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Ataraxia in-game FAQ

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Ataraxia FAQ

These have all been asked in-game and put on this thread with answers. Picked ones that get asked the most


Q) Where can I get the God Book?

  • A) Teleport to Desert Strykewyrms (;;sp → Slayer tab → Level 51-80 and is 7th option from the bottom) Run directly east into the Citharede Abbey to the bookcase and book making table which is the south western part of the building. Click on the bookcase closest to the door and buy the corresponding book you want for 5m coins. Use 1 of each god page to make the god book and use more pages to charge the book.

Q) Where can I find the teleport tab on mobile?

  • A) This can be found either by typing ;;sp or clicking the purple portal at home.

Q) Where I can get Silverhawk boots?

  • A) This can be bought with the Advanced Skilling Contract shop (Which requires 500 skilling contracts completed) for 1500 skilling tickets, Trivia shop for 150 trivia points and Platinum Shop at ;;dz for 200m coins.

Q) Where can I buy darklight?

  • A) Vote shop for 10 vote points.

Q) What do I do with Ataraxia Coins?

  • A) You can buy bank space but opening your bank and clicking the + and the bottom middle or buy cosmetics at ;;cosmetics.

Q) How can I obtain Ataraxia Coins and Dollars?

  • A) You can get coins passively during weekend playtime and buy buying them with Ataraxia Dollars. To get the Dollars you can get them from Trivia shop for 25 points each, Vote shop for 10 points each, Voting randomly will give you them, and also buying them with ingame GP or on the ;;store with IRL money. (Jae needs to eat)

Q) What's a "Perfect" ring and how do I get it?

  • A) This ring grants Tier 2 luck and gives the option to double a drop 1% of the time. This can be bought in the Vote shop for 75 points or the Platinum Donor Shop for 150m.

Q) Where can I use bones on a altar?

  • A) You can use either the altar at home "Altar of War" or the preferred option is the Chaos Altar in the wilderness which can be found under ;;sp → skilling → Prayer → Wilderness Chaos Altar. There is no PVP as it is disabled.

Q) What is some good guides to follow?

Q) Is this a legacy server and does it have any abilities and where is the action bar?

  • A) This server has legacy type combat with some abilities such as Devotion, Surge, Double Surge, Freedom, Anticipate and some others. The difference from EOC to Legacy is a purely UI change. This is changed in settings → Additional Settings → Legacy Interface mode. To unhide the action bar this is in the same place and the top option "hide action bar"

Q) How can I get fortunate and refined components?

  • A) You get fortunate from getting specific items from clue scrolls. Most people complete easy clues to get a bunch of fortunates. Based on 1000 clues completed in my own experience, you can expect to see 1 fortunate per 3-4 clues completed. Refined components are made at ;;ig. This is made with the refiner which is under the first tab on the table.

Q) How can I make the inverted mastery cape?

  • A) This is created by using a 120 mastery cape and a Inverted token with the specific cape item which you are wanting to create. Get the specific cape item from training that skill past 120. You will randomly receive it as you train.

Q) Is there a limit on how long you can afk for?

  • A) You can afk technically forever however, after a certain time you will go to bob's island. On this island you can still receive voting party rewards and loyalty points. To leave bob's place click anywhere like on a cauldron or the fairy ring. If you log out while at bob's you must tele home instead.

Q) How can I avoid instant death from frost cannon at Arch Glacor?

  • A) Use the ability Devotion when AG starts the cannon attack. Unlock Devotion from Bandos or Kree'arra. If Devotion has already been used, you can use a shield and eat to survive the blast.

Q) How I can raise my skill contract multiplier?

  • A) This is calculated based on the amount of contracts done in total each day. 60 total contracts done would be 1.5x rewards and 120 contracts done would be 2x rewards.

*will add more*

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