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Ataraxia Updates #9 - 14th May 2021

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[+] General Changes

- Edited Trivia colour once more
- Buffed Araxxor's max hit
- "Make 10 elder rune burial armour sets" achievement has been reduced to 3
- Ring of Fortune and Luck of the Dwarves now have proper teleport options
- Buffed rate of Inquisitor staff pieces from 1/1m to 1/50k
- When opening the Crystal chest you will now be told what items and the amount of those items entering your bank
- Added Chaos dwarf battlefield to medium teleports
- Added Slayer master to ;;dz
- Removed the crate blocking Castle wars
- General Tafani at ;;dz will now restore your stats if they are drained if you are Silver+
- Buffed Ascension shard drop amount from Rorarius from 1-1 to 5-5
- Divine herb patches now only give noted herbs
- Added GE clerks to ;;dz
- Added Astral altar with Banker to ;;dz
- Queen Black dragon now counts for Black dragon slayer tasks
- Disassembling gizmos with perks will now only disassemble one at a time to prevent auto-disassembling a gizmo with perks you want
- Removed the combat delay when eating/drinking
- Magic golem outfit will now make living creatures non-aggressive
- Ironmen can now dungeoneer together, whether they're grouped up, a HCIM, regular ironman or anything


[+] Premium Hairstyles/Beards

- You can now change your Hair/Beard through the Customisations interface!
- These premium hairstyles/beards cost Ataraxia coins, but allow you to customise the look and colour of your hair and beard!


- With the options of colour, you can select the left icon to change the primary colour, and the right icon to change the secondary, like so:


- Enjoy!


[+] Bug Fixes

- Fixed ;;thread and other commands leading to the Forums resulting in an error
- Fixed not receiving pets while in Dungeoneering (as in being able to take them out of Dung)
- Fixed an issue with redeeming the Jar of Divine light
- Fixed duplicate Blue d'hide set in Ranged armour shop
- Fixed not being able to string a Hydrix amulet
- Fixed Skeletons being aggro at rune rocks
- Fixed enchant bolts skilling interface requiring the correct amount of runes for actions
- Fixed Araxxor collection logs
- Fixed Telos collection logs
- Fixed QBD collection logs
- Fixed blocking Herblore contracts crashing client
- Fixed moving items in bank from tab to tab
- Fixed filling beast of burden familiars from the bank interface
- Fixed clicking bury on bat bones opening grind interface
- Fixed Evil tree sapling nurture farming level requirements
- Fixed Enchanting not opening back the magic book tab on successful enchants
- Fixed dinosaur bones not noting when having the Diamond perk enabled
- Fixed requirement for entering the Max guild garden
- Fixed Elite dungeons mobs/bosses not counting for their respective slayer tasks
- Fixed transmute divine location achievement not counting for achievements
- Fixed making ingots using more platebodies than required





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- Buffed Araxxor's max hit
 Love how people who abused araxxor with literal t60 gear and got away with it. Salty about that.

- Buffed rate of Inquisitor staff pieces from 1/1m to 1/50k

Well thats a start 🙂 How about making the pylon event automated for like 4 times a day? + spear tip drop rate boost 🙂 ?

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