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Ataraxia Updates #5 - 18th March 2021

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[+] General Changes


- Mystery boxes now stack
- Runescape 3 drop tables have been imported and npcdrop/itemdrop adjusted accordingly
- Removed Mime suit (diamond outfit) and Skeleton suit (platinum outfit)
- Removed the $50/$100 aura shop, renamed it to Premium and it no longer requires donor rank
- Refreshed the Trivia with completely new questions and answers, reduced coin reward from 250k to 150k (trying to preserve the eco on launch)
- Added Brawling gloves experience modifiers (+300% exp if in wilderness, +50% if not)
- Nerfed the log supply box amounts, removed chance to receive double logs
- Replaced old ores in Ore supply box and reduced the amounts, removed chance to receive double ores
- Nerfed the Gem supply box amounts, Removed guaranteed Onyx
- Replaced old bars in Bar supply box and reduced the amounts, removed chance to receive double bars
- Nerfed the Fish supply box amounts, removed chance to receive double fish
- Added Cave horror teleport and added spawns to the cave
- Disabled the following Slayer tasks: Ice giants, Ice warriors, Earth warriors, Shadow warriors, Jungle horrors, 
- Added entry/exit of Smoke dungeon
- Added Kalphite spawns to Kalphite hive
- Added Vyrewatch spawns to Sanguinesti district
- Removed the equip requirements of Amulet of defence and Asylum doctor's ring
- Disabled the Wilderness slayer master (mandrith) until Wildy rework
- Nerfed amount of Searing ashes and Rune dragon bones from Skilling champion
- Increased the prices of the Skilling master shops, removed Mystery boxes
- Removed mahogany planks, teak planks and molten glass from the Construction shop
- Renamed 'Dragon trainer' to 'Fireproof'
- Renamed 'Petschanter' to 'Dr Dolittle'
- Nerfed Prayer betrayer from 25% chance to reduce prayer points drained to 20%
- Removed the Pyromaniac bonfire effect from the Perk
- Added bonfire effect to Gold member's passive
- Pyromaniac now boosts the speed you add logs by 33%
- Disabled Ports, removed ports perk, I think people will live without it until we can add the real thing :P It's not the standard we want for Atar
- Nerfed the rates of receiving an Easy clue from H.A.M. Members from 1/10 to 1/28
- Nerfed the rates of receiving a Medium clue from Guards from 1/10 to 1/32
- Added the Archaeology journal to Starter items
- Removed Hazelmere from ;;market
- Removed pet perks from the Donations/pet perk shops


[+] Store Additions

$15 - Rare Mystery Box:


- At the end of Ataraxia 1 I knew that there was a fundamental issue with the longevity of the store's continual profit, with 75% of our funding coming from one time perk purchases, we were failing to reach consistent profits in the months we had lower traffic. Therefore, as stated in previous updates, certain items will be added to the store to not only bridge the gap between the lower and higher Donor ranks but also allow us to consistently make money regardless of new traffic.

- This box contains almost every Cosmetic rare available on Ataraxia. You can receive the following items, in no particular order: Ring of Rares, Fox, Chicken, Grain, Sled, Pogo stick, Golden cane, Glowbug in a jar, Bubble blower, Crate with Zanik, Map hat, Lucky coin, Golden katana, Christmas tree hat, Pink partyhat, Pink h'ween, Bunny ears, Green santa hat, Lava santa hat, Lava h'ween, Holly wreath, Chromatic partyhat, Black partyhat, Black h'ween, Christmas cracker, Santa hat, Black santa hat, Green h'ween, Blue h'ween, Red h'ween

Price undecided - Walk Mystery Box


- This box contains all available walk overrides on Ataraxia. You can buy them all on the store separately however, the price will fluctuate depending on the walk. For example, Zombie walk, Blink walk, Assassin (naruto) walk and Slowmo walk will be more expensive than basic ones in order to form some sort of economy for these walks, as they are all a token, and tradeable. The box has equal weighting for every single walk, so you have a 4/17 chance to receive one of the more expensive ones, or, don't like the risk? Just buy it straight.
- The box contains the following walks: Loved up, Party Fever, Plague Doctor, Cat, Sandstorm, Proud, Barbarian, Revenant, Sad, Happy, Twisted Jester, Hot Sand, Conga, Zombie, Blink, Assassin and Slowmo

Happy to hear feedback on either of these items! Please just ensure it's constructive.


[+] Jar of Divine light

- Upon reaching 1,000 or 1,600 total on a Hardcore ironman, you can now go to ;;shops and talk to Mr Ex: 


- He will give you the following options, to buy your first extra life for 10m at 1,000 total or your second for 100m at 1,600 total:

You HAVE to be a Hardcore ironman to purchase these lives, you can't do it post-death.


- When your HCIM inevitably dies, you can claim the Jar of Divine light to become a HCIM once more:




[+] Investigator Changes

- Removed the chance to automatically open Clue scrolls
- The amount of steps per clue is now a constant, they are: Easy = 2, Medium = 3, Hard = 4, Elite = 4, Master = 5
- If you have the Investigator perk these are lowered to: Easy = 1, Medium = 1, Hard = 3, Elite = 3, Master = 4
- If you are a Diamond donator: Easy = 1, Medium = 1, Hard = 2, Elite = 2, Master = 3
- If you are a Master donator: Easy = 1, Medium = 1, Hard = 2, Elite = 2, Master = 2
- I know a lot of you treasured the auto opening, however, with the Luck update a reality, Alchemical onyx (fortunate components) will be sought after, therefore, clue scrolls must be challenging enough to eliminate people spam opening


[+] Mystery Boxes

- Mystery boxes are hotly desired and as a whole, in Ataraxia 1 they were extremely overpowered when it comes to Invention rewards
- Something that Runescape 3 did amazingly with the Mining/Smithing rework is the Stone spirits, because instead of giving you straight resources which ruins the economy, the stone spirits simply double your resources, but you still have to go and use them, so it's much more of a slow burn
- I wanted to do something similar with Mystery boxes, great rewards, but require a little bit of effort to reap the full reward



Happy for any feedback on these as well! Nothing's set in stone.

[+] Achievements & Completionist Cape requirements

- Achievements/Completionist requirements have been a hot topic for what feels like years (and probably is), finally, Multiply, Hot Milo and Iron Cookie took several days to come up with an awesome list of Achievements to complete.
- Completionist cape (untrimmed) will now require the following feats:

Completionist cape:

- 99 all skills with 120 in Dungeoneering, Invention, Archaeology and Slayer
- Every Achievement in the Easy, Medium, Hard and Elite categories

Completionist cape (t):

- Completionist cape
- Obtain all titles from Kal'gerion Demons
- Craft all of the rise of the six barrows Bobbleheads
- Unlock all T99 Prayers
- Slay the Wildywyrm 50 Times
- Slay the Demon Flash Mob 50 Times
- Craft a set of T92 Khopesh's
- Craft a set of Ascension Crossbows
- Craft a set of Elite Tectonic
- Craft a set of Elite Sirenic
- Craft a set of Trimmed Materwork Armour
- Craft a telos weapon
- Obtain the Golden Warden Title from Telos
- Obtain all 3 T90 Defenders
- Maul all hardmode vorago rotations
- Craft all 3 Sets of T90 boots
- Dye a Tier 92 Weapon
- Unlock all items from the Archeology Store
- Craft a Mattock of Time and Space
- Use 50 Powered Tetracompass's
- Complete every Archaeology Collection Log
- Hunt 1000 God Jadinkos
- Unlock all Dungeoneering Scroll Traits possible
- Craft all skilling outfits through invention.
- Craft all 4 varients of the Blood Necklace (Arcane/Brawlers/Farsight/Blood)
- Unlock all Archaeology Relics
- Create 250 Super Saradomin Brews
- Create 250 Supreme Overload Potions
- Obtain the billionaire title
- Obtain the Skilling Addict Title (1000 Skilling Contracts)

Hopefully you guys like these, they're not set in stone just yet, all Achievements and requirements are subject to change and expansion in the future.

Now for the Achievements.


Complete 10 clue scrolls
Complete 10 Slayer tasks
Reach 1000 Loyalty pts
Gather from 50 Bright wisps
Win 10 Pest control games
Runecraft 500 Cosmic runes
Reach 10 Trivia points
Complete 25 Barbarian Agility courses
Complete 10 Skilling contracts
Enter the Warrior's Guild
Restore 15 Artefacts
Create a Divine location
Create 50 compost mound pouches
Mine 50 Adamantite ore
Smith 3 Adamant burial sets
Cook 10 Meat pies
Craft 50 emerald amulets
Steal from the Food stall 50 times
Plant a Willow tree
Reach floor 12 in Dungeoneering
Catch 50 Raw tune
Cook 50 Raw tuna
Catch Young impling
Cut 50 Willow logs
Burn 50 Willow logs
Build 50 Carved oak dining tables
Make 50 Prayer potions
Claim a vote
Kill Willow evil tree
Use Brimhaven red dragon shortcut
Become an Assistant in the Archaeology Guild



Complete 25 Clue scrolls
Complete 50 Slayer tasks
Complete a reaper task
Loot 25 barrows chests
Craft level 50 milestone cape
Obtain Dragon defender
Harvest Maple tree you've grown
Complete 50 Skilling contracts
Reach floor 30 in Dungeoneering
Runecraft 500 Nature runes
Smith 5 Rune burial sets
Craft 100 Ruby amulets
Kill Yew evil tree
Unlock Duradel as a Slayer master
Attune a boss portal at home
Obtain Full void
Become an Associate in the Archaeology Guild
Complete 50 Wilderness courses
Make 100 Super strength potions
Catch 100 Raw monkfish
Cook 100 Raw monkfish
Mine 150 Runite or Luminite
Catch 150 Viridian Skillchompas
Thieve an ardy knight 50 times
Gather from Gleaming wisps 100 times
Cut 100 Acadia logs
Burn 100 Acadia logs
Craft 100 Spirit terrorbird pouches
Build 100 Mahogany dining tables


Complete 50 clue scrolls
Complete 100 Slayer tasks
Complete 100 Skilling contracts
Complete 50 Reaper tasks
Catch 250 Raw sharks
Cook 250 Raw sharks
Mine 250 Bane ore
Smith 7 bane burial sets
Catch 150 azure skillchompas
Thieve from a hero 250 times
Gather from Lustrous wisps 250 times
Cut 250 magic logs
Burn 250 magic logs
Craft 250 War tortoise pouches
Make 250 saradomin brews
Complete 125 advanced gnome courses
Build a Gilded altar
Cross the strange floor in Taverley dungeon
Harvest from a Magic tree you've grown
Brew an aggression potion while in the Wilderness
Make a Polypore staff
Become a Professor in the Archaeology Guild
Make a Crystal pickaxe or Hatchet
Cut an Onyx
Use 5 Dragonkin lamps
Mine a level 70 Shooting star
Hand in 200 Stardust at one time
Reach floor 48 in Dungeoneering
Complete the Fight caves
Forge a Royal crossbow
Smith a Dragonfire shield


Complete 125 Clue scrolls
Complete 250 slayer tasks
Complete 250 Skilling contracts
Complete 100 Reaper tasks
Catch 1000 Raw rocktails
Cook 1000 Raw rocktails
Mine 250 light or dark animica
Smith 10 elder rune burial sets
Catch 150 Crimson skillchompas
Thieve from Dwarf traders 500 times
Gather from Incandescent wisps 500 times
Cut 500 Elder logs
Burn 500 Elder logs
Craft 500 Steel titan pouches
Make 100 Overloads

Complete 250 Prifddinas courses
Build a Demonic throne
Become a Guildmaster in the Archaeology Guild
Siphon any level 20 augmented equipment
Obtain all Kiln capes
Obtain all Dominion Tower gloves
Fletch 250 Ascendri bolts
Craft a Ganodermic set
Create an uncut hydrix
Use the Ascension dungeon shortcut requiring 90 agility
Achieve 500% enrage Telos
Reach floor 60 in Dungeoneering
Kill an Elder evil tree
Unlock all 4 Reaper perks
Craft a Bobblehead
Defeat Rise of the Six 50 times
Unlock all Meilyr recipes
Craft a Noxious weapon

& More that aren't added yet :)

 Needless to say the first person to Comp will be getting a very large reward.



Archaeology is also completed, however, it will need it's own thread as it's such a large piece of content. I will post it either later today or tomorrow.


Stay up to date with our progress on Ataraxia 2 through our Discord: https://discord.gg/yuKh6Qt/







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