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  1. Was a sexy release mate ❤️
  2. Welcome to the club mate. Hope you have a good time here. Very exciting. Compared to what Ataraxia was, it's a whole new experience.
  3. - The following areas are now multi: Celestial dragons Crystal shapshifters. Kalgerion demons. - The bug with the crystal chest sometimes not taking your key has been fixed. - Seren godbow special attack now uses 60% energy (down from 75%). - Increased the hit probability for the Seren godbow special attack. - Drain rates for prayers have been corrected to RS3 rates. - Global prayer modifier implemented to adjust the drain rate of all prayers. Currently configured to drain 50% slower than RS3. Combat changes: - 2h weaponry now attack
  4. Patch Notes: Additions / Changes: Fixes: Big ass shoutout to @armark1ng for busting his ass over the christmas period and consistently pushing out updates. @lare96, you've been great so far as well, no doubt we got a great dev team behind us. As for upcoming updates: - Clue scroll rewrite - Divination changes so it is exactly like RS3 - New content ? Thank you everyone for being a part of this and sticking by! Much, much more to come.
  5. Great work guys ❤️ thank you for all the work.
  6. Fuck. You're a special informant now boy. Best maintain that trust ;).
  7. Hey guys, here are the patch notes for the most recent update: Christmas event: - There is now a chance to find Christmas items in mystery boxes Other changes / Fixes: - Shards have been removed from LootShare - Fix t90 armors becoming degraded when undyed - ;;kickme Discord command, will kick your linked in-game account - Fix "Please finish what you're doing before transforming." spam - The "String jewellery" spell will now stop when banking, moving, etc. - Fix extreme strength potion skilling contract - Complete perk package fixed to have all perks
  8. Hey guys so this is the complete list of updates and fixes involving the website so far, from beginning to present. It not much at all, very small list compared to what needs to be done, but the amount of work gone into each small detail is nuts, especially since I've done it from the ground up with virtually no help, making everything custom and tailored to Ataraxia. I know this isn't even the full list and I'm missing out a lot. However, I hope you enjoy seeing what I have done. I'm happy with how much has progressed over the course of a few months. Updates: - Setup new dedic
  9. No problem. I'll be writing a forthcoming list for things to expect in the near future.
  10. Hey guys, here are the notes for recent patch: - Small presents will now be obtained much more slowly from thieving - The naughty and nice lists will now show when they were last refreshed - New players now get easy clue scrolls instead of elite ones - Remove "Now isn't a good time to do this." spam - 300% increase to Evil Tree farming XP - You can now sell stuff to the chime shop (no longer says there isn't enough space) - Fix ;;ticket command - Trivia highscores! Check the scoreboard at ;;home - The scoreboard at ;;home now has a "Last-viewed" second option. This will al
  11. Great work guys! Hope everyone likes this update ?
  12. A lot coming our way for Ataraxia bois stay tuned.

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