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Ataraxia Updates #55 - 14th September, 2020

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Ataraxia Updates #55

- Skilling Spotlights
- Boss Pet Spotlights
- Globe of Goodwill edits
- Bug Fixes


[+] General Changes

- The server will now backup accounts before updating, when restarting the server previously, the server would backup the 30k~ accounts and it took/takes 5-10 minutes, now it'll do it before restarting to save time!
- All tertiary drops will now note properly for Diamond members
- Added the following Enchanted bakriminel bolt specs: Jade, Ruby, Diamond, Dragonstone, Onyx, Ascendri and Hydrix
- Runemetrics Pro now adds to your Donation total when purchasing it
- Edited ;;players, now displays: [Player Rank] Player Name | Exp rate | Total Level | Time Played
- Removed Sirenic scale drops (on the drop table) from the following creatures: Ganodermic Beast, Automatons, Adamant Dragon, Rune Dragon, Dark Beast, Ascension Creatures, Crystal Shapeshifters, Strykewyrms, Jadinkos, Abyssal Demons.
- Global Sirenic scale tertiary drop rate increased from 1/250 to 1/200
- Added Sealed Elites and Masters to the following Drop Tables: Vorago, Kalphite King, Rise of the Six, Queen Black Dragon, The Magister, Araxxor, Giant Mole.
- Removed Lava Flow mining teleport, the location isn't functioning, no need to have it
- Added command: ;;refreshcol, when using this after claiming Skilling/Boss pets it will add those you have but haven't been on the Collection log
- Added Instance for King Black Dragon (edgeville next to bloodwood tree)
- Removed lucky items still lingering in Treasure Hunter
- Magic stones are now noted in the Construction shop
- Telos now drops Crushed nests for those Ironmen seeking Saradomin brews
- Herb Box from Herbivore now has the option to Open-100
- You can now create Elite skilling outfits at the Invention workbench
- You can now change Bombi's colours
- Added the custom Potions from Evil Trees to Make-x interface (Truth Serum, Nature's essence, Blood serum)
- You can now open all Item sets with a chisel for Ironmen


[+] Spotlights


- Hotly requested was a rotating Spotlight on content of Ataraxia. So we decided to do so! Thanks to Arham for working on this and the Skilling spotlights
- Boss Pet Spotlight will rotate every 3 days, the following Bosses can be picked (the spotlight will never be back to back):

Kree'arra, Commander Zilyana, K'ril Tsutsaroth, Nex, Giant Mole, Har-aken, King Black Dragon, Queen Black Dragon, Kalphite Queen, Kalphite King, Corporeal Beast, Chaos Elemental, Legio Primus, Secundus, Tertius, Quartus, Quintus, Sextus, Dagannoth Rex, Supreme, Prime, Vorago, Gregorovic, Helwyr, Twin Furies, Vindicta, Telos, Nex: AoD, The Magister, Seiryu, Araxxor, Glacors

- For those Bosses, it will provide an extra 25% chance to drop the pet on the respective Spotlight! This stacks with the Perk: Petschanter
- Hopefully this brings life into some otherwise "dead" bosses, allowing those who want to complete every Boss a little boost!

- Skilling spotlights will also rotate every 3 days, the following Skills can be picked (not b2b): 

All of them

- Skilling spotlights will provide an extra 20% experience in the Spotlighted skill!


- Also! Something a bit cool, the statistics following the 3 days will be posted to the Discord channel #spotlights here, you will see all the statistics of the past Spotlights!

Here's an example:


[+] Globe of Goodwill

- Also hotly requested was the ability to add GP to the Globe of Goodwill even if it's full!
- Arham also worked on completing this as he wrote the initial Well of Goodwill code that every RSPS uses
- You can now fill the Globe past 100m & it will add on to the already existing time.



[+] Bug Fixes

- Fixed GIM groups being stuck at 4 players, you should now be able to invite a 5th member
- Fixed reported Clues that are bugged
- Fixed the cryptic dig clues
- Fixed server crashing caused by the server trying to find an available spot for the Wizard to spawn for dig clues
- Fixed Runemetrics rows being hidden for inactivity even if they are pinned
- Fixed non-NPC aoe effects EG. Rise of the Six smoke, Vindicta flames etc not dealing damage
- Fixed #suggestions not auto-adding the Thumbs-up and Thumbs-down reaction
- Fixed Bork reaper tasks still being assigned
- Fixed Pure essence non-stop loot beams
- Fixed Ironmen being able to access Grand exchange through Sets
- Fixed Prayer renewal and Overloads continuing after dying
- Fixed Leather gloves being a reward from Treasure hunter, it's meant to be Blue H'ween
- Fixed Telos death penalty taking too much loot from your coffer
- Fixed String jewellery using the wrong runes
- Fixed Clue placeholders counting as an active clue when you open a sealed scroll
- Fixed Silverhawk boots duplicating placeholders for different charge amounts
- Fixed empty slots in different tabs not being removed when depositing a new item
- Fixed Araxxor drop collection adding 2 drops for every Rare drop
- Fixed "Hide pro features" on Runemetrics
- Fixed portable fletcher effect for tipping arrows
- Fixed master fledger perk not working for bowstrings and feathers 
- Fixed portable well effect for Herblore
- Fixed Fletching Gem bolt tips requiring the wrong level
- Fixed Dart fletching requiring Farming rather than Fletching
- Fixed Fletching bolts giving Crafting experience rather than Fletching
- Fixed Pottery oven and wheel selecting the highest product available
- Fixed Pottery oven for firing unfired items
- Fixed creating items for 1 resource but receiving the correct amount of products (eg. Ascension shards 1:10 should be 10:10)
- Fixed cleave weapons occasionally hitting multiple times on the same target


Don't hold your breath too long... Dragonkin Laboratory is about to open it's doors..

Xenthium, Armark1ng, Arham_4, ATD & Jaedmo

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