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  1. 200m invention, fix the highscores!, look at this ignorant shit 😛
  2. 120 agility achieved, 118ish div, no div pet yet 😞
  3. 120 Dung achieved, working on div pet. uploading pics still dont work, so heres a link to a s/s of skills. getting there. just over 1b total xp. https://ibb.co/G5qYwwC
  4. Construction Pet achieved at 36.4m xp probably go for div pet now
  5. decided to spend some vote points and get some th keys and 120 slayer. got gemi pet, now onto which evers next.
  6. 99 Herby done, working on 99 rc and 120 craft and pet still.
  7. 99 Arch done 99 Dung Done 99 Thieving Done 120 WCing Done 99 Agil Done Working on 120 Craft and pet

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