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Ataraxia Updates #33 - 19th August 2022

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[+] General Changes

- Buffed Guildmaster Tony's mattock to 1/2500
- You can now type ;;resetlogin to reset your online login streak, some people requested this to reset their login streak on the weekend so they can get the rewards again
- Adamantite teleport on Mining teleports will now take you to Varrock SE mine
- Dollars are now a 1/40 from each Vote instead of 1/50
- Removed damage cap on Demon Flash Mobs
- When answering trivia, it will now tell you what position you came.. EG: You answered correctly and received x coins for answering 1st
- Extended Daily challenges will now give you 2 Treasure hunter keys
- Vote dollars have been discontinued, you can now convert Vote dollars to regular dollars, all shops now stock Ataraxia dollars
- Buffed the amount of Donor total you receive from 10/12 hour login streaks on weekends from $1/$2 to $2/$3
- Increased the price of Treasure hunter keys in the Trivia shop 
- Removed the Slayer level requirement inside Elite dungeons
- Changed realism/all ironman icons to the Barbell ironman icon
- Platinum members+ no longer need Barrows totems to enter Rots
- Any account can now use ;;fp (was previously blocked for ironmen)
- Changed Pulse core reward from Skilling contracts to Advanced Pulse cores
- Added all Minigame teleports to the 'Locations' tab on ctrl-t
- Added Watermelon slicing
- Added Ava's alerter to the Ranged equipment shop
- Added Shade bottom drop (was dropping two tops)
- Added Gem stall from DZ to Ardy square except it requires 75 Thieving instead of 50
- Added filter to the Furnace perk message


[+] Boss Killcount Announcements

- Removed Top 3 Voters, Pkers, Donors and Dominion tower world announcements
- World announcements will now be shared between 50% informative messages and 50% displaying Boss killcount hiscores.. For example:


- This new system should add a bit more competition within the PVM community! Attempting to best each other's kill-count and be in the top 3 for all time killers!
- Just from the stats above, it's looking like Zenity is in the lead for a majority of them..


[+] Event Tokens

- There was a system I spotted on an RSPS a few years ago that I always wanted to introduce to Ataraxia.. It puts event creation in the hands of the players, allowing them to dictate when and what events occur!


- These tokens are quite rare and will be scarce throughout Ataraxia.. 
- But what do they do? There's 8 different events:

Double Drops: All NPC drops will be doubled for the next hour
Double Resource Gathering: All resources from Archaeology (not artifacts), Divination, Fishing, Mining and Woodcutting are doubled for the next two hours
Double Slayer/Reaper points: All points received from Slayer and Reaper tasks will be doubled for the next two hours
Triple Experience: Triple experience for the next hour, Ironmen accounts receive 2x
Double Spotlights: All spotlight effects are doubled for the next two hours
Skilling Contract EXP: All contracts will grant regular experience instead of Bonus experience for the next two hours
Drop Rate Boost: Everyone will have +25% droprate for the next hour
Extra Damage: Everyone will have +30% damage for the next hour

- These all sound great, right? Well, there's a bit of a catch.. Firstly, let me tell you where to get Event tokens:

NPC Drops: 1/50,000 from all NPCs
Skilling Contracts: 1/1500 from each Skilling contract completed
Voting: 1/250 from each vote claimed
Donating: 1/50 from each Donation claimed
Reaper Contracts: 1/250 from each Reaper contract completed
Slayer Tasks: 1/333 from each Slayer task completed
Evil Trees: 1/200 from each Evil tree killed
Penguins: 1/1000 from each Penguin spotted
Shooting Stars: 1/200 from every 200 dust handed in

- These are all the possible ways to receive tokens.. Now, when using one you'll be presented with this screen:


- Picking a specific event will require 3 tokens, or, you can test your luck and pick a Random event for just 1 token!
- When picking any event or a Random, a world announcement will be triggered:


- An announcement will also be posted to the Discord channel: #token-events and will tag anyone with the role 'Event Enjoyer' so you can get on ASAP if there's a juicy event that's just been active.
- Every Token that drops from anything will spark a world announcement, so people can either guilt you into enabling a random event or pray you have enough tokens to pick an overpowered one!
- Only one event can be active at a time, so if you have some tokens and someone activates a shit event, you'll have to wait!
- You can type ;;events to check which events are active.


[+] Collection Titles

- Collection titles are now fully added, upon completing the collection, a global announcement will be posted and you'll unlock the title permanently!



- As some of you will have already completed these collections, upon logging in after the updated you will be welcomed with messages stating your feat and the unlocking of the titles!
- Here's some other titles added:

the Deceiver
the Defeater
the Reaper
the Reaper (Insane)
the Very Good Farmer
the Master Farmer
Jack of Trades
Jack of All Trades
Jack of Blades
Jack of All Blades
the Ironman/Ironwoman
Hardcore Ironman/Ironwoman
the Hardcore Ironman/Ironwoman
the Ironman/Ironwoman Btw (500 hours play instead of rs3 req)
the Hardcore Ironman/Ironwoman Btw (500 hours play instead of rs3 req)


[+] Solak


- Solak is finally here!
- Solak is the most powerful boss in Ataraxia, but don't worry, you will be rewarded for your feats of strength. Solak drops the best-in-slot dual wield Ranged weapons, the Blightbound crossbows:


- He also drops Erethdor's grimoire, the best-in-slot pocket item:


- The Grimoire has been buffed on Ataraxia, while equipped and charged, all crits dealt will deal 0.7-1.6x your max hit extra instead of the base 0.2-0.8 without
- Some players did testing on the Beta using it and... Without Grim: 32.2-33.2k dpm, with Grim: 35.7-36.4k dpm
- Finally, Solak drops Solly: 


- Now I have absolutely no idea how the mechanics of Solak work. They are extremely important if you intend on getting successful kills, BIS gear won't cut it, you need to learn the mechanics.
- You will need at minimum T80-T85 equipment with T90 weapons, 95+ Prayer, 95+ all combat stats, Overloads+, High level Invention perks, Summoning BoB and you will need to flick between multiple protection prayers.
- I went to detail his mechanics, got what I thought was the end, but no, it was just the first phase... DYOR:




[+] Bug Reports

- Fixed porters being tradeable
- Fixed arrows daily challenge only counting for headless arrows
- Fixed the world announcement "You receive 10% bonus damage" to "You can receive 10% bonus damage"
- Fixed the Hunter outfit granting +60% exp when equipped instead of +6%
- Fixed completed clues quick chats
- Fixed Jad pet gamble announcing weirdly
- Fixed doors in Lumby church
- Fixed Skilling contracts giving no TH keys on 100th contract reward when it states it does
- Fixed Edimmus dropping the wrong Crystal bow id
- Fixed typo in Guthixian cache announcement and made it not send 3 times in Discord


Keep up to date on Ataraxia 2 through our Discord: https://discord.gg/yuKh6Qt/

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