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  1. I'm back! Holiday was excellent but also quite happy to be back and hopefully back to our regular irregular update schedule. This one will be a decent size, but I'd like to get back to the massive updates following this :) We've aimed to go more for Suggestions/Bug reports over large pieces of content [+] General Changes - Removed the extra hsr message from Vorago drop mechanics - Made the time for days left for the D&D to UTC - Added an instance timer for all instances - Added a 'rejoin last instance' for Solak - Telos killcount world announcement now pr
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  2. Starting Guide Game modes & Experience rates Realism - 1x Experience rate and 20% Drop Rate boost. Legendary - 5x Experience rate and 10% Drop Rate boost. Expert - 25x Experience rate and 5% Drop Rate boost. Normal - 50x Experience rate and 0% Drop Rate boost. Hardcore (HC) Ironman - Trade Restricted | Fixed 5% Experience rate and 15% Drop Rate boost. Group Ironman - Trade Restricted outside of Members in your Group | Fixed Experience rate and Drop Rate boost. Regular players or Ironmen players can choose any experience rate. Some important notes Y
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  3. Conquering Mid-Game (work in progress) Mid Game progression After getting familiar with the Ataraxia for a while, you are ready to take the account to the next step - Mid Game Achieving Mid Game will be a grind in itself, but Ataraxia Team made it enjoyable. As mentioned in Starting Guide, a few goals should be achieved before. Getting First Donator Rank, Unlocking Invention Skill, getting 80 Dungeonnering and the Chaotic Staff. This is the gear that you should have by now. Important Notes The account progression should not be limited to this guide, yo
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