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  1. Welcome to my general gear guide! Before the guide commences, I’d like to preface it by saying that the following is my personal recommendation for tiers that are worth grinding for. There will likely be ways of progressing that I hadn’t considered, or weird alternative methods that you’d rather do over the “meta” because you personally enjoy them more. Again; this isn’t a definitive list, it’s only my opinion. The guide will be split up into the three differing combat styles, and weapon wield requirements will be for their respective main combat skill unless otherwise stated. For
  2. Batt's Updated Trivia Guide [2022] Welcome to my updated trivia guide! In this guide you will find a variety of detailed information about trivia, the rewards you can obtain by playing trivia, the possible questions and answers to them, and more. Table of Contents: I. Trivia rewards II. The process of finding and answering trivia questions. III. Questions and answers! I. Trivia rewards II. The process of finding and answering trivia questions III. Questions and answers! Thanks for reading my guide! I hope it
  3. 1-99 Divination Guide! Useful rewards: Signs of Porter(6/28/48/68/88/99) Divine Locations Unlocking Invention(80) Portents Useful Items: Diviner's Outfit(1000 loyalty points/piece or $5.00 from ;;store) Elder Divination outfit(Requires 80 Divination and 20 Invention) Divine-o-matic Vacuum(101 Invention) Divination Urns(3/16/38/56/82 Crafting) Urn Enhancer(24 Invention) Boons(10/20/30/70/50/60/70/75/80/85/90/95) Skillchompas(31/41/51/61/71) Summoning Familiars: Nightmare Muspah(81 Summoning)
  4. Hunting guide by Emma Kitty Hi! This is a (hopefully) short guide bringing you all the info you need to train hunter. This guide is heavily inspired by Soren's hunter guide, which is a little outdated, but can be found here https://ataraxia-ps.com/forums/topic/204-hunter-guide/ QUICK GUIDE: This is a tl;dr guide: Level 1-19 crimson swifts Level 19-27 tropical wagtails Level 27-43 cobalt skillchompas Level 43-70 falconry Level 70-81 jadinkos Level 81-99 god jadinko The actual guide: Basic info: So hunter is a gatherers skill, you catch creatures to get xp.
  5. Hello, this is a list of what you can get from Mystery box. I might be missing some items, I'll be updating this overtime. Please note that items with "(SWA)" have server-wide announcements, also the rarity of some items aren't confirmed, I just made it on how often I got that item. Legend: Common Uncommon Rare Very rare ~ Money ~ 1.000.000 Coins 2.500.000 Coins 50.000.000 Coins (SWA) 200.000.000 Coins (SWA)
  6. Con's Trivia Guide Let me start off by saying welcome to my Ataraxia Trivia guide in this guide you will find out all sorts of different information based on the in-game event called trivia, this guide will attempt to answer all the questions you could possibly have! What Will This Guide Contain? Trivia Rewards Where you will find the Trivia questions How do I answer the trivia questions How often the Trivia Event happens Questions & Answers Where can I spend my trivia points(NPC Location, NPC Name & Points Shop). Trivia R
  7. Invention Guide Introduction Invention is an elite skill that requires you to collect materials by disassembling items in-game and discover blueprints that allow you to use those materials to create items that will help you along your adventures in Ataraxia whether it be Skilling or Combat. Invention can seem quite daunting at first glace for new players and this guide is aimed to help you get on your feet so you can go out there and make those gains! Disclaimer - this guide is mainly focused for new players on regular accounts Requirements 80 Crafting
  8. Armour Sets Malevolent (tier90) Superior Vesta's (tier88) Superior Statius's (tier 88) Refined Anima Core of Zaros (tier85) Superior Tetsu (tier85 tank armour) Tetsu (tier85) Anima Core of Zaros (tier 80) Torva (tier80, also has a hp boost passive) Vesta's (tier78) Statius's (tier78) Bandos (tier70) Third-Age Melee (tier65)
  9. Armour Sets Tectonic ( Tier 90 ) Superior Zuriel (T88) Refined Anima Core of Seren (T85) Superior Seasinger (Tier 85 Tank) Regular Seasinger (T85 Tank) Anima Core of Seren (T80) Virtus (T80 plus HP bonus effect) Zuriel's (T78) Ganodermic (T75) Subjugation (T70) Ahrim's (T70) Third-Age Mage (T65)
  10. How2 is going to be a series of guides made by me. The main point of these guides will be to offer more in-depth guidance when it comes to relatively basic things. Hopefully you will find them informative and helpful. (this is my first ever written guide, so any feedback on the formatting, and overall usefulness would be appreciated) Hydrix Jewellry Amulet of Souls Soul Split has a 50% chance to heal 25-50% more. The Amulet of Souls is a very strong amulet for melee, ranged, and magic. This item is tradeable with other players.
  11. How to make fires? To make a fire, players need any log and a Tinderbox. Use the Tinderbox on the Log After you have created a succesfull fire you can Right click the fire and click "Use" to throw some more logs on that. How to buy Tinderbox? Players can buy this at "Bob" at home (Ironman & Women can also trade Bob!) What to burn at what level? Level 1 - Logs Level 15 - Oak Logs Level 30 - Willow Logs Level 35 - Teak Logs Level 45 - Maple Logs Level 50 - Mahogany Logs Level 60 - Yew Logs Level 75 - Magic Logs Always burn the best Log for the bes
  12. Hello! This is the guide to almost all trivia questions with their answers. There are only around 60 or so questions, and a few of them you'll likely never see because you're too busy conquering Ataraxia. Trivia rewards players with cash and trivia points. The amount of cash received depends on how quickly you answer! Most questions reward 375k, with some rewarding up to 562k*, and decrease in amount as you are in 2nd, 3rd, 4th place, and so on. Trivia points can be spent on various rewards inside the Trivia point shop; accessed through the Wise Old Man at home. Trivia shop r

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