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Ataraxia Updates #3 - 10th February 2021

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[+] General Changes

- Removed Vote books (Books of Knowledge) from Vote Parties, replaced with Mystery boxes
- Removed Asylum Surgeon ring from Treasure Trails Item shop
- Discontinued Rare Item Token store (Diango), constantly rotating this Shop proved difficult over the last few years, instead, I felt it was best to include these items in other content such as Treasure Hunter, Events
- Blurite Rock has been adjusted to the Mining and Smithing rework, it requires 75 Mining, Hardness: 140, Hitpoints: 1000 and XP Multiplier: .8x. The rock also has a new loot table, you can receive: Luminite, Orichalcite, Drakolith, Necrite, Phasmatite, Light animica and Dark animica from the rock randomly
- Removed Crystal glass/Robust glass container mining
- Renamed Rune pouches to: Rune pouch (holds 16k of 3 runes), Large rune pouch (holds 50k of each rune) and Huge rune pouch (holds 2B of each rune). Large rune pouch provides +5 damage and Huge rune pouch provides +10 with +10 life bonus
- Added Kal'gerion Demon Dungeoneering resource dungeon access
- Ithell Home portal now functions
- All Random events (the npc that pops up) will now give you experience if you talk to them! The formula is: Level in the Skill * 5, therefore, if you are Skilling at 99 Fishing on Expert mode (25x) and click the NPC, you'll receive: 99 * 5 * 25 which is 12,375 extra experience! This should encourage people to stay active and present at their screens to receive the best Exp/hr
- Removed all occurrences of the Squeal of Fortune on the source as they are no longer used
- Removed Portable forge from Ataraxia
- Scrimshaw Craftter ($500+ Donor Prifddinas harp that provided more experience/dust) renamed to Donor harp and replaced with an actual Harp
- Removed Zamorak/Saradomin staff from Combination interface, they will be added elsewhere in order to aid Ironman early-game progression
- The Portal at the center of the new home can now be used as Goodwill or the Grand exchange
- Globe of Goodwill/Well of Goodwill has now been renamed to just Goodwill
- Removed old objects from the Menaphos home to avoid people using them for freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
- Added Stone spirits up to Animica and Rune salvage to Demon flash mobs
- Added Charming imp to Dungeoneering shop
- Removed Old dungeoneering, it is no longer needed for Ataraxia 2
- Removed the awarding of Donor boxes when reaching certain donor ranks



[+] Skilling Contracts

- With Daily challenges coming to Ataraxia 2, Skilling contracts will remain a great way to train individual skills
- As stated in Update #1, Contracts can now be blocked for Skills that you are 200m experience in, due to this, the EXP multiplier from contracts has been reduced from x75 to x50
- Furthermore, while the rewards from Contracts are great, the ability to eliminate the need of completing other essential content pieces of Ataraxia through the rewards of Skilling contracts on an ironman account are too overpowered to keep
- Therefore, the following changes have been made to the item rewards from Contracts: Format: Item, MinAmount-MaxAmount,

Fellstalk Seeds, 25-50, 5-15
Raw Sharks, 40-80, 20-40
Raw Rocktail, 20-40, 10-20
Papaya Fruit, 40-60, 20-30
All Ores and Bars, Removed
Teak Planks, 150-250, 30-50
Mahogany Planks, 200-350, 20-40
Triskelion Key, 1-2, 1
Uncut Onyx, 1-2, 1
Uncut Dragonstone, 25-50, 5-15
Uncut Diamond, 50-75, 20-40
Uncut Ruby, 75-100, 30-50
Uncut Emerald, 100-125, 40-65
Uncut Sapphire, 125-150, 55-100
Elder Logs, 50-75, 20-35
Magic Logs, 75-100, 35-50
Yew Logs, 100-125, 40-65
Rune Dragon Bones, 20-40, 10-20 
Adamant Dragon Bones, 40-60, 10-30
Dragon Bones, 50-100, 20-50
All Unf potions, Removed
Black D'leather, Black D'hide, 25-50, 5-15
Red D'leather, Red D'hide, 50-75, 10-25
Blue D'leather, Blue D'hide, 75-100, 20-40
Green D'leather, Green D'hide, 100-125, 25-50
Royal D'leather, Royal D'hide, 20-40, 10-20
All Skillchompas, 10-20, 10-30 (buffed)



[+] New Default Teleport Interface

- The inconsistencies between the old Teleport interface and the style of Runescape 3 was too high:


- Previously known but not often talked about (And new players had no idea it existed was this interface:


- Which is a lot more Runescape3-esque and lets be honest, doesn't look shit
- As the old interface has a lot of Teleports the new one doesn't, I've had to improvise a little bit
- Stanley Limelight at Home will now teleport you to Minigames:


- As we have the new Boss portals at Max Guild and at Home, the ability to teleport directly to bosses is over. You will have to pick and choose between the bosses you would like to configure to the portals, otherwise, on your bike lad.
- Furthermore:
- Fixed all typos in Skilling interfaces (predominantly Priffdinas to Prifddinas)
- Fixed Construction teleports taking you to Gnome agility, added Prifddinas Ithell Construction portal teleport
- Fixed Cooking teleports taking you to Gnome agility, added Max Guild bonfire and Prifddinas center bonfire teleports
- Added Max Guild bonfire and Prifddinas center bonfire teleports for Firemaking as well
- Added Artisan's workshop teleport to Smithing
- Added Taverley Summoning & Prifddinas Summoning teleports
- Removed the following Slayer location teleports: Desert, Ice and Jungle strykewyrms, Camel warriors, Ripper demons, Sophanem Dungeon, Edimmu, Ascension Dungeon, Kal'gerion Demons
- This is to encourage travel and experience (also there'll be the ability to teleport to your Slayer task)
- Added Dwarf Battlefield and Rune dragons
- Removed the following Farming location teleports: Ardougne herb, Port Phasmatys herb, Prifddinas herb, Falador tree, Gnome stronghold tree, Prifddinas tree, Gnome fruit tree, Tree gnome fruit tree, Lletya fruit tree, Karamja fruit tree, Prifddinas fruit tree
- This was to eliminate the easiness of Farming runs, there should be more planning and travelling (also there'll be an item to teleport to all the Patches)
- Renamed Jungle to Hardwood Trees and Fishing Colony to Piscatoris Fishing Colony



[+] Home Thieving Stalls

- In order to start the balance of gp/hr and the baseline of the economy for Ataraxia 2, it had to begin with the first thing every player will go to. Thieving stalls.
- On previous versions of Ataraxia we've had 5 Basic Thieving stalls; Crafting (low level crafting supplies), Food (All tiers of Fish), General (Mid-level crafting supplies), Magic (Magic armour, Runes) and Scimitar stall (scimitars, shocker).
- All of these stalls were beneficial in their own way, Food great for early game fish, Crafting great to start crafting, General great for Ironmen and magic/scim great for Money. 
- All of these stalls had passive money gain per thieve, from: 1gp - Thieving Level * 52 for the lowest stall to 1gp - Thieving level * 252 for Scimitar. 
- On top of this, we added two Donor stalls, the Bronze stall which gave an assortment of Noted/Unnoted Uncut/Cut gems and the Diamond stall which gave Proteans, Noted high level food, Silverhawk feathers, Noted high level gems, AS WELL AS 1gp - Thieving Level * 350 per thieve.
- Re-releasing the Thieving like this would be detrimental to the Ataraxia 2 economy day 1. Therefore, after discussing with Beta testers, it was agreed the best way to balance the system would be removing the entire gp reward and instead giving a single item per thieve that sells for a guaranteed amount of money.
- So, here are the new values (Stall: Item, Price):

Crafting Stall: Polished buttons, 100gp
Food Stall: Rotten tomato, 500gp
General Stall: Bottle of wine, 1050gp
Magic Stall: White magic staff, 1550gp
Scimitar Stall: Rusty scimitar, 2050gp
$20 Stall: Lapis lazuli gem, 2350gp
$500 Stall:  Unchanged, read below

- I decided to leave the entire idea of the Diamond stall as is, you can choose to go to the other stalls for base cash, but the Diamond stall is a great source of other items.
- However, Silverhawk feathers have been removed and the amount of Gp you receive from Thieving the Diamond stall has been reduced to 1gp - Thieving level * 30, meaning you'll receive at random an amount between 1gp - 2970gp per Thieve.


[+] New Home Portals

- The Home area Boss portals have been added! You can now attune these to the Boss you would like for 3 million gp per time:


- There are Two portals that can be tuned, as well as a 3rd portal that will soon be made into the "Spotlight portal" meaning every time the Boss spotlight rerolls, the portal will be directed to that Boss for free


[+] Website Changes

- Excuse the pixelated imagery, when taking screenshots of large areas it seems to die.
- The Store has been updated! We have moved past Gpay and finally have an inbuilt store into our Website. This ups the amount of customising we can do as well as lessens the tax we receive per transaction (Gpay took 3% of everything, and then we paid another % for Stripe (who we still use))
- The Store is yet to be finalised so don't take this image as the full store, but it allows us an awesome UI to buy products as well as apply coupons as you can see here:


- Furthermore, it has an extremely easy-to-use Dashboard for the Administrators to apply coupon codes etc:


- I'm excited to start using this Store as it should greatly improve not only the usability for you guys, but also the profit for myself and the Developers, by about 3% 🙂
- I will have the full Store finalised by the next Update!

- The overall quality of the Website has been improved, Node and Kingfox have been working hard to finally get our Website to an excellent standard, and Node has managed to pull this off: 

- While you may not realise it from your point of views, this will greatly improve the performance of the website going into the future.

- The Website has a new Downloads page! As we now have a Mac/Linux compatible NXT client, we'll be able to provide everyone with the best client possible, as well as detailing the listed requirements to run the game smoothly:


- Voting has been reworked! We have added a new site: https://runelist.io/
- As well as a new look, still a few small issues with Voting, which will be ironed out later today!: 


- Finally, and best for last, Hiscores. For a long time we've had a lot of issues with the Hiscores, players receiving 2b exp and then randomly losing their spot, players just disappearing etc.
- But I'm proud to put forward our new Hiscores, it's best if you take a look and browse around yourself but by all means read here as well: https://ataraxia-ps.com/hiscores/


- As you can see, there's a new look. Let me walk you through it:
- Up the top you'll see Regular/Normal, referring to the Game mode and account type (eg. Expert, Ironman), on the right of that is Virtual levels, where you can toggle between seeing people's levels up to 120.
- It will also detail the last time their account file/experience was updated, along with Experience, Total Level and the indices of their Prestige level. Player rankings will scale on Prestige > Total Level > Experience, I.E 3rd prestige total 2000 will beat a 2nd prestige total 2200


- As we can see here, it details their Game mode, exp rate, prestige and total level. As well as the last update for their account.
- The COOLEST feature of the new hiscores is the Change column, which will show the amount of experience they've received since "This week", but you can change between the options: 


- To see how quickly your competitors are gaining experience!
- We do plan on expanding the Hiscores further, as you can see we need to add Archaeology to it as well as introducing Boss kills, clues, Minigame hiscores, but that will all follow launch.
- A huge shout out to Kingfox for all of the Web development and Node for overseeing and assisting with the entire thing as well as non-stop supporting the Website and backend of the server.



A new feature I wanted to add to the Updates, as you can see on the Discord we have the progression Graphic, I want to explain the progress on each that isn't included with these updates.

Player vs. Monsters

Lots of progress on the new Slayer system, pretty much finished, only new content to add like Lost grove, Elite creatures, Anachronia etc.

Experience system for Slayer completely finished.


No progress


Completed Evil trees and Demon Flash mobs reward rework, Treasure trails step rework, perk rework etc to come this week


All website changes done as you can see above. Donor area progress is quick, however, still deciding on the perfect area to encapsulate it all. Group Ironman seasons have been determined and are going to be implemented this week as well. Donor store goods to be added to the Store this week.


The current projects being worked on at the moment are:

Slayer Rework, Prestige System, Donor area, Donor Rank benefits, Donor perks, Daily Challenges & the Web Store. 


Stay up to date with our progress on Ataraxia 2 through our Discord: https://discord.gg/yuKh6Qt/

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