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  1. Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to My Casual Realism Ironman Series Thread. This thread is still a Work-In-Progress [Welcome] ➥I have decided to create a thread to mainly post my adventures in Ataraxia. ➥In this thread I will post my activities, gains, and other worthy "post-ables". [Goals] ➥Short Run (within the year): - Max Cape - Self Sustaining Iron Man - Donate to the Server - PVM-Ready by End of Year ➥Long Run (could take years): - Completionist Cape - Complete at least (1) Collection Log - Have Max Stack of each it
  2. In-game name: T A E Experience Mode: Realism (x1) RED = Incomplete GREEN = Complete Goals: Complete Masterwork Armour Set Obtain BIS Range Gear Obtain BIS Mage Gear Obtain BIS Melee Gear Smelt 10,000 Elder Rune Bars Chop 10,000 Elder Logs Fletch 10,000 Elder Shieldbows Fish 10,000 Rocktails Farm 10,000 Fellstalks Complete 1,000 Prifddinas Agility Laps Thieve 10,000 Times Obtain The Max Cape Obtain The Completionist Cape I will update this thread as often as possible however I imagine it wi

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