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Ataraxia Updates #10 - 21st May 2021

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Some stuff might already be live.. Just FYI


[+] General Changes

- Removed old Protean smithing and updated it to the RS3 system
- Added Prosper perk effect: Grants a chance to gain Clue scrolls while skilling
- Added Ruthless perk effect: Increases damage output by 0.5% per rank for 20 seconds when an enemy is killed stacking 5 times
- Bonecrusher will now crush up to 10 noted bones if you have the noted drops enabled and are Diamond member
- HCIM News returns, similarly to GIM news, this Discord channel will highlight all milestones that HCIM players achieve, as well as deaths
- Added Fortune perk effect: Grants a chance to double and bank resources when gathering
- Updated Augmented fishing tool support
- Updated Augmented firemaking tool support
- Updated Augmented smithing tool support (to proteans as well)
- Updated Augmented archaeology tool support
- Added Sift soil lunar spell, casting this will sift up to 100 soil in your inventory (including soil box) quicker than the mesh
- Added new Tertiary drop table and moved all Clues, Effigies and Spirit gems to it
- Removed all untradeable bone drops for quests/misc
- Reduced the amount of contracts needed to complete early-mid level Skilling contracts 
- Improved drop chances for certain items while on Slayer task
- Nerfed Vindicta phase 2's magic/melee defence
- Removed Devotion, Sacrifice and Transfigure broken drops
- You can no longer sell any runes to any shop, this shouldn't impact anyone but those farming gp with Runecrafting multipliers being high
- Reduced the cost of Reaper contract resets from 5m (2.5m with perk) to 2m (1m with perk), also added a warning when resetting that it'll cost gp
- Added a hammer to bob's shop for Hammertrons
- Buffed the rate of Variable components from Pure essence (1/100 to 3/100)
- Added Mushroom patches to Farming skilling panel teleports
- Reduced the amount of batteries needed to fill the Kharid-et Pylon from 1000 to 300, also increased the time it's active from 30 mins to 60 mins
- Added a GE offers board at home
- Buffed regular Excalibur and Enhanced Excalibur's healing from 40 and 43 per tick to 60 and 83 per tick, respectively
- Lowered amount of Onyxes needed for the Cut onyx gem crafting contract from 2-8 to 2-4
- Added an option to clean all of your noted grimy herbs at the ;;market Herblore NPC, it will cost 500gp per herb
- Lowered the amount of GP received from Very rare/Rare Treasure hunter rewards
- Buffed corrupted seren stone cleansing for Realisms to closely match RS3 (large buff), buffed for other gamemodes slightly
- Lowered the price of Cleansing crystals to 200k each from 600k
- Improved the rates of Pickpocketing at all levels
- Removed an area in the Fight arena which had every altar and bank chests surrounding
- Added untrimmed skill capes, hood functionality for detaching/reattaching and new cape stores/dialogue for the Wise old man
- There are no longer any restrictions on drinking Overloads/Extreme potions while in the Wilderness
- Lowered the amount of Vorago kills needed for Reaper tasks from 5-10 to 3-5
- Disabled the Billionaire title requirement for Comp (t)
- You can now buy Runemetrics with Ataraxia coins
- Added Sign of the Porter IV to the Amlodd worker pickpocket loot table
- Removed the confirmation option to delete furniture in your house, pressing remove will now instantly remove it
- Added Elder wisps and a teleport to Elder wisps, these are t75 Divination wisps
- Lowered the amount on Banite burial sets required for the Achievement from 7 to 4
- Added examine option for the Archaeology pet that shows the amount of XP a player has in Archaeology
- Dying in the Wilderness will now drop your items to your corpse (where you died) and you can go and pick your items back up
- Receiving a Boss pet drop will now broadcast the KC you received it at
- Boosted the amount of time Groups in Dungeoneering have to finish the lever room by 3x
- Updated Clan chat button functionality
- Reworked the Crystal singing bowl and made it use the Make-x interface
- Made limited mining objects (crystal flecked sandstone and red sandstone) amounts scale with Donor rank; Bronze: 50, Silver: 60, Gold: 70, Platinum: 85, Diamond: 100, Master: 150 (of each)
- Vyrewatch area is now multi combat
- Soul devourers are now multi combat
- Increased the amount of Geodes processed per tick when you click Open-all
- Lore books from GWD1 now autocomplete in your Collection log
- When you leave/get kicked out of a house it'll now take you outside the House location
- Added a telescope to track stars to home
- Nerfed the amount of Combat experience received while in the Divineskinweaver's boss room
- Adjusted calculations on all XP lamps and Dragonkin lamps to balance across the gamemodes... Simply: If the player is 1x, he'll receive 1x, if they are anything other than 1x their exp from lamps will be reduced by 5x (legendary mode will receive the same xp as realism). The amount received is still substantial as lamp xp increases with exp additions such as BXP, Well, Outfits etc
- Removed the delay when switching prayers
- Perslaysion will now provide players with a permanent VIP slayer ticket effect (choosing between two tasks)
- Herbicide will now break down noted grimy herbs if you are a Diamond member and noting drops
- Custom rare items have been given inventory models representing their item, there are a few that don't work but most are fixed
- Added a Loyalty point shop to Xuan where you can purchase Loyalty point sacks for Ataraxia coins, It'll cost 250 coins for the Small sack and 900 for the large. The small contains between 500-2500 loyalty and the large between 2500-10000
- You can no longer light fires at Donor zone


[+] Group Ironman Updates

- Seasons are now back in rotation for competitive (x5) groups, but they now last one month instead of three
- #gim-news weekly news updates have been revamped and are now back

- Fixed a bug where boss points would not be applied upon the slaying of certain bosses
- Fixed a bug where GIM could join/invite non-GIM members to evil tree instances



[+] Ancient Effigy Rework

- With Effigies being quite common on Ataraxia 2, they were due a rework in order to ensure that every player was fairly gaining experience
- Rather than being able to reroll the skills every time you click, Effigies will maintain their original choices, also allowing you to "quick open" them through right clicking: 


- Experience rates from each stage is the same, however, as stated earlier, Dragonkin lamp experience has been divided by 5 for all gamemodes apart from Realism


[+] Devotion Ability

- The Devotion ability has been added, you can get this from General Graardor or Kree'arra rarely
- It will work similarly to Runescape 3, when activated, your protection prayers will be 99% successful, protecting you from almost all attacks for 10 seconds, if you kill any units during this time, it will increase the activation time by 5 seconds stacking twice
- Differently to RS3, Devotion will reduce all incoming hits to 10 damage, rather than 1.


[+] Wilderness Hilts

- Wilderness hilts that drop from various creatures throughout the wilderness can now be attached to any Dragon weapon
- This action will improve the Dragon weapon from T60 to T70 as well as also giving the Superior dragon weapon the same special attack



[+] Limitless Staves

- Elemental impetus are a reward from Master clue scrolls, you can use this item to attach it to mystic elemental staves, for example, Mystic air staff to improve it to a T82 magic weapon with unlimited air runes
- These T82 staves degrade and are augmentable


[+] Rare Mystery Box Rotation

- I've stated in the past that I want to ideally rotate the Rare mystery box items so there's a little bit more freshness and rareness to your unique items
- Therefore, the following items have been removed: Lava Santa hat, Lava H'ween, Holly Wreath, Chromatic Partyhat, Black Partyhat, Black H'ween
- These have been replaced with: Shooting star partyhat, Starry partyhat, Water partyhat, Web partyhat, Frostfire partyhat, Holographic partyhat, Fire partyhat and Rainbow partyhat
- These will remain in Rare boxes for the time being before the next rotation


[+] Auspicious Arch Perk - $15

- You can purchase this perk in the "Skilling Perks" section or simply purchase the Skilling Perk Package/Complete Perk Package
- This perk will provide you with +7 precision and +2 focus as well as a 10% chance to refund materials while restoring artifacts
- Also increases the amount of chronotes received from handing in artifacts by 25%



[+] Imcando Mattock

- You now have a 1/500 chance per Imcando piece while excavating at the Warforge digsite
- Once receiving the 4 pieces, you can take that and a Dragon mattock to any anvil and use it on the Anvil to create the Imcando mattock


[+] Crystal Chest Rework

- Removed all items that give Fortunate components from the Crystal chest
- Removed numerous other cosmetic items
- Added: Herblore secondaries, Iron/Gold/Runite/Luminite/Banite/Animica stone spirits, Planks, Energies, Uncut gems, Arrows, Skillchompas, Relics, Invention component items, Bloodweed seeds and more


[+] Secondaries Box

- Similarly to the Herb box, the Secondaries box will now drop from any NPC with a dropchance of 1/200 separate to drop tables
- This box will drop if you are an Ironman or a Gold donator
- It contains secondaries up to level 99 Herblore potions and should help Ironmen a little in the hunt for Herblore!


[+] Bug Fixes

- Fixed Calquat sapling stating the wrong level requirement to grow it
- Removed World announcement about daily challenges
- Fixed Spotlight exp modifiers not working
- Fixed Ironmen not being able to pick up items in Dung
- Fixed Golem framework not appearing on the manufacture tab
- Fixed an issue related to Make-x interfaces where you'd require the wrong level or gain the wrong xp
- Removed Trivia question that was incorrect
- Fixed Warpriest, Frozen key pieces and Banite stone spirits from announcing
- Fixed Dragonkin lamp achievement not working
- Fixed ;;donorinfo going to the wrong Forum thread
- Fixed the Loyalty point shop having the wrong ID for the Golden mining hat in it, if you need a replacement contact any Admin
- Fixed Gem rocks having way more durability than they should
- Fixed Strykewyrms not dropping loot if they are killed while in their special attack
- Fixed metamorphic geodes not dropping while mining
- Fixed moving your house to Prifddinas
- Fixed Legatus pendant not registering while equipped for the barrier
- Fixed enriched memories not counting towards Skilling contracts
- Fixed Tokhaar-ket-dill's armour not being destroyed by new pickaxes
- Fixed Tokhaar-jads in Kiln not counting towards Jad reaper tasks
- Fixed reaper assignments not counting towards Complete 100 reaper tasks achievement
- Fixed Make/mix options on potions/vials of water
- Fixed Arrchaeology relic components not appearing in misc support
- Fixed Silverhawk boots only triggering while running
- Fixed clans, clan invites and clan chats not working

- Fixed Dungeoneering xp, was previously giving x10 less than it should have (sorry any realism's out there)
- Fixed creation of evil herb potions (Natures essence + Blood Serum)
- Removed broadcast of Zamorak Robes from Monks of Zamorak





Stay up to date with our progress on Ataraxia 2 through our Discord: https://discord.gg/yuKh6Qt/

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