quicker!

 When mining, what depletes with each strike on a rock? Stamina

How many skills in Ataraxia have levels past 99 up to 120? 6

Where do I go to start Invention? Falador / Invention Guild

Where do I go if I want to upgrade my T90 power armour? Elite dungeons

What minimum Divination level do you need in order to participate in Guthixian Caches? 1

What is the maximum amount of charges that the charge pack holds at level 1 Invention? 200k / 200,000 / 200000

What is the maximum total level on Ataraxia? 2898

What skill provides you with perks for weapons, armours and tools? Invention

After completing the Archaeology tutorial, what is the first dig site you gain access to? Kharid-et

What tool do you use to excavate materials and artefacts at dig sites? Mattock

How should I start my Ataraxia journey? Slayer / Barrows / Thieving

What item can you create via the Smithing skill that'll hold your ores for you? Ore box

How much do you have to donate in order to become a bronze member? $20 / 20$ / 20

How many hours do I have to wait between Voting for Ataraxia? 12

What is the easiest passive money maker? Voting

Solve the riddle; I have no end but I am the ending of all that begins. Death

There's no staff online, where do I get help? Friends chat / Discord / Dawson / Jaedmo

What solo boss can you fight under GWD2 that drops T92 two-handed weapons? Telos

How much gold does it cost to create a private instance at Araxxor? 200k / 200,000 / 200000

What is the name of a god that fought in Lumbridge and created the crater? Zamorak / Saradomin

Which of the original GWD bosses can attack with all combat styles Kree'arra

What is the maximum amount of experience you can get in any skill? 200m

How many scales or energies can you use to make T90 power armour 84

Name a Developer of Ataraxia. Jaedmo / Armar / Xenthium

Who is your favourite administrator? Jaedmo / Multiply / Klutch

Who should I talk to if I have account or donation issues? Jaedmo / Multiply / Admin

Who killed Guthix? Sliske

Who is the oldest NPC in Runescape? Hans

How many coins are required to retune the boss portals at home? 3m

Where do you go in order to edit your Donator settings? ;;settings

After donating 100m coins into the portal at home, how long does 1.5x xp last? 2 hrs / 2 hours / 2hrs

Who sells skill capes and mastery skill capes? Max

How many vote points is an Ataraxia Dollar? 10

What is the maximum total level you can achieve after typing ;;virtual 3390

What Donator rank do you have to have in order to use the permanent portable skilling stations? Diamond

What boss drops the codex needed in order to unlock the 3 t99 curses? Aod

Which slayer master assigns the monster that drops glacor boot upgrades? Morvran

What skill rewards you with permanent passive buffs when activated? Archaeology

What Agility level is required in order to use the Hefin Agility Course? 77

Be the first to type: 7z@zD%lmi$Kn5 7z@zD%lmi$Kn5

Be the first to type: r0?6B^k&4alJb r0?6B^k&4alJb

What total level is required to access the crystal city of the elves? 2250

What is the name of the minigame that provides void equipment? Pest Control


New trivia from the update on July 15th, 2023:

What rock can be mined to receive all possible ores at $50 donated? Blurite

What item can be used to communicate with Death for reaper tasks? Grim gem

How much Harmonic dust is required to make a Crystal fishing rod? 150

How much Harmonic dust is required to make a Crystal mattock? 4k

What Amulet can be purchased for Vote points/Trivia points/Ataraxia dollars to teleport to all Farming patches? Amulet of farming

Which boss drops attachments which are needed to create the best-in-slot boots? Raksha

What type of metal can be used to create a T70 augmented pickaxe and mattock? Imcando    <--- should be T80 pickaxe and mattock

What Elite dungeons boss drops the Bladed dive codex? Bsd / Black stone dragon

How much Harmonic dust is required to make an Attuned crystal bow? 2000

Lady Ithell in Prifddinas will provide you with a free Attuned crystal weapon seed at what Smithing level? 90

What weapon from the Vote shop can be used to gain Prayer & Firemaking experience from Vyrewatch? Sunspear

How do I configure Alt1 with Ataraxia? ;;alt1

What level of achievements do I need to create an Enhanced excalibur? Easy / Medium       <--- should be Easy.

What tree can be cut to receive all possible logs at $50 donated? Wonky

What age should I sell my Player Owned Farms animals for the most bean yield? Adolescent

Where can you purchase bulk raw meat for Player Owned Farms? Oo'glog

Deaths cost money.. Unless I ____? Vote

Right clicking the world map allows me to edit what? Skybox / Filters


Thanks for reading my guide! I hope it proves to be a valuable resource for newcomers and experienced players alike, and that you accumulate tons of trivia points and gold through the use of it! If I've made any mistakes in this guide, or if there's anything you think I could add to make it better, please don't hesitate to leave a comment on this thread, contact me on Discord "@yogybear", or pm in-game on my account "Batts" and let me know!


A big thanks to FTWImCody for providing me with the data necessary to make writing this guide a much easier process.

Thanks to Con for providing me with some inspiration from his previous trivia guide.


Edited by Batt
Updated for new trivia questions on 7/15/2023. Also edited shop purchase advice.
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