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Chapter 1; What is Donator total?

2IDqvK6.png It is located in the Noticeboard under --statistics--

Donator total is the total sum of amount you have spent in the game, buying perks, boxes, ataraxia coins etc. People tend to sell their donor total if they feel like it. NOTE! It only gives you the respective donator RANK. Perks and rest of the things must be obtained buy buying them with dollars.
Chapter 2; Buying Donator Total

Jaimo has a donator total of 2000 he has all the perks and things he needs, but lacks some gold coins so he decides to sell his remaining 1000.

Phyllis wants to buy $1000 total > jaimo is selling $1000 for 5million gp 1$ ( players advert how much they're willing to sell their donator total for GP/per dollar )

Phyllis has to provide a donation total transfer scroll which costs 25$ (Unless both sides have another agreement)

NOTE! 1 scroll has a maximum of 250$ transfer limit

In total Phyllis will trade Jaimo 5b GP and the donator total transfer scrolls.

After that Phyllis will have 1000 donator total + the scroll totals and have achieved master rank.

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