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  1. Suggestion for EXPERT MODE, change experience rate to x15. it's called "expert" and it has same experience rate as group ironman. I believe x25 will be too quick for an expert mode and should be around the 10-15x mark Giving it an amazing balance between grind and experience. Also have you thought about, "decreasing xp rates once you hit 99, to allow for longer grinds?"
  2. 👀 I was not around for Ataraxia-1, but I am here for 2, and boy do I hope whatever your talking about, is fixed. haha
  3. Hello fellow Ataraxian's! i'm very anxious and excited to see the new server reveal! coming from many years of OSRS playing, with the odd few months of rs3, my peeve is having to pay for bonds, so i just stick to private servers 😛 anyways, we'll go by firstly saying that I go by "Mills," it isnt my NAME, but it is my nickname. I am 24 years old with a huge passion for simulation games and runescape. Been playing runescape off and on since oh god... 2005? private servers even shortly after that... mopar client days! ! I generally do have a great head on my shoulders when
  4. Mills

    Jack's intro

    Excited to see server come online, so i can interact and chat with you! nice to meet you!

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