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Money making guides (in my opinion)

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Money making guide

Making cash on RuneScape is an age old method of extending your playtime as well as making fun content more accessible!

As we all know, those Reaper skips get pricy, and with Ataraxia dollars at 40m+, F2P donor rank seems out of reach for some players.

Below I have compiled what I believe to be some of the best money making methods, for donors and non-donors.



  • VOTING!!



    Now, if I vote on the third site and claim again, the following will happen



    Despite voting on all 3 sites, I did not claim all of them at once, so I do not get the full benefits. Make sure you double check your votes before claim!! The staff will NOT grant you benefits if you miss this!

    This is how voting tracks - it will pull any votes tied to your name that you provided, so if it doesn’t match this name, you’re sunk

    • Voting is available to you every 12 hours, starting from the time the website you voted on registers your vote.
    • You will earn one Vote Point (and an extra for voting on all 3 sites) per Vote, which can be exchanged 10:1 at Party Pete
    • You can buy bulk dollars this way by right-clicking the shop entry - if you go over the amount you can afford, it will buy the maximum based on what you can buy
    • PLEASE make sure your Vote buttons turn GREEN before claiming votes!!
      • If all 3 Vote buttons are not Green when you claim, you will get significantly reduced rewards :C



    • Additionally, be sure the name you vote with matches your IN-GAME NAME, NOT your login name (you can change this at Gold rank and up)


    • Claiming the 3 votes at once will say you claimed 4 votes - this is outdated wording from when there were 4 websites. Don't sweat it.
      • If you let your votes pile up, you will earn Tomes of Experience (purple books that provide 2x XP for 30 minutes) for each vote, but claiming 3 or more will still only give you 6 Vote Damage/Drop Rate Boost (red books that grant 30 minutes of 10% increased damage and 10% increased drop rate).
        • Selling these books can make a quick buck, the Damage/DR books sell better (usually 2-3m each) since other players are trying to create their unlimited version
    • Voting gives you straight GP! Just cash in your pocket!
      • GP earned increases with donor rank, up to 7m at once when you reach Master rank for claiming all sites at once
      • Bonus vote GP is outlined in the ;;donationinfo thread
    • Voting will also make you eligible to receive Vote Books (Books of Knowledge) when certain voting milestones are claimed. Each Vote Book can be converted into Black Coins at varying return rates
      • Grants 40% bonus experience for 1 hour, but NO money (sad)
      • Awards 50,000 GP directly to your currency pouch (unless you have max cash) AND grants 40% bonus experience for 45 minutes
      • Awards 100k GP direct to your currency pouch AND grants 40% bonus experience for 30 minutes
      • Awards 250k GP direct to your currency pouch AND grands 40% bonus experience for 15 minutes
      • Awards 500k GP direct to your currency pouch BUT does not grant any bonus experience
      • Books can also be right-clicked in their stackable form to convert them directly to 50 Black Coins (which you sell to the general store for 10k each, or can be used to combine into ;;comb items like unlimited elder salve, etc). Be sure you sell your black coins if you want the GP!
        • You can specify how many books you want to convert, in case you're short on cash and need to convert just a few, or you can specify over the amount you have to convert the total that you have
        • Note that if you try to convert to coins and the black coins value would exceed a stack of 2147483647 (max value for a 32-bit integer) the black coins will just disappear
  • Trivia

    • Answering trivia questions will earn you flat GP for answering correctly and quickly, depending on how many players are online


      • This is good passive income - not necessarily an amazing money making method but the cash adds up
    • Trivia points can be exchanged 25:1 for Ataraxia dollars at Max




  • Thieving.

    • I cannot stress enough the value of thieving at Home stalls. These are designed to be good AFK thieving XP as well as semi-active money making, since you can sell the items from the thieving stalls for a quick buck, great starting cash, or even quite a lot as you rank up.
    • It is always recommended to make an alt account to thieve on the side while you play your main. A 50x normal account will level quickly, allowing more GP, which can be exchanged on the GE for Ataraxia $, which means donor ranks and perks!
    • Each stall gives the following amounts
      • Crafting stall

        • Requires Thieving level 1


        • Polished buttons sell to general store at 2,000 GP each



          • This nets you 56,000 GP per inventory


      • Food stall

        • Requires Thieving level 30


        • Rotten tomatoes sell to general store at 4,000 GP each



          • This nets you 112,000 GP per inventory


      • General stall

        • Requires Thieving level 65


        • Bottles of Wine sell to general store at 7,500 GP each



          • This nets you 210,000 GP per inventory


      • Magic stall

        • Requires Thieving level 85
        • White Magic Staves sell to general store at 12,500 GP each
          • This nets you 350,000 GP per inventory
      • Scimitar stall

        • Requires Thieving level 95
        • White Scimitars sell to general store at 25,000 GP each
          • This nets you a whopping 700,000 GP per inventory!!
      • Gem stall (One located in Ardougne that does NOT require donor, but has no general store and requires 75 thieving - donor zone stall REQUIRES BRONZE DONOR RANK - $20)


        • Requires Thieving level 75 for the Ardougne stall



        • Lapis Lazuli sell to general store at 30,000 GP each, alch at 33k apiece with the perk


          • This nets you 840,000 GP per inventory
          • Alchemy nets you 924k per inventory!
        • Some of the best AFK GP/Hr in game!!

          • Lower thieving level and higher value means more cash faster!!
    • Note that you do not need anything besides a thieving level for the home stalls, which start at level 1. Donor stall, while some of the best GP in the game, is not your only option.
  • Herblore

    • Surprisingly, making potions can earn you a shitload of money without needing a donor rank!
    • Note that this method is RECOMMENDED, not REQUIRED, to do Evil Trees for the supplies. You may also buy the supplies from other players.
    • Potions for cash (SELL TO GENERAL STORE)
      • Evil Serum (unf) potion



        • Requires 92 herblore to make

          • Despite the option being grayed out, it will still craft if you press Space
        • Requires 1-42 Farming to nurture the Evil Tree in its early stages

        • Requires 1x Evil Herb (collected from nurturing Evil Saplings) and 1x Vial of Water

        • Sells to general store for 30k GP each


        • Additional herbs are potential rewards for killing the Evil Tree

        • Portable Wells are recommended as they can double the potions made, save materials, and increase XP earned

          • Can be purchased from Bronze donor shop, obtained via Treasure Hunter, or placed by other players, but cannot be traded or put on the GE
        • This method will net you up to 108m/hour, assuming you have enough materials and well (or Diamond donor to use permanent) for a full hour.

          • Could be fact checked - numbers came from an old Discord guide
      • Nature's essence (unf) potion



        • Requires 77 herblore to make

        • Requires 1-90 woodcutting depending on the tier of evil tree

        • Made with 1x Evil Bark (obtained from chopping the Evil Tree, NOT the roots) and 1x Vial of Water

        • Sells to general store for 25k GP each


        • Additional bark is a potential reward for killing the Evil Tree

        • Portable Wells are recommended as they can double the potions made, save materials, and increase XP earned

          • Can be purchased from Bronze donor shop, obtained via Treasure Hunter, or placed by other players, but cannot be traded or put on the GE
        • This method will net you up to 79.5m/hour, assuming you have enough materials and well (or Diamond donor to use permanent) for a full hour.

          • Could be fact checked - numbers came from an old Discord guide
      • Super restore potions




        • Made from Snapdragon and Red Spiders' Eggs
          • Eggs can be purchased from Skilling Steven in quantities of 50 at a time
        • As above, recommended to use Portable Well, Brooch of the Gods, and possibly Scroll of Cleansing from Dungeoneering to save materials and make extra potions
        • This method has inconsistent returns as players are looking to make the Unlimited Super Restore, so be mindful of your profit margins when making them
      • Overload potions (up to Elder Salves)

        • As above, mind the market as players are making unlimited variants
        • Elder Overload Salve
          • 1x Elder overload potion


            • 1x Supreme overload potion


              • 1x Overload potion (4)



                • 1x Extreme attack (3)
                  • 1x Super attack (3)

                    (irit and eye of newt)

                  • 1x Clean avantoe

                • 1x Extreme strength (3)
                  • 1x Super strength (3)

                    (kwuarm and limpwurt root)

                  • 1x Clean dwarf weed

                • 1x Extreme defence (3)
                  • 1x Super defence (3)

                    (Cadantine and white berries)

                  • Clean lantadyme

                • 1x Extreme ranging (3)
                  • 1x Super ranging (3)

                    (dwarf weed and Wine of Zamorak)

                  • 5x Grenwall spikes

                • 1x Extreme magic (3)
                  • 1x Super magic (3)

                    (lantadyme and potato cactus

                  • 1x Ground mud rune

                • 1x Clean torstol
              • 1x Super attack (4)

              • 1x Super strength (4)

              • 1x Super defence (4)

              • 1x Super ranging (4)

              • 1x Super magic (4)

              • 1x Crystal flask

            • 1x Clean fellstalk

            • 1x Primal extract

              • Primal extract is obtained by filling vials from Primal Fruit Pulp, which is made by crushing the following fruits
                • Dragonfruit (7 pulp)
                • Avocado (5 pulp)
                • Ciku (4 pulp)
                • Mango (6 pulp)
                • Guarana (5 pulp)
                • Lychee (7 pulp)
                • Carambola (6 pulp)
                • Golden Dragonfruit (8 pulp)
              • You will need an empty vial (NOT a Vial of Water) to collect the extract
              • Each pulp gives 1-3 Primal extract (each one requiring a separate vial) depending on herblore level (1 at 90, 2 at 102, 3 at 112)
            • NO FLASK/VIAL NEEDED - Ingredients are added to the existing one

          • Prayer renewal (4)


            • 1x Clean fellstalk

            • 1x Morchella mushroom

            • Can also be obtained as a reward from supply caches for opening Crystal Chests, or from turning in 200 stardust at a time to the Star Sprite at the end of a Fallen star


            • The red potions in the above image are Prayer Renewal flasks

          • Prayer potion (4)


            • 1x Clean ranarr
            • 1x Snape grass
          • Super antipoison (4)


            • 1x Clean irit
            • 1x Unicorn horn dust
              • Unicorn horns can be purchased from Skilling Steven
          • Antifire (4)


            • 1x Clean lantadyme
            • 1x Dragon scale dust
              • Dragon scales are very commonly acquired from Steel Dragons, as they drop more than Iron Dragons and are not much harder to kill
              • Unlike RS3, blue scales do not passively spawn in the Blue Dragon area of Taverley Dungeon
          • Super antifire (4)

            • 1x Antifire potion (3)
            • 1x Phoenix feather
              • These can be obtained in a variety of ways

              • Most commonly, players obtain them from fallen stars, as turning in stardust can give feathers

              • Alternatively, feathers can be thieved from the Desert Phoenix west of the Dominion Tower

                • It is recommended to have the Sticky Fingers relic equipped, and use the Crystal Mask spell when thieving from the bird. Light Form Seren prayer can also help with this as it enhances the effects of Crystal Mask
              • Non-ironmen, while in possession of at least one phoenix feather, can buy these from the Grand Exchange in an unlimited quantity.First, acquire a feather by any meansNext, you must click “Buy” on a Grand Exchange tileFrom here, click the Feather in your backpack, and then click the red X in the search bar (NOT at the top right of the window) to close the searchTo buy Unlimited Quantity items, click “+5%” and then enter desired quantity






          • It is HIGHLY recommended to unlock the Scroll of Cleansing from Dungeoneering reward shop before making these potionsPoor Marmaros :C



            • If the player has unlocked the scroll of cleansing perk from Dungeoneering but does not have the Herblore master cape unlocked for its batch overload perk, it is recommended to create this potion using a supreme overload salve instead of an elder overload potion. The reason for this is that due to the mechanics of the Scroll of cleansing, it is possible to save a supreme overload potion when creating a supreme overload salve but not when creating an elder overload potion. By mixing supreme salves first, the player will be able to stretch their supreme overload potions further as a result, saving money and resulting in more experience gained in the long run.

            • On Ataraxia, Elder Overload potions can be doubled via Portable Well, so it is ALWAYS recommended NOT to make them in batches with the Herblore Master cape.


  • Crafting

    • Dragonhide bodies

      • These will always be money if you gather the hides yourself as they have high general store values
        • Green bodies


          • Requires 63 Crafting

          • Hides obtained from Green (always 1) and Celestial (sometimes several noted) dragons

          • Sells to general store for 7,800 GP


        • Blue bodies


          • Requires 71 Crafting

          • Hides obtained from Blue (always 1) and Celestial (sometimes several noted) dragons

          • Sells to general store for 9,360 GP


        • Red bodies


          • Requires 77 Crafting

          • Hides obtained from Red (always 1) and Celestial (sometimes several noted) dragons

          • Crafted bodies can be obtained as a drop from Dagannoth Supreme

          • Sells to general store for 11,230 GP


        • Black bodies


          • Requires 84 Crafting

          • Hides obtained from Black (always 1, including KBD) and Celestial (sometimes several noted) dragons

          • Crafted bodies can be obtained as a drop from Kree'arra

          • Sells to general store for 13,480 GP


        • Royal bodies


          • Requires 93 Crafting

          • Hides obtained from Grotworms (sometimes), QBD (always), Verak Lith (ED2 boss 2), Kerapac (tons of noted), and Celestial dragons (sometimes several noted)

          • Sells to general store for 19,200


        • Always costs 60 gp per body since you need to tan the hides at 20gp each, which can be done at a portable or the Crafting imp at ;;shops

        • Will need to buy thread unless you have Crafting 99 cape or the Crafting perk for $5

    • Cutting gems

      • Gems are not inherently valuable, but their products can earn a pretty penny






        • It is SEVERELY not recommended to cut and sell your onyx - the bolts fetch a far higher price and onyx are much harder to come by than most other gems, save for hydrix


        • “But Monk, the onyx itself sells for more than the bolts will!”

          While true, you dummy, you will produce far more bolts with a portable fletcher plus fletching cape, and onyx bolts are significantly more common than their gem counterpart.

          On top of that, cut onyx are far more valuable to you as a player, since they are used to recharge Ring of Death and Ring of Wealth \(c)


          • Hydrix fetch a higher price on the open market, and their intrinsic value gained by making Alchemical hydrix for dust to recharge an Essence of Finality amulet gives them a priceless modifier.
      • See fletching guide below for bolts (some of the best GP from gems)

      • Optionally, can craft gems into jewelry and sold to gen store for consistent money

        • While this is consistent, it is typically more valuable to craft the gems into necklaces to make Signs of the Porter, which will give you more money in the long run when you bank gathered materials
    • Crafting battlestaves


      • Plain battlestaves can be obtained as drops from various mobs

      • Fire orbs can be obtained from abyssal demons (independent of wilderness slayer table)

      • Craft them together by clicking the elemental orbs with battlestaves in inventory and Bob's your uncle

      • Sell battlestaves to general store for consistent money (while not amazing, it will at least make Slayer tasks a little more profitable)



  • Fletching (the high level part)

    • Bolts
      • Crafting rune bolts and tipping them with onyx bolt tips, then enchanting them, is incredible cash


        • Requires 10 rune bolts, 10 onyx bolt tips, 20 fire runes, 1 death rune, and 1 cosmic rune PER BATCH
          • Any staff of fire will significantly reduce the investment on these
      • Crafting ascension bolts and tipping them with hydrix bolts, then enchanting them into Ascendri bolts (e) is also amazing, but hydrix bolt tips are harder to come by



  • Slayer (the fun part)

    • Slayer is a tried and true method of making cash. Straight up stupid gwala. Most monsters past 50-60 Slayer give pretty high-value common drops.
      • It is recommended to have the Perslaysion perk so that you can infinitely reroll tasks for more profitable ones


      • Examples of such tasks include, but are not limited to:

        • Abyssal demons

          • Highly sought after for their rune salvage drops and Rare Drop Table chance
          • Many gem drops and planks will cause these little bastards to remain a great source of income
        • Any dragons

          • As outlined above, the hides are always money
        • Ascension members

          • Ascension keystones will nearly always sell as players use these for T90 Ascension Crossbows
          • Additionally, Ascension monsters will always drop Ascension Fragements and Shards, the latter of which are used to make Ascension bolts - see above for Ascendri bolts (e)
          • Sirenic scales are also valuable since players make T90 Sirenic ranged power armour, and there are always new players looking for this
          • Aside from this, Ascension creatures have a chance to drop herbs and seeds, making for good Farming/Herblore XP and potential profit from potions (alliterative and threatening)
        • Celestial dragons (purposely listed separately)

          • Commonly killed for T90 Celestial Handwraps, a degrading, non-repairable set of Magic power hands

          • Commonly drop Huge rune salvage

          • Often drop noted Dragonhides in sets of 2

          • Commonly drop Steel ingots, which are used for Steel Titan familiars - without Ancient Summoning, these are the highest DPS familiars and are required for an achievement


        • Corrupted creatures

          • Common source of cash because of their common drops of coins
          • These also drop Red dhide vambraces in sets of 4, noted, which can be sold for a bit to shops
          • Most commonly killed for Keys to the Crossing, which are required for the Magister fight, another Trimmed Completionist requirement (crafting the t92 Khopesh dual-wield weapons)
          • Also commonly killed for Vital Sparks, which are for making the Orthen Furnace Core, a great Smithing/Firemaking item and invaluable at the Croesus skilling boss
        • Dagannoth (for Dagannoth Kings, not recommended otherwise)

          • Mainly for getting Dragonhide gear from Dagannoth Supreme
          • Additionally, the rings they drop are highly sought after - not only are the upgraded versions best-in-slot but they also are a pain to get, so many players will buy these rings
        • Desert strykewyrms (mainly advisable when Platinum+)

          • Great source of potato cactus and the invaluable Focus Sight
          • Go into a ;;pi and use an aggression potion, walk away from your PC for six minutes. No prayers or healing needed, just a melee weapon.
        • Edimmu (requires 115 Dungeoneering)

          • Commonly killed for their Crystal seed drops and the Blood Necklace shards
          • Blood necklaces are a Trim Comp requirement, but many players typically do not bother buying them or using them otherwise
        • Gargoyles (money rocks)

          • Salvage and gem drops out the wazoo
          • Typically good money before Abyssal demons
        • Grotworms (low intensity, low level)

          • Grotworms often drop Royal dragonhide, so low combat/Slayer level players can get this from them
          • Not much else going for them
        • Metallic dragons (particularly Iron and Steel)

          • Mostly killed for blue dragon scales/dust
          • Metallic dragons drop salvage according to their material, so steel drops steel salvage, mithril = mithril, etc
            • They also have a chance to drop rune salvage at all tiers, but are limited based on which dragons they are
        • Kal’gerion Demons

          • Commonly killed to fill Binding Contracts
          • Kal’gerion Binding Contracts are one of the best summons, so endgame PvM players are constantly buying these
          • Requires having an unfilled Binding Contract in the inventory, and it is filled when they die
            • These can be noted after filled, but do not stack otherwise
        • Stalker creatures (less recommended)

          • The most profitable bit of these is getting additional Hexhunter bow drops, which will ALWAYS sell to players
          • Also commonly drop bolt tips, which are useful for Bakriminel bolts as they mainly drop Dragonstone
        • Mutated jadinkos

          • While these are a PITA they are a great source of mahogany logs/planks
          • Not fully recommended but if you want to get your mahoganies in a fun way, while training Slayer, go for it
        • Soul devourers

          • Commonly killed for Keys to the Crossing
          • Additionally, Soul Devourers very commonly drop Rune salvage, which always sells for good money
        • Creatures of the Lost Grove

          • Mainly killed for Cinderbane gloves, one of the better hybrid gloves available to players
          • These guys hurt. Don’t underestimate them.
        • Gemstone dragons

          • Drops enchanted jewelry very commonly
          • Additionally drops cut gems, including Onyx
          • Can sometimes get a stack of coins, or unenchanted rings, leading to just more raw cash influx
        • Rune dragons (recommended to have Hexhunter Bow and Dragonbane arrows)

          • Commonly killed for the items to upgrade Glacor boots
          • Additionally, can drop Dragonstones, black dragonhide, onyx bolt tips, and 3-dose prayer potions, all of which can be processed for profitable items
          • Rune salvage and Dragon armor drops are very profitable drops from these jerks
          • Highly recommended, nearly required, to have a Hexhunter bow with Dragonbane arrows to possibly one-shot their first phase. Rune dragons possess relatively high defence and a lot of health, so the faster you can kill them, the better.
        • Vyrewatch (specifically with Sunspear for extra experience in several skills)

          • Often drop Morchella mushroom spores and Wines of Zamorak, both of which lead to profitable Herblore training
  • Bossing. The REAL fun part.

    • This list is ordered alphabetically - prioritize the ones you can reasonably kill
    • The Ambassador (Elite Dungeon 3 - The Shadow Reef)
      • Ambassador is one of the tougher bosses in Ataraxia, but can lead to a profitable run and you can typically get about 3 kills per hour.
      • Drops pieces of the T92 Eldritch Crossbow, one of the best universal crossbows for the special attack for more DPS
      • ED3 trash runs can net you some good cash, just by clearing trash mobs until you get to the Crassian Leviathan
        • Recommended to use Magic for these trash runs. You can opt for a halberd or a ranged approach with Mechanised Chinchompas or a Decimation, but Mage will be your easiest approach.

        • Here is an example of a reasonably budget build for trash runs


          • Superior Skeletal head
          • Superior Skeletal body
          • Subjugation bottom and hands
            • I also attempted with Superior Skeletal bottoms and found it was much more difficult - I died on the last section. I would recommend sticking with Subjugation.
          • Ganodermic feet
          • Staff of Limitless Steam (chaotic will work just fine)
          • Rune pouch containing Blood runes (optionally just carry these)
          • Asylum Surgeon’s ring
          • Amulet of Glory
          • Cape of Guthix
          • Overload
          • Prayer renewal
          • A few Prayer potions to combat the high prayer cost of Soul Split and possibly Torment or Affliction - the drain curse is optional but NOT the overhead
          • Vampyrism aura
          • Blood Barrage
          • Monsters are poisonable, but poison damage is lackluster. You can use Cinderbanes for the damage bonus if you wish.
        • Start the dungeon. You can pray Soul Split for most of this run.

        • Clear trash through the dungeon, following the main path. This path does not diverge. Stack mobs as much as possible to maximize the damage and healing from Blood Barrage.

        • Should Hanto spawn, pray against Mage and put on a Drain curse to fight him. Overload will counteract his Mage drain, and you can AFK.

          • Hanto has no drops but will give you a free 5000 dungeoneering tokens and some good XP.
        • Continue around the bend to the Cloaked Zealots - kill them first, then clean up the mobs they spawn

        • Walk along the inner edge to avoid the Sea Horrors - these HURT and have a LOT of HP

        • Should Bossy McBossface spawn in the next section, pray Melee and sit next to him. He will spawn inconsequential mobs - approach him the same way you did Hanto.

          • Bossy can drop Swordy McSwordface, a T80 two-handed melee weapon. While not valuable to other players, it’s funny.
          • Swordy requires 80 Attack and is a 2-handed sword. While not augmentable, it also does not degrade. This sword has the same stats as an Elder Rune 2H sword, without the level 90 requirement nor the degrade.
        • Once you dispose of Bossy, kill ALL the zombies in the area to open the path onward - you can then cross the ship mast to the last section of the trash run, where you will encounter two more Cloaked Zealots. Dispose of these and clean up the mess, and then teleport out.

        • Run it back.

    • Araxxor/Araxxi
      • This. Spider. Sucks.
      • Commonly killed for its leg pieces and items to make T90 weaponry, the Noxious Staff, Longbow, and SCYTHE!!
        • Nox Staff is a solid option for opening the gateway to Vorago and Telos. I would recommend fighting Rax for this after getting a Hexhunter Bow.
        • Nox Bow sucks. Don’t bother.
          • If you happen to get a web, save the bow for the perk tree, but prioritize the other two weapons.
        • Nox Scythe is the highest tier halberd in the game. Go for this one.
      • Also commonly killed for Araxyte arrows, which are a good option for the Hexhunter bow. These sometimes sell to other players.
      • Drops onyx and overloads, both good money after processing.
    • Arch-Glacor (aka Ice Telos)
      • This big guy is a fantastic source of cash for many, many reasons.
      • Normal mode Arch-Glacor can drop a lot of Orikalkum salvage, Crystal Keys, whole Triskelions, Hydrix bolt tips, Sirenic scales, Dragonstones, Water talismans…(breathes) and with all 5 mechanics enabled, you can even get a Leng artefact or a Scripture of Wen
        • The Leng artefact is used to upgrade Kerapac’s wristwraps and Gloves of Passge into T90 power gloves, both of which are excellent hand slot items, nearly able to replace Dominion Tower gloves in many situations.
      • Hard mode Arch-Glacor is where the real money is made
        • Drops are increased with higher enrage and drop rate increases with the streak
          • You can lock it at 249% enrage for an easy time streaking and just continue until you hit 200 or you get bored…the latter usually happens first
        • Hard mode also allows for all drops, such as the Frozen Core of Leng, which is used to make best-in-class Melee weapons, the Dark Shard and Dark Sliver of Leng
          • These weapons are not as highly sought after as they used to be, but melee chads will often buy them at a decent price
      • Arch-Glacor shits out Crystal Keys. Like, more than you’ll know what to do with.
        • The Crystal chest gives a lot of relics from elite dungeons, which are great for disassembly, but also good money
        • Dragonstone armor from the chests also sell for good GP
        • Sometimes the crystal chest will just give you cash - I have made over 300m in a day opening about 5k crystal keys, which comes with probably a 50 kill streak at 249%
    • Barrows
      • No.
    • Barrows: Rise of the Six
      • Quick, easy, and malevolent energy is usually selling. Kill these guys, it’s pretty straightforward. Stack them up and blood barrage. I recommend Tectonic with a good staff, like noxious or Staff of Sliske.
    • Chaos Elemental
      • Only good for the Statius Warhammer, one of the best specs in the game. Players occasionally buy these but I wouldn’t bank on it.
    • Commander Zilyana
      • Fine for cash, but there are better GWD1 alternatives. Don’t get hung up on this one, it’s almost not worth the effort of getting a godsword or Armadyl cbows.
    • Corporeal Beast
      • Mainly good for the onyx bolts (e) drops, but not much else
    • Croesus
      • Much like the other Elder God Wars bosses, this is mostly money for the onyx and orikalkum salvage drops
      • Main draw to Croesus the Tagga’s Corehammer or Sana’s Fyrtorch
        • Both of these provide arrow tips when training mining or woodcutting, which can be attached to Elder arrow shafts (NOT regular ones) to create BiS T95 arrows.
    • GWD1
      • Most commonly killed for their armor, which sells to gen store for 3m apiece
      • GWD1 sets commonly sell to players at a certain rate
        • 15m for body/legs
        • 10m for head
        • 5m for hands/feet
    • GWD2
      • Most commonly killed for weapons, which sell to general store at 10m apiece
    • Vindicta
      • Listed separately due to the value of the Dragon Rider Lance, the second best halberd weapon in the game
      • On top of the inherent value of the lance, Crests of Zaros are good value since the armor and weapon give Ilujankan components, which are used for the Aftershock perk
    • Kalphite King
      • The Kalphite King drops T90 Drygore weaponry, which some players occasionally buy, but is lackluster otherwise
    • Kerapac.
      • Kerapac is big money from his Orikalkum salvage drops
      • Additionally can get Royal Dragonhide and Dragonstones from this money lizard
      • Senntisten codex and Scripture of Jas from Normal mode are great money, the former moreso than the latter
      • On Hardmode, Kerapac drops pieces of the Fractured Staff of Armadyl, a T95 staff with a wicked special attack.
        • While difficult, Hardmode Kerapac is one of the most profitable bosses ingame
    • Nex
      • Nex is one of the least consistent bosses, but her drops have a pretty high value.
      • The armor is T80 power armour with a prayer bonus, making it an excellent upgrade choice after GWD1 armors. However, Nex’s inconsistent behavior makes getting the gear really, really, really annoying.
      • I hate this bitch.
      • On top of the value from stats, Nex armor is also broken down into Praesulic essence, which is used to make T92 Elite power armors. This is where a lot of the value in her drops comes from.
      • Common drops suck. They just do.
    • Nex: Angel of Death
      • The common drops here are almost worse than Nex, given what you COULD get
      • Commonly killed for the Praesul codex, which is needed to unlock T99 curses
      • Also killed for Praesul wand and Imperium core, T92 magic dual-wield weapons
    • Raksha
      • Commonly killed for boots and their upgrade material, the shadow spike
      • These are the best-in-slot boots once upgraded. They are almost always in demand.
    • Rex Matriarchs
      • Money money money!
      • Each time you kill one of them, you get 5 damaged dinosaur hide, at minimum.
        • This is sold to the general store for 5k apiece
        • Fat stacks if you kill them a lot, they are easy to semi-afk and you just get free money basically
      • Additionally, you can get hearts from the dinos, which are used to upgrade Dagannoth rings
        • Many players do not want to do this grind on their own
      • Finally, Orikalka can occasionally drop Draconic Energy, and Pthentraken can sometimes drop Ancient Scales
        • These are always in demand as they are used to make elite armours
    • Telos himself
      • This big man is a jerk, and his common loot sucks, but he drops the items needed to make T92 two-handed weapons
        • These weapons are nearly always in demand, particularly the staff and bow, so make sure you get your streaks in
    • TzKal-Zuk
      • One of the hardest bosses, but some of the best money
      • If you cannot run a full Zuk, you can do Wave 4 trash runs for really consistent money
        • Get to Wave 4 - the Igneous Ket wave
        • Kill the Igneous lads and hit Zuk
        • Do NOTHING
        • Wait for Zuk to finish his tantrum
        • Repeat indefinitely

If you have any questions about any of these methods, do not ask me, just refer to the Runescape Wiki.

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Skill issue.

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