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  1. invention pet decided to grace me with his company today 41m xp "lvl 102 1/2"
  2. 99 construction, no new pets 😞😞😞 wont let me post s/s
  3. not doin much just working on con. 1700 total.
  4. double decker this time around. FM pet at about 71m xp. jack of trades title aquired. Pet list update: Mining Smithing FIshing Woodcutting Firemaking
  5. or this one that is valid for 7 days, which ever works for you, and welcome! https://discord.gg/w35gkP8z
  6. this guy... make leaderboards sort by total xp instead of total level and lets see whos ahead :p. thanks, i plan on it! lil something to stay on topic.
  7. the divine locations are back <3<3<3

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