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Ataraxia Updates #5 - Archaeology Guide/Update

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Welcome to the new skill of Ataraxia,




Archaeology is a gathering skill, your goal is to uncover mysterious Artefacts long buried beneath years of Ataraxian lore.

Doing so will grant experience in the skill as well as unlock new materials, zones, passive powers, ancient ways of Invention and Summoning and more!


You can train this skill to 99 for Max cape or 120 for Completionist cape (along with the other requirements). The journey to 120 will include uncovering Artefacts, sifting soil in hopes of ancient materials, using those materials to restore the Artefacts, discussing collections with various Collectors of the Artefacts all over Ataraxia and finally, unlocking amazing passives through the Guild Monolith at the center of the Archaeology Guild.


The Basics

Using your Archaeology Journal from your Starter equipment, teleport to the Archaeology Guild. Here is where you will begin your Archaeological journey. 

Watch this quick guide to detail the basics of Archaeology!




You can view all collections and the people associated as well as rewards here: https://runescape.wiki/w/Archaeology_collections

You can begin your Collections at the Guild, Velucia is the main collector and collects one of every single Artefact for the Museum of Varrock.


Fortunately, Armar X K1ng has added a feature to switch between the Collectors to save you running all over Ataraxia to complete the collections. Simply talk to the Collector currently there and press:



You can pick any collector you would like and they will stay there until you change once more.

By clicking the noticeboard behind the Collectors you can view your current progress on all Collections:


This is an easy way to track the completed collections, if it's completed, it'll have a green tick next to the relevant Collection.


Ancient Invention

Ancient invention is probably the most overpowered piece of content to come from Archaeology. You can unlock two new blueprints: 

'Ancient tools' & 'Ancient gizmos', these are tradeable and can be made using Torn blueprint fragments from the Stormguard citadel.

Ancient Tools

There are three ancient tools: Enhanced Fishing rod-o-matic, Enhanced pyromatic and Enhanced hammertron, there is nothing too crazy about these. The only difference is, when disassembling or siphoning these, they give you experience for a level 80 piece, rather than 70 on their non-enhanced versions.

Ancient Gizmos

Ancient gizmos are the most overpowered part of Archaeology, rather than 5 spots for parts to make awesome perks, you have 9:


Having 9 slots opens a lot of possibilities. For weaponry, the best in slot is:


And for armour:


There are obviously heaps of alternatives and heaps of combinations you can do, this might not even be best in slot! It will depend on the content and weaponry you are using.


Archaeology in itself is an extremely complex skill, there is so much to explain that there's no point putting it here as you wouldn't read it. 

Check more details here: https://runescape.wiki/w/Archaeology_training

Or alternatively ask a question below!



I hope you're all looking forward to trying this brand new skill on Ataraxia!


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