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Ataraxia Updates #20 - 6th November, 2021

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[+] General Changes

- Made Shadowy egg from Elite Dungeons 3 tradeable
- Added a dig delay to Strykewyrms (3 seconds) to ensure they don't get stuck after being awoken (stomped on)
- Added Potion batches and handled them with Achievements and Skilling contracts (they will count as 5 potions when made)
- Buffed the droprate of Shadow spikes and Terrasaur maul pieces from Raksha
- Added all NPC/Player option settings so you can now enable left click only, right click only, hidden etc.
- Handled all chat settings properly for both Legacy and Rs3 styles
- Added Stronghold of Security dungeon fully
- Voting on 2 or more sites will now give you 2x Double experience tomes (30m) which can be redeemed at any time to grant 30 minutes of Double experience
- Replaced the Firemaking random event with a humanoid npc, like other random events it will now grant experience exclusively
- Lowered the amount of Agility pyramid completions required from 8-15 to 5-10 for Contracts
- Lowered the amount of Skilling contracts required to reach the next multiplier from 50 to 30
- Buffed coin drops from RDT, this will buff Seren spirits from 250 - 500 to 25,000 - 50,000
- Added Superior Fremennik armour creation, you can now use a Fremennik equipment patch on any Spined, Rock-shell or Skeletal piece to upgrade it to a degradeable T65 power armour
- Added Portable Fairy ring from Invention, you can now teleport to Fairy rings on the move!
- Added Scan clues pulsing indicator (the green circles)
- Added Celtic knots to Elite clue scrolls, they will appear more commonly than the Sliding puzzles (I advise downloading Alt1 and using that)
- When upgrading a mattock in your toolbelt it will now remove your old one to your inventory
- Globetrotter outfit pieces now has tooltips
- Added news for receiving Orlando smith's hat from Clue scrolls


[+] Ancient Summoning

- You can unlock Ancient Summoning immediately, but to do so you'll require the following materials which, for Ironmen, will require 58 Archaeology.
- To begin, make some Binding contracts requiring the following materials:


- With the Binding contracts in your inventory, you then go and kill one of the following creatures: Hellhound (45), Waterfiend (50), Blood reaver (73), Gargoyle (75), Abyssal demon (85), Kal'gerion demon (90), Ripper demon (96). Each of which requiring a Summoning level, you will receive experience and the familiar pouch will be put in your inventory.
- You can now summon the familiar!
- All of the familiars have passive effects and scroll effects detailed below:


Passive effect: Absorbs 10% of any damage dealt to you by taking the hit itself
Active effect: Heals for 10% of its max health



Passive effect: Grants a 5% chance while training Mining, Fishing, Woodcutting, Divination or Archaeology to duplicate the resource and store it inside the Waterfiend at a maximum of 20 items
Active effect: Teleports all items stored within the familiar's inventory to your bank



Passive effect: Deals 25% of your healing done as damage to its target
Active effect: Transfers 10% of the familiar's max health to you


Passive effect: Grants an invisible +12 Mining level boost
Active effect: Your next Mining swing will deal 50% more damage


Passive effect: The summoning familiar will automatically teleport to the target and deal damage when it teleports
Active effect: Bind and Teleblock the target for 9.6 seconds


Passive effect: Summons this beefy fucker
Active effect: Will temporarily provide the player, familiar and nearby other players with a +5% crit stike buff for 15 seconds


Passive effect: Deal more damage to the target according to how much health missing it has
Active effect: Replicates the Ripper demon's 'jump' attack dealing 200-320% of its max hit in damage

- All of these active effects require the Familiar scrolls, which will require sacrificing the pouches!
- Hope you enjoy, this should spice up some late game pvm!


[+] Sunken Pyramid (Player Owner Slayer Dungeons)

- You can get to the Sunken pyramid through the Skilling teleports > Slayer interface
- The Sunken pyramid acts as a personal Slayer dungeon, allowing you to customise 3 rooms to your preferred creatures
- You can begin by entering the Sunken pyramid lobby to talk to Faiza who will give you some Ushabti and a Slayer codex to track your souls gained
- Any of the talk options on Faiza will help explain more if you find it confusing!
- When killing a monster you will have the chance to capture it's soul (provided you have an Ushabti (empty) in your inventory) which will show like so:


- When receiving an Ushabti you can take it back to the room with Faiza, you add it to the Chest of souls:


- Which will grant you Slayer experience and also unlock that creature on your Slayer Codex
- Now you can use that monster to fill your Dungeon, collect more Ushabti with that monster soul and then go into your PSD and use it on an empty spot!
- Once you've filled up a room you can enter your dungeon as usual and fight the monsters there with ease!
- Find more extensive detail here: https://runescape.wiki/w/Sunken_Pyramid



[+] Rare Mystery Box Rotation

- Cosmetic items have rotated! Firstly, Red, Green and Blue Halloween masks have had their rate 5x'd until the next rotation!
- The following items have been added to the Rare Mystery Boxes:





- The rotation following this will be moving on from hats... We will be recolouring full outfits.. Stay tuned!



[+] Bug Fixes

- Fixed Raksha not being attackable while using melee
- Fixed the message for Vote parties stating the wrong amount of books given
- Fixed Skilling contracts not giving Treasure hunter keys to ironmen accounts after completing 100 contracts in a row
- Fixed a problem with the Fairy rings nulling keyboard shortcuts until you relog
- Fixed dungeoneering make-x actions incorrectly checking for the level not taking into account boosts
- Fixed shortcut near Sinclair mansion 
- Fixed Uzi's perk shop awarding you the incorrect amount of Donor total when buying multiple items
- Fixed Ushabti buy amounts from Slayer rewards
- Fixed a problem with Inventory space checking for some Slayer rewards
- Fixed Ring of dueling turning into a single coin when it runs out of charges
- Fixed a problem with Wisdom aura not unlocking the custom versions automatically
- Fixed a problem with shield cosmetics not being overrided
- Fixed a problem with Elite dungeon bosses not counting as reaper kills while duo/trioing
- Fixed Tool leprechaun options being reversed
- Fixed a problem in Sophanem dungeon causing the NPCs to stop aggroing you
- Fixed a problem causing Treasure trails hint arrows not appearing on the ground
- Fixed Globetrotter outfit effects


Keep up to date on Ataraxia 2 through our Discord: https://discord.gg/yuKh6Qt/


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