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  1. This is a list of drop rate changes compiled from the update threads. If a particular drop rate is not present within this list, assume it's the same drop rate as RS3. Remember; this is just a compiled list of documented drop rate changes as of July 23rd, 2023. [BOSS DROP RATE CHANGES] [SLAYER MOB DROP RATE CHANGES] [MISCELLANEOUS DROP RATE INFO] Additional section: [CUSTOM LOOT CHANGES] (MIGHT NOT BE COMPREHENSIVE)
  2. Each Monday around 6:00 PM CST / 7:00 PM CDT, this thread will be updated with that week's penguin locations. This is effectively the same exact list that's found on our Discord (link), but now on the forums! EDIT: No longer being updated for the foreseeable future.
  3. Welcome to my general gear guide! Before the guide commences, I’d like to preface it by saying that the following is my personal recommendation for tiers that are worth grinding for. There will likely be ways of progressing that I hadn’t considered, or weird alternative methods that you’d rather do over the “meta” because you personally enjoy them more. Again; this isn’t a definitive list, it’s only my opinion. The guide will be split up into the three differing combat styles, and weapon wield requirements will be for their respective main combat skill unless otherwise stated. For
  4. Batt's Updated Trivia Guide [2023] Welcome to my updated trivia guide! In this guide you will find a variety of detailed information about trivia, the rewards you can obtain by playing trivia, the possible questions and answers to them, and more. Table of Contents: I. Trivia rewards II. The process of finding and answering trivia questions. III. Questions and answers! I. Trivia rewards II. The process of finding and answering trivia questions III. Questions and answers! Thanks for reading my guide! I hope it
  5. Thank you :]. It was some of the most fun I've had playing. I love all the nerdy theory-crafting stuff, so I was having an absolute blast. Also I agree; I can't wait for further competitions, if ever there are any more I'll 100% be competing again ;). Thanks Jae for the awesome event!

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