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  1. probably did misread it because I was using it infinitely. I realized i misread it after using it in-game. again master rank on forums when?
  2. So vamp isn't unlimited anymore. R.I.P. PvM Pepega. Master donator rank when btw
  3. This guide is going to be straight to the point. Nex is practically AFK outside of a few mechanics that could kill you if you don't pay attention to them. Here's what kind of gear I highly recommend before attempting Nex: (runes for blood barrage) Cheap gear: Ideal gear: Inventory: Preparation for Nex Before you head over to Nex, you should make sure to get a bonfire boost using Evil Bark, obtained from players or the Evil Tree. This bonfire boost will last for 2 hours. If you want to stay at nex for the entire two hours, I recommend br
  4. Noice m8. Ctrl + G for gimbank when though ❤️ thanks for pushing it out for us ?
  5. Good luck for sure! How come it's a race? and where is the twist? lol
  6. Just checked back as I'm doing videos for currently existing guides, and noticed that a bit of the equipment was missing like rings for ranged, and off-hands for each style.
  7. Don't worry fellas, i'm on it <3
  9. bad luck man! but wish you the best for hard mode log ?
  10. 1. The addiction. The grind. The competitiveness. Those who've known me for a while will also know exactly what I mean ? 2. @Uzi @vengeance @Clumsy @Ash @Noele @Jaedmo @Overpowered @killnubsftw @Tranquility @Dashie @Chris @Chloe @Arachnid @Hot Milo @Snowie @Craftwork @Snixie @Will @Feed My Ego You guys have all, at one point, made my day better when I really needed it. Thank you. ❤️
  11. I chose Uzi because he's shown consistency in his position, and ability to learn and adapt to new situations as they come. On top of that, he always has a way to have people help make the server better, which inspires players to care about the server more. ❤️
  12. good shit mah man reminds me of my goals post that's been abandoned lol
  13. Can we get some more love for this post please ❤️
  14. Veng combo with mage loadout :omegabruh:

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