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Ataraxia Updates #6 - 5th April 2021

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[+] General Changes


- Rewrote Friends/Ignore list, perfected display name changes and previous names on friends/ignore list
- Added support for Notes
- Added lobby support allowing you to talk in the friends chat and private message while in the lobby
- Removed the ;;titles command
- Made changes to the player icons and the differences between Ironmen icons, it will now be the following:

Realism/Realism ironman: Ironman badge.png
Ironman (any exp rate): Ironman crown.jpg Couldn't find transparent
Hardcore Ironman: Hardcore Ironman badge.png
Group ironman: Unchanged
- The reasoning behind this was to make it less Game mode focused as well as reduce the amount of custom'y content
- Removed the Aura shop and Xuan dialogue for Auras, these can be purchased through the Aura management screen
- Edited all Achievement rewards, Easy/Medium/Hard/Elite skill achievements now give their respective skill's fallen star (small/medium/large/huge)
- Fixed Tzhaar-Mej-Jeh dialogue and added a world announcement for successful Fire cape/Fight Kiln cape gambles
- Vote parties now give Books of Knowledge once more, this is because Mystery boxes were added to every other Achievement
- Books of Knowledge have been nerfed, the coin options have been reduced to: 50k/100k/250k/500k from 250k/500k/750k/1m (doubled on weekend)
- The bonus experience time has been reduced from 2 hours/1.5/1/0.5 to 1/45 mins/30/15
- The books while awesome, were a lot of the cause for inflation, with 60 players on and a 700 vote party triggering, that instantly added 840m coins into the economy
- Added difficulty of task to player achievement completion message
- Added Divination Make-x interface: 


- POH portal now takes you to new home
- Archaeology collections are now only redeemable at the Archaeology Guild
- Ironmen can now access GE sets to break/make armour sets
- Fixed familiar interface not showing all of the options and fixed the buff icon showing the incorrect time remaining 
- Fixed numerous Dungeoneering smuggles
- You can now receive Great white shark tasks as a Gold member rather than Diamond
- Disabled Boss portals teleport
- Private instances now teleport you home after closing/leaving
- Removed corpse spiders from the Private instance list
- Nerfed multiplier on Green thumb when harvesting products from 2.15x to 1.75x
- Added revenant drop tables and the revenant drop enhancer effect
- You can now queue bladed dive, surge and barge without any delay/lock
- Title interface is fully complete, many titles have been removed, most cosmetic titles from Runescape have been added with an Ataraxia coin cost
- ;;pi now opens Platinum instances, when opening an instance you'll be charged 1m gp
- Added item rewards when completing the Easy/Medium/Hard Achievement sets, these items can be used in the Combination interface to create: Enhanced excalibur, Crystal triskelion bag and Large rune pouch
- Reworked regular nex instance from scratch
- Added health bar interface (boss hp) to the Nex fight
- Portal at home no longer has a Grand exchange option, added GE clerk next to Home bank
- Removed all old Teleport interfaces and data
- ;;train now opens the default Skilling panel
- Ctrl-t now opens the default Skilling panel
- Edited all boss teleports through the beast interface to teleport the player to the closest Lodestone/hotspot
- Removed old Araxxor and Nex: AOD code still on the source
- Reworked the automatic World messages to be more up-to-date
- Added the Archaeology master cape to the Wise old man shop
- Added Troll spawns to the Burthorpe troll cave, gave them 10x health (10 to 100) for early level Slayer/training
- Buffed the effigy experience rates, previously the base experience for using effigies was extremely low as the rate of them from pvm was extremely high. They have been adjusted to somewhat match RS3: Realism 1:1, will receive 15/20/25/30k from each discovery, Legendary will receive 50% of what they should (i.e 2.5x RS3 rather than 5x), Experts receive 25% of what they should and Normal receives 12.5% of what they should, this is because if discovering effigies on a normal account, you would receive millions of experience just like that, which isn't ideal
- Added Fletching achievements, Fletch 500 Steel arrows, Fletch 500 Adamant arrows, Fletch 500 Dark arrows and as already existing, Fletch 250 Ascendri bolts
- Added Total level achievements, Reach 750/1500/2250 total level
- Added Combat level achievements, Reach 75/100/126/138 combat
- Added examine text for the Achievement items relating to Combinations
- Removed high level bolts, arrows, armour, weapons, potions, jewellery, seeds, herbs, herblore secondaries, summoning secondaries and more from the Grand exchange unlimited items (to try and boost the economy and gp gaining activities meta)
- Renamed Scavvo at ;;shops to the Equipment Salesman
- Added T10/20/30/40/50/60 magic weaponry to the Magic shop, this shop is available to all game modes however, ironmen will have a separate rune store to main accounts
- Removed Death runes, Blood runes and Soul runes from the ironman shop (make em)
- Added T10/20/30/40/50 ranged weaponry to the Range shop, this shop is available to all game modes
- Added T10/20/30/40/50/60 melee weaponry to the Melee shop, this shop is available to all game modes
- These changes were made because early game progression especially for Ironmen modes (HCIM mostly) was extremely taxing and difficult to accurately climb the tiers, Runescape 3 has all of these weapons available in the shop, so I figured it'd be best if we did too as realistically the early levels aren't that important and shouldn't be as demoralising
- Armour was not added to the shops like RS3, this should be crafted yourself
- Added new Mining perk, Master Miner: +15% Mining exp, Increases all damage done to rocks by 10%, when mining a Rockertunity deal 15% more damage
- New Smithing perk, Alchemic Smithing: +15% Smithing exp, Reduces the amount of heat lost by 20%, Increases chance to smelt 2 bars by 10%
- Added new Master perks for Mining and smithing: Your items never lose heat when Smithing, Your stamina while mining depletes 50% slower and your ore boxes can store 50% more ores
- 2x and 3x exp weekends/events will no longer multiply experience gained in Archaeology and Invention, instead, Archaeology base precision will doubled/tripled, excavation and screening xp will be doubled/tripled
- Training Invention on a 2x/3x will increase Item xp gained by 50%, manufacturing items will grant 2x exp. However, disassembling/siphoning/lamps will not grant improved exp 
- Prismatic lamps no longer grant hidden BXP, instead, they will provide instant experience as in RS3
- Smouldering lamps will now consume your Bonus experience as well as provide a flat exp gain
- Re-added Ice warriors and Ice giants to Slayer task list, added them to the Asgarnian Ice dungeon


[+] New Experience Overlay

- For a long time, we've not had (+x Bonus xp) pop up when training, this for me is an extremely important part as just receiving flat experience is no where near as good as knowing how much extra you're getting from outfits, auras, goodwill, equipment etc
- As I stated a few updates ago, we've streamlined the way that experience bonuses calculate which means that the bonus exp should be quite accurate, there'll obviously be a few things still applying to the base exp which will distort the figure it should be (i.e 150 xp for magic log would say 350 xp (+150 bonus xp)), if anyone finds cases of this let us know, as I'd love to keep the base exp gain from all skilling stagnant and have bonus experience calculate on everything!
- Anyway, here's what it'll look like now:


- The following cases increase bonus exp: Auras, Perks, Juju potions, Outfits, Equipment such as Skilling backpacks/Comp capes, GIM events, Goodwill events, Weekend 2x, Donor rank increases.
- Let me know if you find/think of any!


[+] Living Wyverns

- Living wyverns (Wyverns) have been added to Ataraxia and Slayer! These are Elite Slayer creatures similar to Mammoths, Ripper demons, Camel warriors
- You can find them residing in the Asgarnian Ice dungeon, South of Port Sarim, there's a rope leading down to them in the Skeletal Wyvern cavern
- When fighting the Wyverns, you must stay warm, but not too warm:


- By igniting these fires around the cavern you will stay warm and avoid the cold, you will have a Cold debuff which at certain percentages greatly increases the damage you take from the wyverns and can even permanently stun you (until you die)
- It is advised to bring Super antipoisons, Super antifires and Mage equipment when fighting the Wyverns
- These Wyverns drop the Tier 85 Two-handed Crossbow which uses Wyvern spines (a common drop) (or any other bolt) as ammunition
- The Wyvern crossbow when attacking will automatically poison the enemy, the longer you are in combat, the higher poison damage they will take


[+] Archeron Mammoths


- Archeron Mammoths are huge elite Slaying creatures, they can be found through the Slayer teleports in your teleport interface
- They have fairly basic mechanics, as we have removed the charge attack
- They hit extremely hard with Melee, so I advise you protect from Melee when fighting them
- Use melee equipment, they are weak to stab
- They also occasionally throw up some ice which crashes down dealing Range damage, this can be dodged
- The mammoths will occasionally disable your prayer, so be sure to keep a quick prayer setup ready!
- They may be big and tough, but they won't trouble you too much:


- The Mammoths have no unique drops, however, their Mammoth tusks which drop 100% of the time are used in Summoning to create a Pack mammoth pouch with 99 Summoning, which can hold up to 32 items making it the best Beast of burden pouch there is


[+] Low/Mid-level Teleports

- Something that we lost with the massively outdated Teleport interface was a lot of accessibility to early level Slayer and training
- To combat this, I've added teleports to various creatures around Ataraxia to the Portal at home:


- Hopefully, with these added, early game training should be much clearer


[+] Sign of the Porters

- Sign of the porters have been added!
- Sign of the porters automatically bank items that you gather through: Archaeology, Mining, Woodcutting, Farming, Hunter and other items such as Dragonhide, Red spiders eggs, etc..
- Each porter has a number of charges before it depletes, the quality of the porter depends on your Divination level:


- When having a Porter active in your inventory or equipped, you will bank the items gathered:


- When gathering more than 1 resource, for example, mining 2 ores at once, it will bank both ores but only consume 1 charge
- Grace of the Elves is a necklace that can be created by enchanting an Alchemical onyx necklace. This item can store up to 500 charges of Porters by using them on it:


- For a full list of items effected by Signs of porter, check here: https://runescape.wiki/w/Sign_of_the_porter#Items_affected


[+] Seedicide, Herbicide, Bonecrusher & Charming Imp

- Seedicide has been added with it's proper interface, you can buy this from the Store or purchase from the Vote shop
- Seedicide resides in your inventory, pocket or Toolbelt (provided you have unlocked it at a Slayer master) and gives you the option to select Seeds to be automatically consumed for Farming experience rather than dropping to the floor
- You can also toggle the ability to pick up all unselected seeds
- This applies to all seeds and you can manage this through the Seedicide interface:


- The interface will show you the amount of experience you'll receive (not taking into account game mode) as well as the Grand exchange mid price for the seed
- Similar to the Seedicide, Herbicide has been fully added!
- Herbicide can be purchased from the Store or from the Dungeoneering reward shop
- Similarly to Seedicide, it will consume dropped (unnoted) herbs for Herblore experience
- You can also toggle to automatically pick up all unselected herbs:


- Bonecrusher, similarly to both Seedicide and Herbicide, the Bonecrusher will automatically crush all Bones that are dropped for instant experience in Prayer.
- Bonecrusher can be bought from the Store or from the Dungeoneering reward shop
- It is equipped with a similar interface in which you can toggle all bones you want crushed and those you want automatically picked up (should you desire):


- Finally, the Charming imp. We've had this on Ataraxia for quite a while, however, it has never had the consumption options available
- The charming imp will consume Charms and Spirit gems selected for instant Summoning experience
- You can pick all the charms you would like to destroy and auto collect:


- The Treasure goblin perk also cooperates with the Charming imp, with the increased drop amounts & rate of collection, your experience/collections will be greatly improved



[+] Spring Cleaner

- The Spring cleaner is quite a bit more complicated than the Herbicide and Seedicide
- You can buy a Spring cleaner from the Store
- Spring cleaner converts items that drop from combat into different things depending on your settings, you can pick between converting dropped items to bonus experience, coins or their base components, you can select the specific items you want to do what!
- Spring cleaner runs off a consumable item called Springs, this can either be Springs gained from the Store or Tight springs created through Invention using components
- There are three modes to the Spring cleaner: 


- Research mode will convert items that drop into experience, I.E Leather armor, Jewellery and Battlestaves into Crafting xp and Shortbows/Shieldbows into Fletching xp
- Dismantle mode will disassemble the items into their base ingredients, such as: Black dragonhide armor into Black dragonhide, Battlestaves into the orb and the base staff, bows into flax and the logs
- This can fail and consume a Spring
- You can see the difference here:


- High Alch Mode will convert metal salvage that drops into coins which will automatically be put into your Money pouch, this does not require runes but consumes a Spring in the process
- Disassembly mode converts metal salvage into their Invention components, this does not consume springs

- You can see the full interface here:


- Similarly to Herbicide and Seedicide, you can have Spring cleaner in your inventory, pocket slot or Toolbelt if you have unlocked it through Slayer
- To unlock these different Spring cleaner abilities, you'll have to upgrade it using Springs/Tight springs:


- As you can see, from upgrading it to the Spring cleaner 2000, I unlocked the High Alch Mode, if I upgrade it again, i'll unlock more xp for researching, Disassembly mode and a higher chance for Dismantles to succeed
- To upgrade the Spring cleaner fully, you'll need 10,000 springs, however, this is barely necessary unless you want the optimum settings, you'll only need 3000 Springs (from your inventory (don't add them to the cleaner)) to get all the necessary settings


[+] Brawling Gloves

- As stated last update, Brawling gloves have been added as a rare reward from Mystery boxes, these won't work exactly like RS3 but still have similar functionality.
- Receiving a pair of brawling gloves from a Mystery box is 1/250~
- They no longer have bonuses for training in the wilderness
- Brawling gloves will give you +50% bonus xp in the Skill they are for, they have 300,000 xp stored which will consume as you train:


- The 50% extra experience gained as bonus will consume the charges on the gloves:


- For example, here, the fraction of the 850.6 bonus xp will be consumed as charges on the gloves up to 300,000 exp


Quite a large update, we're getting closer and closer to finishing and releasing, the next biggest thing to tackle is Combat.

We'll need active testers for this for multiple opinions and views, we want to get this right, so be sure to apply on the Discord.



Stay up to date with our progress on Ataraxia 2 through our Discord: https://discord.gg/yuKh6Qt/



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